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  1. 14:22:10 - *LOCAL* [Tommy] Oh hello 14:22:15 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Dimitri_Stark] what 14:22:28 - *LOCAL* [Tommy] Henk Raven? 14:22:34 - *LOCAL* [Tommy] Daven*? 14:22:42 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Dimitri_Stark] so tommy on what facts or evidences did you wipe me? 14:22:50 - *LOCAL* [Tommy] Daven is that you? 14:22:54 - *LOCAL* [Tommy] or Henk? 14:23:00 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Dimitri_Stark] cuz if you only went on the logs you could see i waited long enough 14:23:21 - *LOCAL* [Tommy] Are you Henk / Daven? 14:23:25 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Dimitri_Stark] im neither 14:23:49 - *LOCAL* [Tommy] Right. Sure? 14:23:58 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Dimitri_Stark] 100% 14:24:00 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Dimitri_Stark] y 14:24:11 - *LOCAL* [Tommy] Got a brother? 14:24:15 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Dimitri_Stark] no 14:24:20 - *LOCAL* [Tommy] Father play PW? 14:24:20 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Dimitri_Stark] well yes 14:24:26 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Dimitri_Stark] but he doesnt play pw 14:24:36 - *LOCAL* [Tommy] So why do you have 3 GUIDs on your IP? 14:24:55 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Dimitri_Stark] because i can 14:25:01 - *LOCAL* If you would have made your question clear to me i would have understanded it from thw start. but you started typing numerous names henk, raven and daven. If you would asked a clear question i could have answerd it propelry
  2. You left out the part were i said that i went with many names and wasnt sure if i used them . also you left out the part where i said i was going to check if i ever had those name. but you immediatly assumed that i was lying to you. Then as for this "It seems you also tried to stop me from seeing other evidence of this indeed being the case. From these logs, to me, it seems that you are being quite pushy for me to ignore the other evidence and just check the logs. If you knew you hadn't combat logged then surely you wouldn't have been so pushy for me to ignore the other evidence. The last line even suggests that you know other evidence would differ from what the logs would say." When i logged back in i was already wiped. because when i checked the forums i noticed nobosy made a complaint about me so i was wondering why you would wipe someone without anyone showing evidence on the forum. also i asked for you to search in the logs because i was still under the impression you had a timelimit on clogging. Then when you asked if i knew they were searching me. if your playing pw and a plate is running off. any man would persue him. but since i did not see anyone, i assumed that they didnt. And your right i not give them 1 entire minute from the logs you can see that my counting was not on point and i only gave then 1 minute and 1 second which is still enough time for them to catch up to me. but since there is apperiantly no more time on clogging i gues that doesnt matter. but then i want an expli ation on how long is long enough to logg after a fight where neither of the fighters have died.
  3. reply all you want, you know this is not enough evinedce to wipe kill and ban someone. i never lied
  4. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Levy_Dimitri_Stark or DimitriLokembruv The admin(s) you are reporting also include whether they are forum staff, Game Admin or a Head Admin: Senior admin The time and date of the incident (in GMT+0, anything else will be ignored completely): around 0230 pm / 1430 gmt + 1 so in gmt+0 it will be 0130pm/1330 What you claim the admin has done: banned me The full story: i got into a fight, since all my comrads were falling to the ground i decided to run, after a while of running i waited for 1 minute the enemy warrior to come to me. they didnt and i could'nt see them so i decided to log-out. i later logged back in to see if any starks had joined the server since the stark ts was filling up. this to tommy is a combat logg but i do not agree. he brings up my 2 older GUID's where i combat logged sometimes, i know what a combat logg is, and what i did wasnt anything like it Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation (any and all screenshots or video footage for example): https://gyazo.com/00a9ea3be157f3cc821f2ac4619e5834 http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/200803710778961462/C744BE5362DAA0FEB8893D0D9D990B1EE688EF64/ these are the screenshots tommy provided,