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  1. :steamsalty:
  2. I agree that PW worked out with less rules back in the day, but it seems you fail to comprehend that PW nowadays also has: Bigger, more organized clans that the whole Mod evolves around. Clans are now the center of PW politics, they make the rules and bring the players. Clan authority > Server Authority is the way for most players. Less clanless people "pubs/plebs" ; They used to be the norm and are now an exception, because clans are way more powerful since they work with big numbers and tend to bully plebs. Toxicity had increased with the rising of big clans // rivals etc. "My clan is better so you sxck ty" Rather obvious that the Admins don't want such a big ruleset either, it's just making everything more complicated, but it's the only way to prevent loopholing. What you actually want isn't less rules, but a change in the PW community - it's not the same, but a more mature community is able to work with less rules while these tards just need a lot of babysitting.
  3. I really like the map to be fair and after the changes to Praven it is more or less balanced (If only we would live in a world without archerspam). What i am concerned about is the massive amount of (unnecessary) props like chains, corpses etc. Do they have an impact on the fps? Also trenches in front of saltklippen would be nice. lul.