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  1. ye
  2. I already offered to be the grammar fairy and correct peoples grammar. If cunts want to make complaints every other death they suffer they may as well use good grammar.
  3. I agree with Ponds but I've only ever made 1 PW complaint ever
  4. I would also like the term banmongerer to be censored to "I want to kill myself" or something. The amount of people that say complaints are salty banmongering is staggering, and it seems when people run out of legitimate evidence they just spray autism. Banmongering in my opinion is not as annoying as people saying every complaint is banmongering.
  5. I would say defense is a matter of will power, as most things are, I won't say I had the will power two years ago that I have now, and I reiterate a lot of people are commenting on my character without knowing me, and while I appreciate a lot of the criticism that is coming my way, it just seems to be repeating the same message. As an admin I was one of the most dedicated, I never had an admin complaint on me because I would always cooperate with everyone involved and use solid substantial evidence to back me up. That being said I was, as I am now, willing to back up what I say with a conversation and I either talked them into accepting my punishment or noticed a mistake in my judgement where I might have overlooked something in the logs. One of my proudest moments was also when a player made an admin complaint on all the admins for inactivity bar two or three and I was one of those exempt. I emphasise that anything I did which stained my character did not benefit me, and in the end everything lasting I had ever done benefited the server, my dedication was what made me love the server, I even stayed up in the early hours of the morning dealing with a complaint involving angry players that was incredibly complex, I did that for around two hours and only gave up when Michael recommended I go to bed and deal with it in the morning. Not an undoable feat, just an example that came to my head In my opinion my mistake was reversed but my contributions were not, I beg the admin team to give me another chance to contribute. And as a matter of pride I don't crawl.
  6. I think I've proven that I have a very strong willpower, just from this application as it is. I think this shows that I'm no one to let things get to me anymore and I've grown more responsible over time while I was learning to help run a clan.
  7. I have answered most of what you said in past comments, I'm not asking for you to take my words worth, but give me a chance to prove myself right. I'm not asking you to appreciate my "excuses" just forgive me my mishaps as I'm not using it as an excuse just answering people's questions. People change in a year and a half, whether or not you want to admit it or not. At the end of the day, the admin team is made up of respectable members of the community, something I think I used to be, I'm obviously not anymore, but they don't need complete respect to begin with to function, they simply need to earn it, some first time admins may agree with this. The fact remains, all it takes for a massive cock up to happen is a series of unfortunate events stacking against each other. I was already logged into Pheonix as I had been doing some admin work earlier, I just sat down at my laptop prepared to play on the server, as I had done harmlessly on many occasions prior. And as for drawing on people's sympathies, without wanting to sound rude, that is the most nieve argument I have heard so far, the sympathies I have had so far are from the people who took the time to talk to me about it, and even if I did play on people's sympathies it would be because they feel sympathy for me, even I wouldn't assume that I'm intelligent enough to brainwash people to support me, although my biggest issue is probably my ego, that being said, even now if I resent anything, it's being called a liar, an easy word to use but to this point has been bandied around with no evidence. Furthermore, although it is a privilege to serve on the admin team, it is also a volunteer process, I get nothing out of this other than the chance to help people again, and all though at this moment in time I don't resent any of the comments made to me, I'm still surprised how reluctant some people are to appreciate that all I want to do is help, I'm not clawing for power, I applied for the lowest admin rank, I'm not trying to boost my position, I've had a comfortable amount of power as it is. As Benjamin Franklin once said "It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it". I have heard one, albeit colossal, argument against my case but not much else that I haven't responded to appropriately. If I'm not wrong then there is only one argument against me getting admin, which means if I can overcome this I can truly prove my worth.
  8. I'm sure you'll be surprised to hear that I fought for a ban, if that isn't a testimony to my regret I don't know what is.
  9. The admins saw fit to never ban me. Although it was discussed.
  10. But not in insensible amounts.
  11. But forum staff does not have the same amount of power when it comes to money, unless that has changed, and that's where people doubt me most.
  12. England
  13. If you're read what I've put from the beginning, I've always sought to be honest, which was why I was honest with Scorpia