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  1. Yeah my bad, I read it I just didn't think it through.
  2. Eventually everyone on the server donates and the ones that don't get on first, suddenly we get 250+ players causing lag for those lesser able, handicapable computers. Password will be shared and the surveillance of said procedure would be difficult.
  3. It's nice seeing people doing this again
  4. Why does everything have to be straight in this community?
  5. Personally I'm not 100% against this one, I've never been against people being able to get over as sometimes it's incredibly annoying if there's no on in that faction but you want something, or if you try and said them but they just pussy about inside.
  6. Either you'll still make profit, or you might as well buy it again.
  7. We all know that people would just log in, kill a tin can or find one in a chest, log out and store their gear, log in at like 5am and sell it. Nothing but a money making scheme. Pleb wars would be come worthless, clans would just store their armour on the tinternet and if a pleb horde gets through a clans castle there would be nothing but trash, raids would just die out. Also for any role players out there, you can't just pick up your armour irl and put it into some sort of void. The fact you can log in and buy gear is horrifically contrived any way. Even if you introduce regulations there'll be stupid unfair loopholes and the rules would be difficult and complicated. I'm genuinely not digging into you, I just don't think your idea would work.
  8. I didn't know if bans and warnings would carry on to the next mod.
  9. Will we be resetting the forums when the new mod starts?
  10. Surely old players would pose as new players to get shekkles?
  12. Most sensible suggestion I've heard so far
  13. I said you were best you daft tit I am obviously not a trash cunt
  14. Pharis?
  15. +rep for not application process.