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  1. I dont understand you Simon. Do you think us admins are pratice dummies? I dont go around killing peoples horses and say "oh i can just spawn you a new horse. You cant complain about it xD". Thats not how it works. A Stark do not wander into to a lanni castle and hit/kick a lanni and say "oiy mate theres a doc over there so you should not retaliate" either. What did you expect to happen when you hit me? I killed you because you kicked me after we had talked about your horse. That was being disrespectful against an admin in action.
  2. What i dont understand is why some people attack admins or are being disrespectful towards them. Sure we can admin heal ourselves, but thats kind of the same thing as attacking a normal player and saying "uh... theres a doc in avalon dont worry. Heh".
  3. True story, but i do not think i overreacted.
  4. Its 9 damage and you were naked to my understanding aswell. 02:03:45 - Maester_Ewoksson_Stark attacked Kuvira_of_SHK dealing 9 damage
  5. I can justify a refund of 5k, but nothing more.
  6. I may have misjudged your complaint to some extend. You being attacked with out reason was rdm. That said your action prior to this event didnt really show any reason to trust you. I understand why you were attacked since silver mining takes along time to do and people will do almost anything to take it. But given your actions prior. You walking up to a silver party selling that you werent part of might not have been the smartest thing to do after all.
  7. Kk and thanks for the clarifications.
  8. If im outlawed i cant get helped by my faction mates right? What if i demand somebody to drop their gear while outlawed, but my outlaw status runs out during the halt/demand. What if im engaged when my outlaw status runs out? Can my faction mates help me while im in combat or do i have to finish the combat on my own.
  9. When you become outlaw while being in a faction does every outlaw rule apply to you?
  10. Your in-game name: Aico (Footman_Aico_Arryn) Age:18 Are you currently a member of a clan? Yes. House Arryn What position are you applying for? Forum complaint staff Have you ever been banned from from the server? If so, why? Not that I can recall Why do you think you should be an admin and would be suitable for such a position? (100-300 words). Positive 1. I’m a game master at my local live roleplaying organization. I can relate to some of complaints since people cheat in Larp (Live action roleplay) aswell and I am familiar with people loopholing or trying to. 2. The obvious one. Ive been playing Pw a lot lately and familiar with most terms and actions within the game to my knowledge. 3. Summer holiday is nearby (2 weeks max) so I will have plenty of time to learn when that time comes. 4. Lately I have taken interest in reading complaints to get an idea of what I will be facing in my upcoming position if im accepted of course. Negative 1. Inexperienced with any kind of online admining 2. I’m not always acting as maturely as I might should ingame. There have been 2-3 occasions where I have said things in all chat which I afterwards regret. Naturally I’m aiming to improve this. Link to your steam profile: I cannot guarantee that I will be a long time investment of your time since I have no experience with online admining. It can be that I like to do it or that id find it utter nonsense regardless I’m applying because I’m interested and eager to try it out. I look forward hearing from you people Best regards Aico
  11. Okay so if im running alone while in my faction and gets killed does that automatically grant my faction kos on my killer? Even if no friendlys are nearby? Or how does it work?