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  1. Hope you don't mind me bugging you with questions. A thought occurred to me. Fjorgyn has these very convenient front gates that can be seen through: It makes sense to me that all castles should have these doors to prevent people inside opening them up to someone they can't see on the outside. Furthermore, perhaps this should be extended to an "airlock" type of system where the castle entrance has two sets of doors - the inner door is solid so it can't be seen through from the outside (below), and the last outer door is grated (above). This would allow more protection from intruders while also providing a way for defenders to be able to see who they're letting in. Pros: Better protection from intruders Allows defenders to see outside the front gate before opening the door Prevents intruders from being able to see inside Cons Less convenient getting in and out of the castle if the Lord is requiring the gates to be closed, or if only a few people have gate keys and need to now open two sets of doors for other people Potentially more serfing/engineering required to repair more doors Thoughts?
  2. Are you thinking of Medieval Realms? I could be mistaken, but I think the guy behind Medievalism is different.
  3. Thanks, guys. I believe this is possible. I might find I don't particularly enjoy being an Admin. If something like this is allowed, which encourages toxic behavior and causes a snowball effect on the community and its inhabitants (evident in the "this community is cancer"-type forum comments and an average of ~27 player reports per day since May), then I might not fit in. Until then, I'm curious to see if I do. If I don't, then I will at least fix many of the bugs in the map before I tip my hat.
  4. The documentation on server administration is abysmal for PW so I'm not sure how to teleport carts yet, but I have my own PW server running for testing and learning everything else:
  5. Thanks again. One last question. Since I'm still new to the community and trust is (understandably) a factor, is there some way to compare the differences between .sco files in order to show what I've changed? WinMerge doesn't seem to be useful in this regard. This screenshot is made only after lowering the floating Flax field beside the Underground Cavern: Perhaps a public Github repository? I do a lot of work with Git, but I'm not sure if the changes would show up if the files are all encrypted like this. Or, is it not that big of a deal? I can keep a text log of changes and maybe a forum topic describing them.
  6. Excellent, thanks. Assuming I'm given the go-ahead to do this, would you mind if I added in some light armor to the castles? There's a very serious lack of Strength 0-5 gear available for low-tier classes like Serfs. I'd only want to add maybe 1-2 sets of head, chest, feet, gloves, and a weapon.
  7. Yes, thank you. "tincan"? Does that mean plate armor?
  8. No problem. And I technically already have the file, unless there's something else I need. I just carried the downloaded scene over to my MnB install so it appears here for easy access: Any assistance with my question about balance would be helpful, too.
  9. I spent a few hours flying around the map and confirming bugs that were posted here, along with collecting many of my own. Here's a not-fully-complete list of the most obvious things I could find (I'm more familiar with Osvirklif and Praven after serfing at both for several days): I set the document so that anyone can comment on it if anyone else has things they're aware of and would like to add. I have a question about balance, though. For example, I would assume that all castles should be fundamentally equal in their stockpiles of equipment so that no one castle has an advantage over the other, but so many of them are missing or different in price that I'm wondering if it's intentional in some way. Is the pricing different and items are missing for castles that are in less or more strategic positions? Or, is it simply because this is the old version of the map, and the new, fixed version has been denied by the community? Also, is there a list of weapons and armor that need to be at each castle? That would help tremendously and let me know what's missing.
  10. Story time. I almost joined Lannister (in-game, not as a member), but when I walked up to the front gate as a Serf, one of them RDM'd me. I thought, 'Well, ok. I guess they don't want my help.' The Lorraines were the ones that actually accepted my serfing assistance, and one of them was kind enough to escort me for about an hour while I refilled stocks, food, repaired doors, and helped get them back on their feet - two days in a row. Once the map's bugs are fixed (after an extensive bug review, I've found that Osvirklif is the most broken of all the castles), I'll probably return there. On the note of bug fixing, and since this is relevant to my application, I thought I'd inform you all that I'm very interested in fixing the Skyrim map, and while I have Dekker's blessing (bottom of his comment), I still need to get ahold of Michael or Avenger. I sent Avenger a PM on Saturday but haven't heard back from him yet. Perhaps @Michael could lead me in the right direction? Whether or not I get accepted, I don't mind. I'd at least like to fix the map for you guys. I'm practically OCD about fixing things, it's just something I gotta do. Help me help you! EDIT: @Faith, I saw your Lorraine sig. If you could get ahold of whomever does Lorraine's website and tell them that registration is broken, I bet they'd appreciate the heads up.
  11. Roger that, thanks. I'd only ever want to fix the obvious bugs and not do anything with terrain or castles (unless to fix that hole in Osvirklif that people can fall into). I'll leave the real work to mappers like you. I'll check with Avenger to see if he's on board with it. This might be one way I can build Renown here.
  12. Vermin Supreme
  13. I whipped this up in Photoshop. Perhaps it might come in handy? There aren't any salt mines on the map either. And I found some ore veins and another building inside the ground in the Southwest corner of the map. EDIT: Photoshop download link in case anyone wants to improve/fix this in the future. Can you share your new/fixed version with us?
  14. Cool. Is it possible for you to link to a download so we can add it to our PW installs and fly around in Edit Mode to get a closer look?
  15. Thank you, my son.