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  1. Loving how everyone who has been in pharis' clans and his loyal followers all vouch for him, yet nearly every other person who isnt an arselick devouches
  2. Vouch Tbh he is kinda what pheonix needs right now And yes i cant believe i said that
  3. /devouch As some has mentioned before he has lied about his age multiple times to many different people. I also believe he will not stick around in the admin team for long, as shown by many of his other actions.
  4. No as i wasnt recording and didnt think i needed to, you can see throughout that time im shooting beaufort members, you should even see one guy breaking the gate and then get shot by me, you should see i get killed by retamar while fighting one of their royal guards, it should show me in a warzone the entire time, as there was no way i would have gotten out of praven alive. You can even see him looting a bunch or corpses, indicating again he is in a warzone. If you really need to see, check corpse id's
  5. He was in a warzone, if you check my logs you can see i was shooting into courtyard and he was obviously there
  6. I thought all admins did that?
  7. May i have permission mi lord?
  8. My new signature
  9. Channeling your inner ggikec there?
  10. Maybe this one only fell from the 2nd story of the mudshack hospital rather than the 4th
  12. One of the less retarded sanguine members, VOUCH
  13. We need this every day plez
  14. Or just have the server slots first come first serve, if a member of a clan doesnt get in but a pub does oh well who cares, the member should have been quicker