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  1. Despite what people say, you did a good job Ted and you're one of the admins that I respected through out.
  2. I said you were best you daft tit I am obviously not a trash cunt
  3. Pharis?
  4. +rep for not application process.
  5. Cunter* Also I want to change my vote from yes to no, I agree light horses should have the same health, maybe instead look at slightly increasing speed?
  6. Instead of all that spawn stuff, couldn't we just remove the 10 second thing?
  7. As someone who regularly played Smith I don't think it's necessary
  8. We didn't see it coming.
  9. Well some of us can't see the logs you dirty hacker.
  10. Where was my offer Dust? I was almost offended friend.
  11. Never mind abort map.
  12. It would be nice to see a fresh well-done map from a fairly unknown mapper. Just spice things up a bit, maybe it would make wars more interesting as the clans figure it out.
  13. Is there a version of the harem made up of just men in Islam?
  14. If an English man were to sneeze while talking that's how I would write it.