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  1. If it´s possible to register blocks without shields that would be great but idk if it is
  2. Now the establishment tries to save itself 😤😤😤
  3. Relogging fixes it
  4. The complaint will be re-opened. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  5. The ban itself was not unjustified, you did not give him enough time. It can be argued that it was common sense he wouldn´t show it, but this argument can be made for a lot of situations. It is simply not practical to enforce it that way. If you demand someone to do something (except for "halt"), you have to give them 10 seconds to comply. However, 5 days is too excessive of a punishment for something like this, after not being banned for over a year. The ban will be reduced to 1 day, which means that you will be unbanned in 2 hours. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  6. The case however was not invalidated on the grounds which Ted and later Bridge Troll stated. From my understanding it was invalidated because he did not actually give the stuff to his faction members. If an HA does not see "Giving robbed stuff to clan members" = "Giving Stuff to your friends who took a part in robbing it", the quote is indeed irrelevant. But I don´t believe it to be.
  7. Logs show that you specifically went back to the mainland to pick him up, and as you said that it was your intention to bring him there to rob the serf: 20:08:03 - *FACTION* Inditex & Panda Shop [WCC_Aylidonz*] i will pick up haji - he is outlaw and can rob carts 20:09:24 - *FACTION* Inditex & Panda Shop [WCC_Aylidonz*] When i bring Haji back we will halt the outlaw guard and Haji (Outlaw) will rob their cart I find it strange how conveniently the time of the release is the same time you arrive with you outlaw, whether or not MoreThanAPeasant knew that it was illegal doesn´t really matter, as at the end of the day Ignorance does not protect one from punishment: 20:13:09 - *LOCAL* [MoreThanAPeasant] K ur not arrested 20:13:16 - *LOCAL* [WCC_Aylidonz*] who 20:13:20 - *LOCAL* [MoreThanAPeasant] I can steal you 20:13:20 - *LOCAL* [Haji] peasent //You arriving Furthermore I don´t blame you for Peasants mistake and I don´t know why you want to believe that. I wasn´t sure about whether I should rule it as a demand, so I got two more opinions from other staff members. One wasn´t sure either and told me to rule it as I see it fit and the other judged it as a demand, like I did in the end. Wether or not you are saying it kindly, judging from the situation it seemed clear to me that it´s common sense to preceive it as a demand. To me it seemed clear that you were playing as a group, got to the island and decided to rob them with the help of your Outlaw-Friend Haji. To do that you picked him up, while another one of you was holding him there and then got him to dismount. After that Aylidonz proceeded to take the loot, not Haji, which in itself is illegal as said in previous complaints: I don´t really see a difference between a group of people playing together and a plan as in essence it´s the same thing. To me the punishments are justified due to you obviously collaborating in order to get the silver. Aylidonz took a major part due to picking him up, taking him to the Island and finally taking the cart for himself. Haji did almost the same, only that he gave the cart to Aylidonz, which no sane outlaw would do, if it wasn´t to help his mates. MoreThanAPeasant held Ramsey captive until you arrived, pointed out earlier. The punishments were as light as they were due to me not being sure about that demand, and thus it being the first time that it was ruled that way.
  8. It doesn´t matter what led to Helems killreason on you, the fact that you killed her faction member is enough reason for her to kill you in return. If person B tries to random person A but A kills him, the members of person B are still allowed to kill person A, although the KOS was established by a random attack.
  9. You can make them smaller by modding the files.
  10. He was solving another complaint at the time and you decide to write this in global: 22:24:11 - [Norse_Raider_SoloTOV] lonelywolf cant you do something? 22:24:20 - [Norse_Raider_SoloTOV] letting people rdm freely What is he supposed to do? He is already taking care of another complaint and thus doing something about rule breakers. If you want him to solve your complaint, you should write the details to him directly via the admin chat. To your general statement he responded with a line, that was obviously meant as a joke. I can honestly not tell if you are being serious. And if you are, then this complaint shows more about your maturity than his.
  11. Are you just going to ignore what happened during the hour before the war was declared? We sat in our castle for a solid 30 minutes, without anything happening. As The Whiteruns,Mormonts and Tullys had equal numbers to the NSE and Conningtons, it became clear that nobody was going to siege the other. You wanted a field battle, we did not so we decided to log off. You declared once we started logging, which is nothing but an attempt to get us banned. I am certain that you wouldn´t have declared war if we wouldn´t have started logging. You were not going to war us. Do you really expect us, the one´s that logged shortly after the war had been declared, to stay on after the other half logged off? If this became common practice you would have some cheekster sitting in every faction ready to write:"War on ... Reason:Lol", as soon as some faction starts logging. And god have mercy on them if they continue, because then that person will make a complaint claiming CLOG to get at least a bit of drama out of the situation. Cheers
  12. I mean uncle adolf, individual who is good with money, person with shit on his stick and others you should have come across.
  13. Are you being serious? If yes, how much time have you spent on the forum?