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  1. He was halted by Tippso after the fight had finished and told to detach the cart and then proceeded to throw himself into the water that's his own fault.
  2. 100% bullshit??? they ditched the cart horse then their serf threw himself into the river with another hand cart??? Is someone killing themselves counted as RDM now??
  3. The admins have stated that you have to provide evidence as if they were to check the logs it'd be 100's of lines they'd have to check. We've admitted several times during the complaint that all their carts were full of silver as it's retarded that the silver was included in the refund.
  4. They didn't lose the carts to RDM tho????? E: 23:42:36 - *LOCAL* [KingsGuard_Tipps0_Lorraine] detach the cart 1 cart taken legally 23:41:28 - Templar_Knight_Panda attacked Horse dealing 41 damage 23:41:30 - Templar_Knight_Panda attacked Horse dealing 40 damage 23:41:31 - Templar_Knight_Panda attacked Horse dealing 40 damage Them abandoning the horse cart full of silver also can you add the logs of one of them killing themselves with a hand cart?
  5. Was clear random??? How the fuck was it clear RDM I attacked one as I thought they shot at Johann I attacked another as he also tried to shoot at me but I don't record every single time I play and everyone except Subutai I believe started fighting on the boat. Either way they lost 0 carts of silver due to RDM one serf killed himself with a hand cart after Tippso I believe told him to detach it they ditched the cart horse full of silver nuggets I've admitted to my mistake however a 300k refund for some light armour being lost is fucking stupid as the max they lost due to rule breaks was 30-40k as their light gear was worse then doctor gear except one who had near enough full archer gear. Yes we did use our none outlaw Lorraine members to move the cart back as they had killed the cart horse and had abandon I said I wouldn't refund however Tipps0 still could've refunded for his 1 rdm on Diddi but you didn't give him enough time to respond to the complaint I still don't see how 300k is a reasonable amount to refund.
  6. You have 1 post and that's an admin application. xd Devouch
  7. How hasn't it been denied yet he's extremely autistic.
  8. /DeVouch Put little effort into his application and as tommy mentioned you are inactive.
  9. Anyway In all seriousness not being salty /Vouch never see him being toxic I've seen him help some new players worth a shot.
  10. I'm poor ok pls :c
  11. Killed me. Stole my tin. This devouch is purely out of salt /De-Vouch
  12. He thinks he's funny that's why