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  1. i will personally make sure he does and if he should break any rules that means he ignored the rules and anything i told him. If that happends feel free to deal the punishment you think is fitting.
  2. his english is very bad and i hope that you can forgive him and give him a second chance. I will even make sure he reads the rules. But is a 20k refund enough to let this slide for him this once?
  3. changed your nickname? So that means you left the server, changed name and joined back in, in wich case that means you lost your KOS completely
  4. are you joking? Moral compensation? You do realise that refunds are done in gold and i offered a 5k refund wich should be more than enough since you were only a naked, i did say sorry aswell.
  5. dude, u died as a naked, i made an honest mistake and offered a 5k refund since you where naked, but you didnt accept that. Now this is basic banmongering
  6. /Vouch good boi, nice boi
  7. and, i never attacked u as i was a serf, so that is basically banmongering :P
  8. but oh well fuck it, this whole affair is prob fucked up anyways. Imma drop it
  9. well, let me explain it so you understand then, both stories are the same, yet you might have read that differently
  10. what is there to explain? you dont understand english?
  11. no, i went to the stables and bought a horse, then i would have went to the gate, yet never got that far as i got killed after bying the horse
  12. i couldnt leave as the gate where closed, so i went to buy a horse, then go to the gates, yet it seems that you can kill anyone now a days
  13. still, bying a horse to leave is not a reason for you to kill me