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  1. Open again for future releases.
  2. Persistent Kingdoms Trailer & Fan-Made Videos No.1 Hello! We're thrilled to see the mod alive and have been receiving some great feedback. We'll be looking into improving the current features and fixing any existing bugs/mistakes that might have happened during the development. If you have any suggestions for future releases please get in contact with us and we'll make sure to take it into consideration! Without further ado, here are a few fan-made videos which we find are great. Thank you all for taking the time to record and edit the footage! Persistent Kingdoms Official Trailer - 1.0 Now Available For Download! Persistent Kingdoms #1: New mod, same old wars by Spudgun Official Persistent Kingdoms: Jerusalem by Longshanks Persistent Kingdoms: Templar vs House Blackfyre by Dowling FP Persistent Kingdoms - Byzantine Empire & Plebbing by Ragnosos M&B Warband Persistent Kingdoms War! by Wojooo81 ZuboyTV was also kind enough to make a video on how to install the mod with/without steam. Thanks! Let us know if you make a video on Persistent Kingdoms and we'll be happy to feature it in the next article! Phoenix Dev Team
  3. Now available on Steam as well!
  4. Persistent Kingdoms Release Hello, There are multiple ways of downloading Persistent Kingdoms: [BETA]Phoenix Launcher (Updates to the latest version automatically) ModDB NexusMods Steam You can also download the mod with native textures (without new textures - released just in Phoenix community): Persistent Kingdoms (Native textures) Reminder: You have to download the mod again. Test versions won't work correctly. Servers Today and in the following days there will be multiple servers set up so we would kindly ask you to bear with us. The mod has been designed in a server owner - friendly manner but the server owners need to adjust their scripts, databases,... If there are any bugs present on their side just try and be patient and give them the time they need to sort it out. You can check the following link for announced servers: https://persistent-kingdoms.com/servers Credits Helping Hands Enjoy! Phoenix Dev Team
  5. Hello, We wanted to address the community as a whole. We've held a clan meeting on Wednesday evening where we discussed different things and what we can change in comparison to PW. Rule Changes We've decided to not change any rules yet and continue with the current ruleset. If issues appear in regards to war carts or anything else we will change the rules as we go along. An Appeal To The Community Right. This might seem like a rant which it probably is so bear with me. We have spent the last 3 months improving on PW and making a mod for all of us. The mod is now here. We have made every attempt to bring the mod forward to as many people as possible through developer blogs, steam announcements, ModDB, Taleworlds forum, different Youtubers that will be making videos on it in the future,... The list goes on. It was all made in an effort to provide the population to the mod and with that increase the overall enjoyment of the whole mod populace. It was a joint effort in order to bring this mod to life and we have done the best we could. Here comes the important part. There will be a huge influx of new players and a huge influx of people that tried PW in the past as well and left it due to numerous reasons one of which is the very hostile environment present on the server. I am not talking about the toxic chat or anything related to that. I am talking about the simple things like: "You see a player that is clearly new due to the way he acts or because of his name etc. You go to him and tell him to show pouch because you're fully aware that he doesn't know how to so you just kill him for the sake of enjoyment". That player then rage quits and never comes back. I would like to post a few screenshots of comments from Resonants video about PK: Some of you will say, well that's internet or that's "PK for you" but that is not what we're trying to achieve. We're not trying to get rid of new players and pubs, we're trying to make them stay. By making them stay it means higher population on the server and a better experience for all the players. Abusing the ignorance, non-awareness and "noobiness" of new players means that you're shooting yourself in the foot. So I would like to ask you in the name of the Phoenix Development Team and Phoenix Staff and everyone that wish to see this mod and our server go a long way to restrict yourself and be supportive to the new players and pubs. Work towards a more friendly environment for the new people and pubs and it will all come back to you in the form of new recruits for your clans, bigger population during the day, fun wars,... Heck, I bet a lot of them likes to roleplay and I bet some of you don't mind that. We've implemented a few animations during the last week so we hope you'll enjoy that! Some of you will do the "in one ear and out the other" thing but those of you that will take this to your heart, thank you. Make sure to encourage people around you to do the same. Some Other Things We've decided to start the server with 220 limit. If the lag is too bad we can lower it and if it's fine we can even increase it. We'll also be looking into organising weekend events again (Remember Mikes' events). That will be all for now. Thank you for reading. Phoenix Staff
  6. We've decided to start off with 220. We want to be able to allow more people on the server but taking into account that we're working with a new mod here that has certain added features to it we'll be taking the safe road. With 220 it shouldn't be an incredibly big difference so even if it lags a bit more it wouldn't actually cause people to leave. Based on the results from the first day we can then talk about increasing or decreasing the limit.
