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  1. ur friend moved twice on me not to mention you logged out on the gold island as soon as i landed on it. The boat was still the whole time dont lie pls. Lets not get off topic from orcs report now shall we.
  2. Dropped
  3. yes because what ur doing is seen as loopholing
  4. Its legal to tell you to drop ur money pouch.
  5. what do u mean?? did u miss it when we beat ur ass and capped ur castle????
  6. quoting the rules without reading them is a whole new level of autism.
  7. But did u still not have ur plate before u cloged?
  8. quite sure u ran away with ur plate.
  9. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? can you read???????????????????????????????????????
  10. That's not why we killed you tho.
  11. take the refund from my bank, he wasn't aware of the recent retarded rule change.
  12. Considering how long you have played this mod its quite sad to see you still don't know the rules. Are you polish by any chance?
  13. Or you just drop this instead of wasting the admins time???
  14. As long as you die, and its your tin so go ahead