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  1. You have been given more chances than any man on the server yet you always resorted to your infantile behaviour and rule-breaks. Your words hold no meaning, just a pack of lies like always. The server is better off with you permanently banned.
  2. Because you were ban evading on them. Honestly, I don't understand why people are rewarding your mediocracy in jokes and high altitudes in autism with likes. Every comment posted by you is cancer that should be removed from the forums.
  3. If any scener is interested in joining a competition ($50 prize pool): https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,378982.0.html
  4. Hello, As you all know there are a few maps left that still haven't been converted from PW to PK. Dekkers is feeling a bit burned out which is why we require a scener that will convert those last maps: War of the Three Monarchs The North Rhadaron Stormlands Dormarsh Mountains Depending on the map the following things are required: Replacement of armouries (check current maps and follow the example) and adding the new items Adding knight & healer to training rooms Adding instruments to maps Replacement of trees Adding arrow holders Adding/replacing carts/war carts Removing TP doors that lead to throne rooms etc. and place the new throne rooms as an enterable building,... Adding stocks to arrows&bolts (check current maps for stock count) Adding new horses I will be paying 500k of in-game money per converted map out of my own pocket. You will also receive a PK 1.2 beta version to use when making the scenes. PK 1.2 has a few additional items/scene props alongside all the new features. Add me on steam if you're interested and I will send you the scene and explain you the details connected with that scene.
  5. In that case, you will be a great asset to the team if you'll be active.
  6. I wasn't referring to the complaints. Nobody is questioning your ability to solve complaints without prejudice. Let's say your friend ban evaded. As an admin, it would be your responsibility to report that or punish him yourself. If you were to come in a similar situation, would you handle it as described?
  7. Do you believe you will be able to perform as an admin should in accordance with admin principles despite your close ties with the clans you're currently in?
  8. The banner win condition was removed. You can win the round by killing everyone on the enemy team.
  9. Who allowed you to copy that into your signature, you filthy beggar?! Also, there's a chance we'll remove or change the banner part if we don't manage to change some scripts in time. Will keep the thread updated.
  10. <3
  11. Go grab some cyanide and chug it down u filthy whore
  12. Arena Battle Event Hello! Another event this weekend. Arena Battle Event 2 teams will be made at the start of the event. The event will last until either of the teams wins 3 rounds. You can win the round by: Killing everyone on the enemy team. When? The event will begin at 6 PM UK time on Sunday. All clans&pubs are expected to start logging onto the server at 5:30. Teams will be selected around 5:45 which is why all the clans need to be online in full strength at that point. Where? The event will happen on the EU_Phoenix_Event server. The server will have no password. General Rules: Follow the requests of event admins at all times! They are there to make the events organized and fun, so follow their requests to ensure you and others have an enjoyable time. Please do not spam admin chat. We need to be able to use it to contact individuals, so please keep admin chat messages and only use them when really necessary. Do not spam chat, commands or animations. Trolling: All trolling and disruptive behaviour will be punished, with the immediate removal of offenders from the event and any future events. If you go out of your way to ruin the event we will issue a punishment on the main server as well. The following are examples of what we consider trolling or disruptive behaviour: Attacking teammates intentionally. Punching and kicking each other before and during the event. Failing to line up in the spawn with the relevant clan. Disrupting people training and getting gear before the event. These rules apply in addition to the Community Rules. As always, use your common sense. If you think what you are doing is wrong, then don't do it.
  13. Due to me having other interests I've decided to resign from my HA post after a year of dealing with you rascals and let somebody that is more willing and involved take over the admin side of things. We have decided to not assign a new HA immediately but I've made a few recommendations to Henricus and Avenger for when the time is right. I will be backing down to a community manager post where I will continue to develop the Persistent Kingdoms mod with the other developers and organise events with Mike. You should no longer message me about any admin-related stuff as I am no longer part of it. I would say it's been an honour but who are we kidding, this community is shit and that's the way we like it, apparently. Anyways, see you at the events and in-game.
  14. If anything, we'll add this just as normal crouching, no hidden labels no nothing. If possible we'll also make it so that you can't cap while crouching.
  15. Should we make crouch walking a thing?