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  1. So are active HA's? jkjk lyly no ban
  2. I feel sorry for the people who ask how to show pouch and get slaughtered where they stand.
  3. again you just got to know the ingame character or else it's not a game any more. This is why clan leaders can't do shit, if they do they just get a turret of abuse, RIP @Morris
  4. they won't because it's all personal, as me and you know Florence from experience no matter how unfortunate it is, people can't have fun because of a stupid mistake you or I could have and have made. The server is to personal, in a weird way it's not a game anymore.
  5. I'm glad someone can talk fucking sense. The fucking personal shit on PW has got so deep that clans can't FUCKING function
  6. it's not Christmas anymore
  7. If we're taking it to server wars any way, technically the last server war was a defeat for Phoenix and yet it is still the best most populated server there is. Even when other server's win the wars people still come back to phoenix. Also we had a pretty fun event today on PW, no one was really toxic.
  8. there were more field battles when money was mega accessible (Like on Oasis), now people are afraid of losing armor but apparently we can't even do naked field battles
  9. Spudgun's avatar is hypnotic.
  10. The admins may remove the money from my bank as the refund stated in the complaint. However it seems interest is lost on this complaint so can it just be locked? @Cappy
  11. ok
  12. It sounds like you're trying to argue that point. I'm not trying to be a twat I just don't know a different way of looking at it.
  13. Not posting in here is enough evidence to call someone fat right?
  14. I was salty with him today but he explained and sort of apologized which proves he can be talked to. As for Crusher, he's an alright guy. I know it will sound like a stupid comment but if less people got their nickers in a twist about RDM the community would be ess "cancerous". I've annoyed my fair share of people on this server but I don't report them just because they RDM me I just give them a quick twat back and all is good. Scratch that PW could do with a quick fix and an admin team that the community genuinely have faith in. RDMers should be dealt with no matter how popular they are. However I do have some level of confidence in Hagaron even if I don't FULLY agree with his final decision.
  15. Holy fuck Shreks back