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  1. Ted clearly couldn't stand that someone else was getting more attention than himself
  2. wtf do you want to achieve with this
  3. Pierre fuck off you're 10 times as bad
  4. I Am being serious but hey it's not my choice just dropping my opinion of Mallador here.
  5. I've known Mallador for a long time now and in my eyes he's way too immature to become an admin. He's known for reporting fellow clanmembers while the Starks were still around. And his general behaviour is just not fit for an admin. /Devouch
  6. Believe me clans don't give a fuck about fun
  7. Won't work anymore
  8. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Water +1 but pls no gold island
  10. I Swear to god @Bridge Troll if you've made him addicted to some random build game again i will rmd u
  11. Contains water +1
  12. Yes pls