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  1. Sorry Mr. :( forgot its filthy plebs who populate the server
  2. Just make the starting gold 200-300 K. Problem with new players solved. And this mod is ,at least from my point of view, clan based and that means you stand no chance playing it alone.
  3. 4-5 clans with approximately 30-35 ppl per day would be the best in my opinion, atleast for the new mod and new ppl getting in the community
  4. I dont blame you for being toxic but I cant speak for the rest of ppl here. I blame the ppl for actually taking it serious. Toxicity is part of gaming in most of communities and if you cant take it and you came here to cry, get over yourself. Like all the germans in TS were laughing like mad whilst trying to trigger you in chat. What your members did? Took it serious and started their usual autistic screeching in-game and then here.
  5. We held you off 3 times in row so that kinda defeats your point. The thing I cant just stand is your members crying here like a bunch of kiddos whose chocolate got eaten by older sibling. Thats all
  6. Can you all irrelevant fags shut the fuck up and play the game? Thanks. You got trashed once, it happens. If you get triggered by my fellow germans in online game then you have to rethink your own behaviour. Its like you dont know they / we are doing this for purpose
  7. Cant wait to kill people for playing annoying music ))
  8. I think Feudal World had virus inside if Im not mistaken
  9. As ppl stated in this topic. Civillian branch classes shouldnt be able to capture the castle. Master smiths especially.
  10. Isnt the cap animation going to make the server even more laggy when there is 200 ppl on? And maybe you can fix the reward system for smithing. After you make 4 armours you dont get profit at all. Would be a nice addition to raise to lets say 15? Just make it worth so you dont lose money crafting weapons / armours
  11. Keep coursers and hunters as they are now and maybe small buff for war horses, chargers and barbed warhorses?
  12. Kinda stupid idea. Useless for the most of the time just like militia, huntsman etc. Just remove the class and maybe update doc - e.g a bit slower healing but he can heal up to 90%? Or just leave it be. This sounds more roleplayish which I dont see any use of in mod based on sieges / wars.
  13. Nope. Having both spawns closed would mean more equal sieges. I personally dont want to go siege faction with 70 ppl even with having 120 because of the spawn. And this is why you must have atleast twice the numbers with factions this big. With closed spawns I believe we would see more balanced sieges e.g 70 v 50
  14. Dont see a problem with newspawns being useless. Most of the sieges are lost cuz of retarded unholdable spawns when nakdes just bug through you. Spawn should be in my opinion closed during sieges for both factions. Would spice up the game