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  1. my own screenshots showing that he saw the demand ( red circle in the first screenshot is him) as well as his clan mates so i don't know why hes playing ignorant, maybe he just really is that dumb. In the second screenshot as well hes also looting a moneybag which could have belonged to a previous kill of mine but i cant remember so logs would have to be checked.
  2. i mean if you paid attention to what has previously been said you would of seen that in his own screenshot you can see i that he would have seen the demand...
  3. From what you have said previously i beg to differ kid. well u clearly had no intent of follow the demand as you failed to walk in any direction other than the castles gate.
  4. no you have 10 seconds to leave in the right direction otherwise you will get killed like you did. 1 -2 minutes would be ridiculous kid
  5. No i can still tell you to leave even when ur outside a castle. Ur quite new so i guess its hard for you to learn the rules
  6. i mean ur screenshot even shows me telling you to leave which you didnt...
  7. Stlain tried something similar with a pleb steam group but it stopped because he joined a clan or smth, you could try and resurrect that.
  8. who?
  9. Ur cool Stop being edgy ur legit turning into bohl
  10. i hope this is meant to be satire...
  11. you came to our lands what did you expect
  12. Take the money from my bank since hes new.
  13. the admin team is not more active just less complaints being made... Dont think walex has ever done anything to not warrant him a chance to be in the admin team. You could call him toxic but then again himura is an admin now so that now irreverent clearly.