  7. The password procedure is the same as with admins. If you're not a donator and try to use the password you will simply get temp banned. And as I said this will be a Patreon-like thing if you've actually read it. When donating a certain amount you would get access for a month. The idea that "eventually everyone on the server donates" simply doesn't apply here. And we would make sure that the price is reasonable so that not everyone would donate.
  8. But you're thinking of this as if there will be 25-50 donators which won't be the case. I believe this will be such a small change that none of you will hardly notice it and wouldn't affect you at all. That is when we're talking about the donators being able to join when the server is full. About the server limit, we're still discussing that I guess.
  9. Nobody is getting kicked and there are no reserved slots. It just means they can join even if the server is full. So the player count would be 201/200 when they join.
  10. But we plan to start with 250 with PK xD
  11. Not sure if I understood you correctly but as I've said, these aren't really "donation slots". There's nothing reserved for them. It just means they can join the server even if it's on 200/200. The title was misleading so I renamed it.
  12. Hello, We would like to know what community thinks about this. We have the ability to implement the ability for donators to join the game even if the server is full. How would that work? If the server is on 200/200 a donator would be able to join the game anyways. Other players can then join when there is a free slot available again (199/200). The system would be subscription based (like Patreon) gaining access for a month if you donate a certain amount. The amount would be chosen carefully to prevent everyone having a reserved slot and not too expensive either. We would also like to point out that if this would be somehow abused it would be removed immediately. The purpose of this is to provide a sustainable and permanent solution to the funding of the server. At the same time, it is a way to thank those that support the server. Keep all of the things listed above in mind when voting. It's also very important to point out that we are all about transparency. Any income/outcome would be displayed publicly. If there was an excess of donations the money would be spent the next month for upkeep or in order to improve on the features of the server. Thank you.
  13. So let me understand this: You type "ez" on a complaint where you were supposed to defend yourself and explain why you attacked him. Admins don't always magically know the kill reason behind your attack. You need to explain that. Then you make an admin complaint where you don't actually explain what happened but simply complain about some complaint that from admins point of view is solved correctly. When that gets rightfully invalidated you create another admin complaint where you finally squeeze out that sentence at the end explaining what happened and insulting the admin at the same time. I am sorry buddy but that's not how things work. You explain your actions at the very first opportunity and that is in the first complaint. The ban remains, maybe you'll remember not to do this next time.
  14. 1. Sell them? 2. Why stockpile 200k worth of heavy horses if you don't play cav?
  15. Hello, We have a few important things to announce to all of you about the transformation to the new mod. Keeping it short and straight. Database The majority of the database will remain the same, meaning all the bans and warnings will be transferred over to the new mod. All your money that is on your person and in your bank will also be transferred, including bank limits. Inventory Wipe All the items that are equipped on your character will have to be wiped. That has to be done because PK introduced a lot of new items that mixed up the existing ID's. If we didn't wipe the inventory everyone would be stuck with random new items on their person. Shop Wipe The shop will have to be wiped for the same reason. After we move to the new mod we'll also be revamping the shop by adding/removing items. New Rules We'll be working on a slightly modified ruleset for PK in the following week. We'll make sure to take into account the opinion of clans and pubs to introduce something that will work for everyone. An update on that will be posted in the next announcement. Refunds We've decided to not issue refunds to everyone that will have their gear wiped in their inventory/shop due to the sheer amount of refund requests we would receive. Now I imagine this is concerning news to some of you but this is our final decision. You still have 6 days to use the gear that you have stockpiled on your accounts. My suggestion to you is to simply take the "yolo" approach during the next week and kind of have fun on PW since all your gear will be wiped at the end. Special item: We will be transferring all the plated chargers to the new mod manually. If you're an owner of a plated charger send a message to a GA+ who will come online, take note of your ownership and slay the horse. You will, later on, receive the horse when we move to PK. Phoenix Staff