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  1. Their leadership is slightly different, but its the small difference that matters, we have a wonderful relationship by the Reeds now they are not lied to as much.
  2. As I've said if it is valid, I would accept the ban be allocated to myself, I am in no way trying to get around a punishment. I'm just saying Benjamin is extremely busy or extremely lazy, so much so that he cannot make his own complaint, either way, he cares so much about it that he won't accept a refund, which I have offered. If anything I am indulging a complaint thats very foundation is controversial until an admin says it is invalid or not. If it is invalid I will either see Benjamin on the complaint he makes, or forget this horrible traumatic experience. Either way, I will cooperate and while we have been civil thus far we are treading on thin ice, maybe @Tommy or @Hagaron can clarify what I have said?
  3. If Benjamin wants the rules followed so closely, he should adhere to the forum rules himself, whilst doing so he may notice and stop irrelevant/unimportant clan members posting on complaints.
  4. @Klaus I couldn't quote it because I am on my phone but it's in the complaint rules section.
  5. He is not banned or muted, he could have made this himself. I am relevant to this complaint. This complaint is invalid if Benjamin can still access the forums. That being said as far as I can see I am relevant in this complaint so every rule you just put there can be countered. Also quoted from the forums.
  6. Unfortunately, Benjamin is neither. This complaint is still invalid until he makes one.
  7. Remove those faggy personal horrassment rules and if you get offended: 1)don't put it on the internet if you don't want people to know. 2)don't be a glue sniffer and be laughed at in the first place. 3)accept your life is sad because you're being bullied on PW and you're taking it seriously. 4)Fuck off. That'll get about 50 people unbanned and stop all this "dance around the syndrome" thing we have going on. As for the common sense thing, it's been established that clan leadership lack this, and they prefer the sensation of winning pixels and gaining calories than actually thinking their life through.
  8. if this was not a skirmish I will take punishment as I gave the order. A bit petty, as I imagine if Benjamin really cared he would have made the complaint himself or at least accept a refund. @Aurion Will the gracious Benjamin bless me with a few seconds of his time and accept a refund? Edit: I don't believe there was a rule break and I would like this to be looked into seriously.
  9. I don't normally comment on Clegane unban appeals so that when I do for a genuinely good person and player it means more, as people will know I actually mean It. I would like to see Ari back he's a good guy.
  10. Isn't DukesHand quite high leadership? Leadership is one thing but will be being tied with Seconding a clan be a bit to much?
  11. Thank you, I'll send it to your in-game name now.
  12. I would say they had a kill reason but they didn't take a screenshot you may take the money from my bank, but I will offer 40k only, 30k for wasting time is lludicrous.
  13. Jesus Ted he's not really going to purge the gays... That comes when Aybak gets his truck license