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  1. I mean even you have to admit it’s a bit silly
  2. can jelkala have one banner or a spawn that isnt right fucking beside it thank you possible a ladder to the left bastion in praven too
  3. pussy ass noob go get toxic spawnkilled no skill only archer spam enjoy commoner spawn LOL
  4. trash
  5. gibraltar is ENGLISH
  6. u keep missing byzantines being slaughtered brave semke fought valiantly in the war today with the memory of white company driving him forward many a byztwat was dominated
  7. trashed again even when you had 20 archers LOL
  8. Spoke to William about it, it isn't allowed as per Taleworlds new policy on server monetization. :(
  9. You find a way to accommodate all the new clans and come back to me, as I previously stated if it lags too much it will be scaled back lol
  10. We were on 250 slots before and the difference in lag was negligible, regardless it was agreed at the clan meeting to start at 250 and scale back as necessary to accommodate for either lower than expected population or lag, stop whinging!!!!!
  11. 50 vs 50 1 loss uninstall
  12. they beat u in every war they partook in lol
  13. They can just apply for unbans, if they really want to play it’s not that hard lol
  14. Dno why you’re even bothering discussing it he’s not getting unbanned LOL