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  1. Funny how Confederate posts logs all over the place, but when he's on the chopping block, no evidence is present. It's so cute to see you putting your sister in your avatar. True sibling love ♥
  2. Isn't it clear? Aporta was blessing his horse. You can see his kind and giving nature when he said "dere u go." It's obvious that the reason he hit you 30 seconds later is because you never even had the courtesy to thank him for his deeds, and therefore were smited with a furious vengeance. And then, as if that wasn't enough, your now-blessed horse ran over Red. What other choice was there than to take down the holy mount of the gods? Also, were they mounted? How the fuck did you get hit by them on a gigantic fucking PW map. Jesus dude, it's like you were TRYING to die.
  3. Yeah, fuck that Narmin guy. Me and Sigi 10-0'd him and his stupid friend. Get him outta here.
  4. Aporta is a god among men, and you should be glad he graced you with his presence on the battlefield. Know your place, peasant. also quick edit: 1) Your name is ceeges. A player named Ciiges is well known in the community and we've played with him often. Maybe he thought it was you. 2) You logged immediately after dying. Were you trying to dupe? I think you are the real criminal here, and further investigation is needed. 3) I got banned for logging out in spec. It was a long ban. Let's see the justice system at work on this confessed rule breaker named "ceeges." If you're not Ciiges then you may as well be impersonating. Impersonation and logging out in spec? Tsk tsk, I will pray for you in church next Easter.