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  1. Hahahah dekkers, you gotta edit VoS, good luck <3 Now that Jerusalems are gone, clans will play VoS with an smile on their faces, adn Plebs will own praven ofc
  2. He has some kind of mental illness
  3. Just make the tower higher, so when we kick off the ppl, there will be no chance of surviving !!!!!
  4. Oooh yes, I was told that 2 plesb were KoS inside the armory
  5. N/A

    I am here to have fun while playing Dekkers or other maps, which are quite good and well optimitzated, don't see the point of your adult map, you just want a simple one.
  6. Mind telling me the kick animation faild? wanna change it, it is so weird xD
  7. An easy example to change the background ~HTML <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <title>My CSS experiment</title> <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css"> </head> <body> <h1>Hello World!</h1> <p>This is my first CSS example</p> </body> </html> ~CSS h1 { color: White; background-color: Black; border: 1px solid Orange; } p { color: Orange; } My brother knows about HTML progr.
  8. Music name: French Renaissance Lute Link:
  9. 11:35:37 - Horse (UNGA_Of_SHK) attacked Byzantine_Auxilia_Shroom dealing 0 damage. 11:35:40 - Byzantine_Auxilia_Shroom attacked Horse (UNGA_Of_SHK) with Spiked Mace dealing 59 damag Didn't he attack me first? lol If you check the logs, I am quite sure that you ll find a lot of my faction members fighting Byzantine (Jin_Bohemia Tr(?)_Bohemia, Margar, Killer, etc.) There is also a lot of communication in the faction chat, atleast me saying charge inside praven) I ll try to find some proofs, all in all, I think that if u deeply analyse the logs, you will figure it out.
  10. I was told there you were KoS, also there was a big skirmish going on close to the bannerpoint.
  11. Music name: Dark Medieval Blues. Hurdy-Gurdy, Organ & Drum Link: