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  1. You clearly aren't aware of the definition of combat logging. Combat logging doesn't mean logging when you're in combat, it implies logging out to maintain a strategic distance from combat or death. In other words, to avoid a hostile situation. Thus, regardless of the fact that you hadn't been in combat, you wouldn't have been permitted to log out. If you don't want to get banned, you might want to consider putting down this complaint, otherwise somebody will post a complaint on you for combat logging as well.
  2. Mitchy is an official member of the Kingdom of Lorraine, and regardless of the fact that he wasn't on tags, how was he supposed to know that you intended to insult official Lorraine members only? Honestly, what did you expect? Pathetic.
  3. Continue revising your post in the wake of getting exposed, this demonstrates you are an outrageous liar who is urgently trying to seek revenge.
  4. So now you admit that you did not lose as much money as you have stated?
  5. We had captured Richfield, so we went to the Commoner spawn to spawn kill our enemies. You suddenly appeared out of the crowd of the enemy people so I accidentally ran you over with my horse. I recorded the scenario in case you would report me. Furthermore, why would you like to receive a 10k refund for losing nothing but lousy 345 gold which I picked up from your dead body?
  6. Your GUID or your name: Count_Cameron_Lorraine Reason for refund: Server Crash Time of Server Crash (if applicable): Around 16:15 Did you take a Server Crash Refund (if applicable): No, I did not. Link to complaint (if applicable): Screenshot: Estimated amount: Not sure, about 75k since I lost 28k gold as well.
  7. There was not any confusion at all, you blatantly broke the raiding rules to which we requested you many times to stop. This case was not dead and has never been solved, either. I am not making the admins' lives harder, they are members of the staff for a reason.
  8. Yoshie aimed at JerJer for half a second while engaging in combat, you can obviously perceive he turned around after he had realized that JerJer wasn't an Outlaw. JerJer obviously prepared himself for a fight. Now, why was JerJer standing around there in the first place and why did JerJer have his sword out? He was desperately waiting to get a kill reason, a clear case of kill baiting and interference.
  9. I hereby request any admin to post the entire log history of the given time so we can make out the details and figure out the involved people missing in my complaint.
  10. We have a tedious time storing your weapons as our stocks are full most of the time, so it indeed is a considerably tremendous issue. 1. Explained by Techno. 2. No, I do not remember that incident. If you think somebody violated the rules, report him, but do not derail my thread by coming up with utterly irrelevant stuff. You are talking about a completely different incident which you have right to post a complaint about. I am sorry but your banter is not appreciated here. The admins did not solve anything, all they did was telling the Starks to stop violating the rules which they did not receive a punishment for. I beg you to stop posting extraneous comments as they currently are against the general forum rules:
  11. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Sjt_Cameron_Lorraine The person(s) you are reporting: Levy_Salami_Stark, KingsHand_Lucius_Stark, Knight_Mixtli_of_Normandy, Ftm_Effie_Stark, Lord_Eddard_Stark … and the rest who I did not get to note down but can be found in the logs. The time stamp; date of the incident (in GMT+1, anything else will be ignored completely): 1 August 2016, 16:20-17:00 What you are reporting them for: The full story: The superior Kingdom of Lorraine force has just returned from a glorious victory against the House Stark and House of Normandy, who had been absolutely eradicated in a fair siege, when the Starks tried to seek revenge in a very impudent way. When the Kingdom of Lorraine dismissed their forces, the Stark faction was desperately endeavoring to get their gear and honor back by halting the few remaining Lorraines who stayed on the server to garrison their fortress, Hakrholm. After the Lorraines’ numbers dropped from 50 to 12 due to dismissal and further on to five due to the Lorraines getting outlawed for killing an inordinate quantity of Starks in the skirmish, which had been caused by the Starks’ hopeless attempt to rob us, the Lorraines entrenched themselves behind their castle’s doors. In the course of time the skirmish soon turned into a raid. The people listed above in the second point - especially Levy_Salami_Stark, who did it numerous times along with KingsHand_Lucius_Stark, who was in charge of the Stark faction, thus responsible for the violation of the rules - kept returning to the Lorraines’ castle after dying and additionally commenced assailing and ravaging their castle’s breakable doors, which is rigorously forbidden in the raiding rules which verbalize: “When killed as an aggressor in a raid, you may not return.” The raiding party went on until Techno and magicman, who will post their input soon down below, went on Pheonix TeamSpeak to sort out the irregularities. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation (any and all screenshots or video footage for example): Logs will be sufficient. Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: The Kingdom of Lorraine will be declining all offers of compensation for the above rule breaks under all circumstances. The heinous Starks were requested over Global Chat to cease hostilities and infringement of the rules or else they would be reported, to which the Starks responded by hurling abuse at our Prince.
