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  1. Vouch One of a few Slavic people I respect
  2. Big vouch!
  3. @Evilmay SA soon?
  4. I was about to vouch for you but I don’t think messaging your friends to vouch for you is helping you. Henner
  5. I called you KOS so he killed you thats what i was trying to say with it :)
  6. iam to lazy to upload my shadowplay xd feel free to ban me and i called him KOS Max had nothing to do with it :) have a good evening Henner (the one and only)
  7. i died after 40 secs not 10 :) that would be loopholing then and you could just report it
  8. so you are saying you followed every demand and came in the 10 seconds to me ? i watched my shadow play and i was fighting with your faction members yes but after 20 secs you were still standing there do i rly have to upload it ? If iam fighting someone of your faction you still have to comply to my demands and now waiting until the fight is over
  9. i told you to come to me and you were clearly seeing my demands and you refused to come outside or do you deny it ? You were always saying illegal and never came to me @Walt
  10. Vouch
  11. Item: plated charger Suggested price: 1.000.000 Item image(Optional): Why would you like this item added to the shop: it’s a good way to waste some money