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  1. Good luck convincing me to hand over my shekels you cunt
  2. Wouldn't all these additional log features cause lag?????????
  3. Can we have mountable dragons for will please
  4. everyone except for cataphracts and polaks hostile thx
  5. mark just wants a phalanx so he can sit behind and eat while everyone dies but yes two attacks plz
  6. he got u good there phrais u penis
  7. Just keep the smithing as it is but add more weapons/armour.
  8. Yet the majority of people were hyped about Feudal Worlds and within a week it was dead, please don't repeat the mistakes of the past.
  9. You realise feudal world flopped because of things like this? Don't over-complciate it. Voted no and I urge you not to take away from PW's draw by making this some LiF spin of.
  10. shutup and get back into your wheelchair you cancerous cunt
  11. yes because a horse surviving a crossbow bolt to the head is realistic Just don't over-complicate it or you will lose the simple appeal that PW has.
  12. oh look here comes another spawn of the turk rape epidemic in the smelly romania gypsy
  13. ur greek u are literally a turk rape baby lol kys
  14. what
  15. The novelty has worn off, why would you continue to reward his autistic outbursts with attention? Just ban him and be done with it, he clearly has such a weak command of English that he can’t possibly understand the rules.