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  1. /vouch
  2. Should we make it so you can't eat food if your food bar is full?
  3. We have released a Persistent Kingdoms Scene Pack (scenes by Dekkers, Avenger & Mike) as a Limited Source Pack [LSP]. PK servers are now free to use the scenes under very specific terms described in the topic: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,382283.0.html (Download in the topic as well). Enjoy!
  4. To be honest I agree with you lads here about most points but the fact that he is leadership is not relevant in terms of him being bias or not but more in terms of long-term commitment and his ability to contribute enough time in the role of an admin. Anyone saying that it is entirely irrelevant is turning a blind eye to it. Though I do have a problem with all of you guys posting here in his defence. I personally don’t know him and getting to see an applicants responses to various inquries & worries from community members has always been a large part of figuring out if somebody is qualified for the role. Just to see that he is capable of using his head and formulating proper sentences, nothing more. So can the applicant address some of the concerns posted by the community members and myself in this thread please. Thanks.
  5. Westeros Original Creator - @Mike PK Conversion - @Mike Please post all bug reports and suggestions for Westeros within this thread. In order to resolve issues as quickly as we can, we request you clearly describe each bug/suggestions you find in detail and describe it's location, whilst keeping your post short. Screenshots of the bug or to help describe your suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Being shit at the game I always ended up asking the self-proclaimed Warband pros for opinion. Not sure there's a need for 20 people to voice their opinion on the complaint though, that just leads to a mess. Besides, the opinion of the community members will always be subjective relative to the people involved which is why it shouldn't really matter. The admin solving the complaint should just ask for help from non-community members if needed.
  7. Don't know can't remember. https://persistent-kingdoms.com/classes
  8. Since when and how was the footman class for outlaws removed? I don't remember Dekkers removing it from maps or any other mapper specifically, nor did we somehow remove the class completely via scripts. Maybe one map had it missing or something and then you all assumed we removed the class or what's happening? Edit: Dekkers voted no on the poll so maybe he did remove the class from outlaws? @Dekkers
  9. That’s hilarious @Cheese you got kicked fckin rekt boiiiii
  10. I had thought that to be the case already in the extended ruleset, it was either changed or my memory is shit.
  11. It's loopholing, telling somebody to dismount and afterwards killing the horse, that's ridiculous. Besides, I am fairly sure it's in the extended ruleset that you're not allowed to tell somebody to dismount their horse. It was decided so in one of the admin meetings if my memory serves me correctly.
  12. Proton sent me a fixed version with correct GoT-themed names. Will be on tomorrow.
  13. Fix it then mapfag
  14. They have to prove that he wasn't leaving, not the other way around. And no, he can't ask anybody for anything, word of mouth is worthless and shouldn't be taken into account when dealing with complaints. Evidence is all that matters.
  15. You don’t have the alpha level to be an edgy mapper like @Proton, stop embarassing yourself