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  1. Ye but they lead to server wars
  2. Looks good but I can't help but feel that the castles may be difficult to siege, making castle camping even more frequent and more annoying? By default this will just call on more and more cancerous coalitions. Apart from that I love the map and it looks good for skirmishes.
  3. see you in a couple of days <3
  4. what if someone like @Chris Christie buys 999 tickets, wouldn't he just then win back all of his money and then win more from the gullible people who still buy tickets? It would only cost him like 4 and a half mil. Lannister bias right there if you ask me.
  5. moar like pike spam
  6. funniest person in mercia /vouch for game admin
  7. picture that's about 10 years old.
  8. was a lannister/10
  9. nu edge at all 0/10
  10. Hello, I'm British I think you are trying to insult Weezy however I can state it did not work, allow me to conjugate. I think you were expecting to get more attention than you are getting - You got that part right, you are calling Weezy an attention seeker. Although it is a good observation you followed it with - Oh wait saying you don't think he's an attention seeker. ----If I have the wrong end of the stick read no further---- Because of this poor use of English, you wrote a bad, old and unoriginal joke then your fingers turned into dicks and had an epileptic fit. Lot's of love, The only cejsmith you'll ever find; Merry Christmas
  11. looks really cool!