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  1. Oh wow so original and funny hahahaha man LOL
  2. i voted no because i hate all of you
  3. don’t diss rowan!!!!! ya wet lettuce
  4. don’t think the beard suited me tbf
  5. dont u dare diss rowan or we will take the battery out of your mobility scooter
  6. why would I bother putting in effort
  7. fair point
  8. more chance of lannies reforming then you ever getting admin, unless Henricus has stopped taking his pills there’s not a hope in hell someone so naive and obliviously stupid could ever get admin but hey ho I might be wrong
  9. Server is nearly a turd sandwich in terms of the admin team, all it needs is the turd, Pharis is that stinky turd
  10. silly sausage
  12. can no english good so can no admin good bye bye glue sniffer
  13. hehe xD