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  1. A neutral (or semi-neutral) healing faction essentially. It's all I do on PW and there are plenty of doctor players about.
  2. Feature Name: The Faith Category (Website/In-Game): In game. Detailed description of your suggested feature: Subfaction's based on faith would be great, if there were a few different forms of faith across the map (maybe each faction having their own or own form) with the ability to have some form of healing abilities along with maybe absolving outlaws who wish to rejoin factions of their sins (resetting their outlaw penalty in case of mistakes/abuse of the systems). Along with being able to accompany armies in battle and having some form of effect on dead allies they interact with (some form of last-rites ability that allows players to keep some of their items on repawning perhaps with a lower condition rating?). Monasteries themselves have surrounding land for surfs to work, whether as a commoner or part of the subfaction, along with some form of Faith Militia for defense similar to the Faith Militant from GoT or the original crusader groups. Essentially a subfaction for the poor to gain some money before either moving on to join one of the major factions or to remain neutral of the wars that erupt. Similar to the small, peaceful, faction that seems to be common on the map's in PW. Also wimples.