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  1. He doesn't. Just dont chat shit to ppl and you are safe. Simple
  2. One of the few germans with brain and he also has lot of experience. Vouch
  3. Normal weapons and armours pls
  4. Sending money to ppl who cant farm them for themselves? k
  5. Is it possible that its caused by amount of players thus server is laggy?
  6. You can always modify the rule more. That was just an idea calm down. And fight would stop. If one of the groups dies fully, done
  7. If its a friend on TS / member of your faction / clan you should be able to help him even though that person just killed you second ago. Rule should be only restricted for lets call it 1v1 situation.
  8. As I have said on his previous unban appeal. All he did was banmongering and insulting ppl on forums 24/7 + he was way too toxic, look at his post history. I really dont think we need someone like that unbanned
  9. Didn't ppl give vouches to someone cuz he shittalked and they even said good admin needs to shittalk? Just think about that /neutral because I have my own opinion about monsnic
  10. Is one kick rdm? if someone calls me a bitch ingame can I dox them, find them and kill them? Never seen these questions on any other Staff applications. Do you think they just popped out of nowhere? I clearly see intention behind these questions and to me it seems you were being special either in-game or here on forums / complaints. That is all from my side In the end it is decission of HA I believe. Everything I'm saying is that you aren't really active here on the forums and if it is only going to change due you becoming admin it shouldnt work like this. Never seen you in-game as well but judging from these questions I see you as special guy
  11. I don't think the main problem is lack of admins. Few days ago we had only one page of complaints. Admins just have their own lives and want to do different stuff than just deal with r3tards here on this forum 24/7. I cba to be an admin. I find myself too strict and authoritative. Wouldn't last long in admin team I'm not hostile at all. I'm just pointing out you aren't known to the community (just look at your name, martin464646, speaks for itself) and from the posts it seems you lack a basic knowledge of the game / mod itself (those trolls asking you about the rules probably means you were acting r3tarded in-game). Simple as that
  12. It means he doesn't contribute to the community at all. Shitposting isn't contributing to the community so that is irrelevant point from your side. Well from the troll messages about rule set, it seems he doesn't understand the game at all and is a bit of a r3tard. Also please, read some basics of english language. It's not he have, it's he has, makes me cry :(
  13. You literally have 59 posts, like ??? I have never heard of you nor I didnt see you actively posting on this forum / this community. Thats just a no go. Those ppl saying - deserves shot or no one has started with skill and knowledge - yes they did start with some basic knowledge, especially with knowledge of the game and having a brain in the first place
  14. Wrong, this is true art
  15. Who would pay for your server ? :(