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  1. Feature Name: NPC guards and patrols Category (Website/In-Game):In-Game Detailed description of your suggested feature: A feature where you would be able to buy for example an archer, and then station it at your castle to stand guard. Buy some infantry to stand outside the gates, or maybe even control the gate, so only selected people could enter, or people with a password. Also make the npc being able to patrol your walls. Think about how cool it would look with 2 guards outside your gate at all times, and archers at the walls walking around patroling. And then in times of war, the npc's would just work like normal singleplayer AI units who would help you defeat your enemy. Then you could maybe even add a class as trainer, who could train and sell npc's. or you could just make a store inside one of the big cities where people could buy them. I know this might ruin it for some player mercenaries, but then make the npc soldiers really expensive, so a simple peasent wouldnt be able to afford and only the rich kings and queens would.