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  1. May i have permission mi lord?
  2. My new signature
  3. Channeling your inner ggikec there?
  4. Maybe this one only fell from the 2nd story of the mudshack hospital rather than the 4th
  6. One of the less retarded sanguine members, VOUCH
  7. We need this every day plez
  8. Fkin wannabe, REEEEEEE Jokes aside, a clan called byzantine just disbanded a week ago so yeh But good luck anyway
  9. Or just have the server slots first come first serve, if a member of a clan doesnt get in but a pub does oh well who cares, the member should have been quicker
  10. Hag is having technical difficulties, he got roasted by me a year ago and he is still recovering.
  11. God dammit fkin one, they caught you
  12. Look at the time, it doesnt say 8:00 pm or 20:00 therefore no
  13. Ok, maybe not allow everyone to play. Have a test for people, they fail they = retarded and no enter
  14. We need an area where everything goes, like full fucking auschwitz