  12. It is important to any clan's survival for it to maintain a set of rules. Kingdom of Lorraine is a fairly strict clan when it comes to its members conduct. We believe in manner and respect for all players. If you do not believe you can follow the rules set forth here, then you should not attempt to join the Kingdom of Lorraine. If, however, you accept the oath, you are bound to that oath and failure to stick to our code of conduct could lead to expulsion. Attitude Excessive spamming, swearing or foul language, and making disruptive or discriminatory statements are prohibited and will be met with disciplinary action. Continued failure to abide by this rule will result in possible removal from the clan. Respect all members of the community Remember: You are an example of what Kingdom of Lorraine is and at all times should represent the clan favourably. Be respectful at all times and if someone is making that difficult, leave the situation or ignore them. Friendly banter during a clan war, or any kind of fun back and forth is allowed, but be very careful as this sometimes gets out of control and turns into something that isn't so friendly. Wear your tags Wearing your tags is not optional. The only time someone needn’t wear his or her tags is if they are a server administrator and they are going incognito or playing as Outlaw. If you are not a server administrator, there is never a time you shouldn't be wearing your tags. Microphone and text spam is strictly forbidden If you tend to talk too much, you are going to annoy other players including your clan mates. Try to use the microphone to communicate game information or to say hello and goodbye. Ask for doctors and talk about equipment in faction/local chat and avoid saying any other unnecessary stuff. Do not use it to tell everyone what you had for dinner or what happened at school, do not crosstalk, do not post jump-scares and do not use sound boards in the main channel without permission. Racist or sexist remarks will not be tolerated Our clan has members from all over the world. Different cultures, races, etc. If you cannot be respectful, you won't last long in this clan. If you are found to of made a racist or sexist remark, punishment will be severe and may include removal from the clan. Server Rules All members shall abide by the rules of the current server on which they are playing, whether or not they are displaying the Kingdom of Lorraine tag. Combat logging is strictly forbidden and will result in a demotion or expulsion. Allies/Non-Aggression Pacts Our allies and Non-Aggression Pacts are important to us and are to be treated with respect; neither troll nor fight them. Loot Finish the fight before looting; looting in war while there's a fight going on and/or whilst already wearing heavy armour is strictly prohibited. If your clan member dies, do not take his loot without returning it. Protect the loot until the person who died returns if you can't take it to him. The person who gets the kill gets the loot. TeamSpeak³ TeamSpeak³ is mandatory for all Kingdom of Lorraine members when in-game. NO exceptions! Kingdom of Lorraine members that are in-game but not logged in to our TeamSpeak will be punished. (Unless you have a disability or other personal issues in which case we will work out something unique case to case basis.) These rules are subject to change, interpretation and enforcement by any Kingdom of Lorraine member. Failure to comply with this code of conduct, as well as any activity not listed here but found to be harming or disruptive may result in a member receiving Warning Levels. A member can be given up to three (3) Warning Levels to comply or risk having his Kingdom of Lorraine membership revoked. If there is any issue, never ever hesitate informing the leadership. Always endeavour to be the better man or woman. ©
  13. So you admit that you tried to leave the castle by running off to the portcullis although you knew that it was closed (?). What are you trying to achieve with this complaint?
  14. Greetings, I am delivering this message on behalf of the accused person King's Hand Nandes Lorraine. In the picture listed below you can see that you were told to leave, which you didn't. Instead of exiting the castle by using the destroyable gate, which at that time had been opened for you to leave prior, you decided to turn around and run off to the portcullis, which wasn't drawn up. Consequently you were killed for disobeying Nandes' demand. You wouldn't have been able to leave the castle by using the portcullis. In fact, in that situation the only way leading out of the castle was the one through the destroyable gate. This report seems to be a clear case of ban mongering, which Nandes wants an aministrator to take a close look at. Fortunately Nandes did take a screenshot to prove him innocent