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  1. But was he inside the castle or not? And if this gets deemed valid there will be a flow of complaints of people combat logging because they were at war and as your complaint, there was no one near him to prove he actually logged off near a hostile situation.
  2. Mnich you weere kicked off Beauforts because you were using that same name "Butter_Mnich" to halt people that were in the same clan as you and after I caught you doing it I searched for a bit and found out you were in the clan but you kept halting Beauforts and so you were kicked. Don't blame your stupid actions on somebody else other than you.
  3. The rules never stopped changing and it is not my problem you stagnated in time (by any chance dont you have any original insults? those are getting old and boring and coming from you its quite sad). This will be my last reply until a admin starts dealing with this complaint.
  4. I smell fear and a bit of regret on someones actions. And I will leave this to the admins to decide if this is a waste of time or not.
  5. Ok. So everytime my faction is at war and Im in melee, Ill just run in the water so they cant touch me or take my loot.
  6. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: RoyalGuard_Harold_Beaufort The person(s) you are reporting: HRE_Ftm_Karl*3 The time and date of the incident: 19:45 - 07/09/2018 What you are reporting them for: Glitching The full story: We were fighting Karl outside Richfield and we managed to get him dismounted near the water, where he decides to go under the water to try to swim away knowing we wouldnt follow him to go kill him (he drowned in the process). Don't reply if you are not involved. Thank you. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: Logs and SS. Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: No
  7. Its clearly visible that me and Cezero were helping Amy fighting you (Since this was quite some time ago i cant remember what really happened). Could you also check if Amy was in the same faction as me and Cezero?
  8. So you didn't say he was free to go and its visible in your SS that you start to wonder off. What was Narco supposed to do? Stay there all day or log out and you would make a glue sniffer complaint on him for logging off?
  9. Just noticed the ammount your asking for a refund. I have to say you lost in 40k max and that is already pushing it over the limit because none of your tincans died in that after you declared war on us.
  10. Insulting other people in other languages can be taken as a kill reason. But him insulting you with something you clearly are oblivious of and you repeating the same thing back (fdp - which can also be used in portuguese as "filho da puta" can be taken as an insult aswell). And you will gain more by asking for a refund if this get deemed valid. Getting a active person of the community banned won't make you gain anything from it and will damage the community even more. Por favor sê razoável com a situação e pede um reembolso.
  11. You just said it was a skirmish. What is wrong in that? Also sultan is nowhere close to 100k.