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  1. @MrOtto i guess
  2. @Techno @MrOtto
  3. Accepted & moved. [automated message]
  4. Solved & moved. The complaint was solved by the admin and his verdict is the final judgement. If you have evidence that the verdict was given upon wrong proof, you may dispute the verdict by posting a ban appeal, message the admin on the forum or posting an admin complaint in this order. If you feel you were handled unfairly without valid evidence you cannot dispute the verdict. [automated message]
  5. Logs : 6:25:19 - [Hell_Nooooo] primarch 16:25:22 - [Hell_Nooooo] check the factions... 16:25:36 - [Hell_Nooooo] ? 16:25:45 - [Hell_Nooooo] ok where was reason again 16:25:48 - [Hell_Nooooo] ? 16:25:53 - [Hell_Nooooo] in your legit declare? 16:261 - *LOCAL* [Hell_Nooooo] then foxy lyin to me 16:265 - Knight_Harris_Swann (FID: 4) attacked Hell_Nooooo (FID: -1) with Heavy Lance dealing 109 damage. 16:265 - Knight_Harris_Swann <img=ico_couchedlance> Hell_Nooooo 16:265 - Knight_Harris_Swann killed a member of a friendly faction! 16:265 - Hell_Nooooo dropped a loot (IID: 3233). 16:26:13 - *PLAYER* [Teutonic Order] [Hell_Nooooo] got rdmed
  6. Your in-game name when you were banned: A_Bit_Tanky Your GUID (not required): 1520138 Why you think you were banned: I got banned bcz of RDM and i was kinda rude to the Admin and i apologize. Why you should be unbanned: I would like to play again, i know what i did was wrong, but it was the moment i got mad to the admin when he came to me. Im sorry for the RDM, and i can say wont happen again because i learned my lesson. Any other information that might be useful: Im making this Ban Appeal on behalf of Tanky .
  7. Sunday
  8. Teamspeakuser
  9. ha ha funny Queen. And could give a try i know Pharis, as long he wont go inactive in the first weeks :P