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  1. Vassal Rivalry The truth of being a vassal is that you have a little bit of land and a little bit of power, and as with many vassals over history you might wish to increase your land and power though forceful means or underhanded means. Vassal Right Duels (Duels over castles and land) Vassal Wars (Vassals warring over castles and land) Vassal Slander (Attempt to worsen relationships with rivals and npc traders and citizens) Vassal Assassination (The BIG ONE; attempt to have your rival murdered, either by player or npc) Such rivalry will help to give a more realistic feeling of backstabbing and scheming that came with kingdoms of this type. Given the type of feature this is, it would take some balancing, as such things, while fun, run the risk of causing tension in the player-base (Which may be GOOD or BAD) (Admittedly everyone in these kingdoms hated one another)