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  1. Joining as well?
  2. Count me in
  3. @Arraknia KG when?
  4. Broken hitboxes on both so D:
  5. Whats the point of adding them when they are nearly the same as charger in stats? Before the big horse update for PW it would make sense but now its just pointless... But if ppl want to spend 1,5 mil instead of 17k ye sure
  6. Not a good idea? What do you mean? Everyone loves to smack commoners on their way to war :)
  7. Moat looks cool but the castle would be unsiegable. With removing it you did a good job
  8. So what? There is one small entrance to that island where the castle is. Its unsiegable. And if there are ladders outisde and the ladder goes over the moat, thats even more stupid. Also those ladders are steep af
  9. If thats a moat around that castle, its going to be insanely OP. Think about re-doing it
  10. He doesn't. Just dont chat shit to ppl and you are safe. Simple
  11. One of the few germans with brain and he also has lot of experience. Vouch
  12. Normal weapons and armours pls
  13. Sending money to ppl who cant farm them for themselves? k
  14. Is it possible that its caused by amount of players thus server is laggy?
  15. As I have said on his previous unban appeal. All he did was banmongering and insulting ppl on forums 24/7 + he was way too toxic, look at his post history. I really dont think we need someone like that unbanned