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  1. Its ok partner. Just do it if you have time :)
  2. Cant wait for forced map change after 3 days :)
  3. Might wanna add more mines then
  4. Devouch, couldn't even listen to simple order - Log off at the bannerpoint - today. Not sure if person who doesnt understand the simplest rule would make a good admin
  5. BuT pUbS aRe goInG tO hAvE fUn
  6. God. VoS is going to be cancer D:
  7. @Dekkers Have you fixed the ladder in Vornnenston, the one on the left in the inner keep? Also check all the gates how they drop after being destroyed please
  8. If its the Sak whose whole post history is made of reports, keep him banned. He is one of the most toxic players I have ever met on this mod in case of making approximately 2-3 complaints per day. I personally dont think he is helping new players behaving like that.
  9. Maybe remove hunters as well
  10. Fix Riverrun horse stocks. They are too close to each other which makes the horses you buy inaccessible
  11. Add it to outlaws, not Richfield. Its supposed to be a village not a place for bunch of plebs joining it and abusing it for not having a bannerpoint
  12. Experienced that a lot in past but fair enough. If ppl abuse that they deserve to be reported even though I dislike doing reports
  13. Ppl can abuse it the way where you cant kill them. They will just keep F tapping on the top or spamming the mechanism so you cant get to them. Just make it unusable please
  14. Did you fix the elevator? So ppl cant abuse it
  15. Add branch stocks in every castle plz :)