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  1. That’s hilarious @Cheese you got kicked fckin rekt boiiiii
  2. I had thought that to be the case already in the extended ruleset, it was either changed or my memory is shit.
  3. It's loopholing, telling somebody to dismount and afterwards killing the horse, that's ridiculous. Besides, I am fairly sure it's in the extended ruleset that you're not allowed to tell somebody to dismount their horse. It was decided so in one of the admin meetings if my memory serves me correctly.
  4. Proton sent me a fixed version with correct GoT-themed names. Will be on tomorrow.
  5. Fix it then mapfag
  6. They have to prove that he wasn't leaving, not the other way around. And no, he can't ask anybody for anything, word of mouth is worthless and shouldn't be taken into account when dealing with complaints. Evidence is all that matters.
  7. You don’t have the alpha level to be an edgy mapper like @Proton, stop embarassing yourself
  8. Is that why you are asking questions on modding Discord, you are only fooling yourself by saying that, partner
  9. @Dekkers Give some tips out my dude. On my part, this feels like a map that could be used on some RP server rather than on a standard PK server as I've already mentioned on the Discord. I don't think this will be usable without some heavy editing which I guess is fine. Currently there are 2-3 castles suitable for clans? And they don't look like much in terms of defenses. Have a look at other map topics on this forum to see what I mean:
  10. Earl_Tiuri_England, how did that ever happen
  11. Rubbish is what you are saying now, not the fact you took the ban for your clan. It doesn't simply wash away your guilt, you were punished for it after all. I'll repeat it again, a staff member must follow the rules and exhibit them with his behaviour and actions. Or are you trying to say that an admin can order mass RDM's?
  12. Fair enough if you say so. No, I am saying that you've in my eyes shown yourself as a very naive person and would as such not be suitable for a higher staff position. That's rubbish. A staff member must act in accordance with rules when on and off duty. Furthermore, he must lead by example. If you've been banned for an illegal war as leadership it is because you have allowed your clan (as leadership) to break the rules. That happened because you either didn't know the rules or didn't care for them, both of which make you an unsuitable staff candidate. Ordering mass RDM, RDM,... Leaning more to /devouch than /neutral for FS to be honest.
  13. I don’t believe you will ever be suited for higher staff due to your strong views in regards to certain community members. In addition to that you are also fairly green and naive in regards to staff dealings despite your experience on the previous server. You seem to care about the community and would most probably do well as FS but even that is put under question when I see your ban history. You either don’t know the rules or don’t care for them. /devouch to /neutral for FS
  14. Please remove that PW armours. They're garbage. Put down the new stuff, there's plenty of it.
  15. Well aware of this issue, quote from our GitHub repository: Connected with custom shaders that are used in PW. I've tried replacing them with native shaders but then the scene props turn green. "Due to some custom shaders used in PW, made with the Windows HLSL format before the Steam Mac / Linux versions were available: since they don't exist in the GLSL shader format necessary for your system, the meshes are rendered blank white. I have heard it should be possible to write/convert to GLSL shaders, but I don't have the time." - Written by Vornne. So essentially the PW custom shaders would need to be converted from HLSL to GLSL format and that's a bit complicated. Will need some outsider help for that.