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  1. Hmm no one knows if that is true or is there any evidence ? well if there is none he should not mention bad stuff in his admin app if he wants to become a good admin.
  2. What do you mean by corruption what did he do
  3. Goodluck on this app! PS: Remove the bold text after the question then it easier to read
  4. Pros Put much effort into the app. Jad has administration experience. App is good (the only thing that annoys me that you put it all in bold use non bold form after the >> : << of every question. Jad has good grammar & pretty good writing style. Seems mature. Has 1,800+ Hours on Mount & Blade Warband. Cons I never saw him ingame. <--- Just kidding :pp /VOUCH
  5. Good App /vouch
  6. -Devouch You are a cry baby.. & a lil bit immature however you're friendly
  7. /devouch immature.
  8. /devouch bad app
  9. /devouch bad app
  10. /devouch
  11. Non-Steam Version prob
  12. i agree very young. /devouch, sorry
  13. #Pray4PlatedChargers.
  14. /vouch for ingame & forum staff