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  1. i couldnt use the suggestion template. anyway thx
  2. yeah it is a suggestion. i mean i dont play PW but i would try Kingdoms. i used to play m&B warband but if the game is all about fighting the attributes of intelligence are useless am i wrong? an other thing that could be used in the game is the trap. placed anywhere and slow down people/kill horses if they step on it or something. usefull for bandits.
  3. Having siege camps would make the siege easy for attackers. how about that the defenders can burn or destroy the camps..i mean before the siege start lets say the game gives you a timeline of 5 mins to build the camp..then it starts if you didnt build it then u have to do it in the same time you fight..so u besicaly gonna "lose" an amount of soldiers who are building the camp so you fight with less on your side. if all the camps are destroyed you would either start building them again or just spawn to your castle. that would give a sense to the engineer attribute aswell or the intelligence one. also in that part they could add fire arrows. less accuracy but dmg on buildings. that could be usefull on the "reinforces" the defender could use.like a dozen of horse archers could do some work there.