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  1. Thank you. But it still meant you removed me off steam. I remain to this day one of the nicest members of the community you snollygoster, albeit I remain a principled one.
  2. We dont rename that often you lickspittle, it takes a few months for our research and development team to come up with something hip and flash.
  3. I mean the thought of having a conversation with him is enough to browbeat anyone. That being said, non of you owe me any favours, however, I ask this in the nicest way possible to everyone. Weezy is mine to torment, you have Rythos. If that's not enough for you take the piss of me. Either way, I would greatly appreciate it if you would leave this cockalorum of a Swede to me, I wont have my work done by other people, let alone volunteers.
  4. Never mind abort map.
  5. It would be nice to see a fresh well-done map from a fairly unknown mapper. Just spice things up a bit, maybe it would make wars more interesting as the clans figure it out.
  6. Is there a version of the harem made up of just men in Islam?
  7. If an English man were to sneeze while talking that's how I would write it.
  8. You can't disband us. The special snowflake rule protects us and we wear it proudly as armour. Wielding the weaponised complaint system as our sword.
  9. Why didn't you do it? I thought you were a mapper.
  10. #Exposed?
  11. How the fuck did you get reputation for that you continental bint.
  12. Hardly a community if we don't want to share what we make imo.
  13. Thank you for being a pillar of the community.
  14. Was it a good film?