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  1. You didnt have 20k worth of gear be a bit more reasonable and yes Ben's cat was having a spas attack
  2. Managed to see Cosmin pop out of the side of the gate attacking a person in the Beaufort faction (took me a lot of rewinding to see that) maeaning Swanns started to attack Beauforts not the other way around.
  3. You saying "don't attack the beauforts" didn't stop from your members begining to attack the beauforts first and the video clearly shows there was that 1 templar in the gate and the rest was beauforts getting attacked by Swanns without any of them attacking you before.
  4. It makes no sense that people can get killed for using and taking stuff from their own property when someone is breaking their chest. We might aswell go around breaking everyone chests and shout "no loot" to just gain kill reasons.
  5. Your map your decision. I just think that even with this stables additions, it wont quite do it. Large maps aren't atleast from my belief the best choice for a PK map for the time being even if the server gets to 180+. A smaller and slightly more "compact" maps are a bit more suitable to clans and pub factions nowadays.
  6. Exacly. You should think of reducing the distances more as it may look unattractive to walk a long distance to a war.
  7. Castles seem to be way too far apart.
  8. They are rather decent in size, you just need to fill them with some props to fill them a bit and make some of these new additions usable.
  9. Map is changing tomorrow but it's never too late to show you where the location is. City Walled Area, on the left corner if you are looking at it from the front gate, you can barely see the trapdoor on the ground.
  10. Changelog: Fixed the Abbey stairs small glitch; Fixed the glitch to get inside the Abbey by the wooden wall. Kind Regards, Aragorn.
  11. Thank you for the information. I will make sure to fix that tonight, luckily there's a iron door there so that can be used as a counter for the rest of today.
  12. I will take a look at that (was fairly sure they werent leaving any gaps)
  13. Helheim will remain untouched due to what I've stated above.
  14. Changelog: Fixed the Shop invis walls. New version has been sent to Henricus. Kind Regards, Aragorn.
  15. The Gatehouse and walls are also hard to shoot from because of this small "invis walls" I'll gladly take a SS of the walls if you wish. Also Helheim will be staying the seem as I know that gatehouse is hard to shoot from, even directly at the gate. The back fire comes from the wall, the stairs and the two small windows in the gatehouse closest to those said stairs.