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  1. I don’t think anyone cares who gets admins anymore so long as they’re not a glue sniffer. and I genuinely think plop will probably do a good job
  2. I feel you’re the type of admin that would get killed in game, ban the killer then look through the logs for the reason
  3. Last 15 year old admin was me, and while I did a goodish job it ended badly Devouch
  4. The only real issue I’ve read being raised here is the fact that he applied too soon after being back. Considering he made the app 7 days ago, I see no reason any more as to why he shouldn’t make a decent admin. /vouch
  5. Players will be players, admins will be admins, I’m sure Monsnic has enough brains to separate the two lifestyles, after his previous denial showed an obvious constant interest in the server. while I can still understand people being salty about the Greyjoy TS, and I don’t think you handled that perfectly on your last attempt, you’ve probably learned from that so it won’t be horrific.
  6. Fucked up the app to start off with, slagged off the team he’s applied for, said he’ll change rules to suit his preference as he moves up the team, said he put 50% of his effort into his app because the server needs him, already called someone a cunt, posted sarcasm so strong that even I got it... sure why not
  7. First admin app with what seems genuine effort in a while. /vouch
  8. Neither can I, and I agreed with you, does that make my opinion void too? Whether you like it or not, Monsnic is bringing out a more hostile version of Tjorn, while still remaining fairly polite, part of me cringes at the thought of him dealing with members of the community that have a toxic intention at heart, even if Tjorn doesn’t intend to use his language thus, even he admits he finds it hard and he’ll have worse hurled at him down the line. The fact that a monsnic, a former admin who just recently got denied, should show an interest in the quality of admins getting accepted or denied alongside him is neither surprising, nor is it condemnable, it is demonstrating his continued interest in the server, just like me. (Not exactly the same, Monsnic is a more upstanding member of the community than me.)
  9. I’ve got to admit this is confusing, the only thing I’ve read that really made sense to me was what @CaptainMakarov said. While @Monsnicdoes have a valid point I can also see what Tjorn is saying, what’s the point in posting the reason for a ban if it’s not on your player profile? It’s understandably confusing, or a simple mistake, however an admins mistake could possibly have a negative effect on the server, and if he lied and the ban is visible then it’ll probably be an instant denial anyway. From what I remember in my time of adminning, the admins must atleast have the articulation to understand the rule set thoroughly in English. Although more knowledge of the language helps, it is generally not essential for a competent admin. Can you guarantee that you will be able to understand the complaints to the point where you can justify your own verdict? Because the admin team at the moment have a quite advanced command of the English language, and that sets a respectable precedent which should be upheld. I don’t mean to sound pretentious, I have no idea what I’m talking about, but I’ve been gone for a while and I thought I’d get back into things with best intentions.
  10. I don't mean to be a smart arse, but when the new server launched one of the main focus' was making the new players feel welcome? And yet it feels very undecided whether or not people with no clan connections are allowed to play?
  12. What's it called when someone puts their willy in their own bum again?
  13. That too, I don't have any evidence though, but considering it happened on 4 consecutive occasions by different people surely common sense has a part to play in this complaint?