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  1. Kinda disappointed that there was no April fools joke but oh well.
  2. xoxoxox
  3. Not alans fault that they were autistic. Plus we made abit of an effort for our members not to bully u for obvious reasons.
  4. Can we add a new horse like the mailed Hunter from mercs?
  5. so u just want it to be exactly like mercs??
  6. its already on the shop u dribble
  7. bump
  8. Item: 250 = Arabian Cavalry Sword (arabian_sword_c) Suggested price: 6k Item image(Optional): kys Why would you like this item added to the shop: can never seem to find it
  9. how about u dont?
  10. though you gave up on this map?
  11. That how you do it. take notes Rowan