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  1. What happens when they deny a refund?
  2. He was solving another complaint at the time and you decide to write this in global: 22:24:11 - [Norse_Raider_SoloTOV] lonelywolf cant you do something? 22:24:20 - [Norse_Raider_SoloTOV] letting people rdm freely What is he supposed to do? He is already taking care of another complaint and thus doing something about rule breakers. If you want him to solve your complaint, you should write the details to him directly via the admin chat. To your general statement he responded with a line, that was obviously meant as a joke. I can honestly not tell if you are being serious. And if you are, then this complaint shows more about your maturity than his.
  3. Are you just going to ignore what happened during the hour before the war was declared? We sat in our castle for a solid 30 minutes, without anything happening. As The Whiteruns,Mormonts and Tullys had equal numbers to the NSE and Conningtons, it became clear that nobody was going to siege the other. You wanted a field battle, we did not so we decided to log off. You declared once we started logging, which is nothing but an attempt to get us banned. I am certain that you wouldn´t have declared war if we wouldn´t have started logging. You were not going to war us. Do you really expect us, the one´s that logged shortly after the war had been declared, to stay on after the other half logged off? If this became common practice you would have some cheekster sitting in every faction ready to write:"War on ... Reason:Lol", as soon as some faction starts logging. And god have mercy on them if they continue, because then that person will make a complaint claiming CLOG to get at least a bit of drama out of the situation. Cheers
  4. I mean uncle adolf, individual who is good with money, person with shit on his stick and others you should have come across.
  5. Are you being serious? If yes, how much time have you spent on the forum?
  6. And your name is just ali? If that is the case I have legitimately no clue who you are.
  7. What the fuck is even going on? I really don´t think that we know each other.
  8. Uhm, who are you? I´m not the former lorraine priest beric btw
  9. Don´t think so. I was MAA last few days, if I recall right.
  10. I would argue, that I played long enough on the server, possibly longer than you. I generally enjoy reading through complaints, and I think that I have a good idea how the server works. It is not rocket-science. I do not think that it will improve my ability to solve complaints. Let´s agree to disagree. Your subliminal insults sure make your criticism seem "competent". If you are really that interested, please take a look at my other posts/complaints. I think they are in line with what I said. I was referring to the ones filing the complaint. Of course you should deny a refund if you are wrongly accused. If my opinion on refunds and the mentality of generally refunding people does not aline with yours that´s okay. Have a nice day.
  11. Boi only 200 hours left and i will be admin material. But seriously, these hours were solely spent on multiplayer, and a substantial amount on PW. I am not sure if 1000 additional hours of native or mercs would help my ability to solve complaints. I don´t think that you have to know me to agree with the notions expressed in my application. And would 20 vouches, of members of the same clan as i am in, really help? In the end the staff decides. That does seem like a good thing, doesn´t it? I think, that i have a good idea of the hostilities between the clans, but am still unbiased. One look into the complaint section and the amount of denied refunds says a lot. Thank you for the feedback though.
  12. Happened while I setup family sharing with a friend. But sure think as you like.
  13. Your in-game name: Berick Age: 18 Are you currently a member of a clan?: No What position are you applying for?: Forum Complaint Staff Have you ever been banned from from the server? If so, why?: Yes once. It was my fault and if it should cause a denial, so be it. Why do you think you should be an admin and would be suitable for such a position? (100-300 words): I think, that the main reason why I should be allowed as a Forum Complaint Staff is, that I honestly think that I would base my decisions on wether it helps or damages the server and the community. I think that acitve players, who broke the rules unintentionally, should never be denied a refund. I also think, that enforcing the "refund-mentality" in general is important. Thus in my opinion only players with repeated offenses, the lack of a response or obvious bad intent should be denied a refund. As a consequence I would be likely to force refunds if I see it fit. I know clan politics often play a role, but in the end we are all just spastics on the internet, trying to enjoy our freetime. My decísions would be unbiased, as I have never been in a clan of some sort. Furthermore not many of you will know me well, and i have no feuds with any player. Additionally I have a lot of freetime at hand, wich ensures my activity to be rather high. I also think that I would enjoy the forum work, as I like the idea of solving a complaint correctly and handing out fitting punishments. To get some experience in handling complaints, I would like to start as Forum Complaint Staff. If I would ascend to Game Admin after some time, I would certainly be online late at night, where there are usually no admins online. Little tournaments with a price pool are also something I always found very enjoyable and hosting them on low population times would be fun for everyone. Thanks for reading! Link to your steam profile: