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  1. He also used to threaten to DDoS people and actually had his chubby friend Peasant do it on several occasions.
  2. Shutup you retard and before you slap me with warning points Tommy he's my member.
  3. An admin can easily check the logs, there was a large scale skirmish encompassing well over 30 Stark members and the majority of the Lannister faction.
  4. Are you really reporting because you thought he didn't put it in the chat? Like Jesus fuck how pathetic can you get. If this isn't fishing for a ban I don't know what is, go play with some lego.
  5. You are a troll and you were involved with Anguy and the debacle concerning him when I was SA. You also have the literacy of an Afghani goat herder. De-vouch.
  6. Dommo has a long history of this type of behaviour, would you mind looking into this further and if you deem appropriate issue a punishment to discourage this abhorrent behaviour in future? Thanks.
  8. Again don't tell someone to act mature when you trivialise the holocaust you bigot. DISGUSTING
  9. https://gyazo.com/ef654fb8ea100490988b072f5ff0390e Can't really cry about me being offensive when you're trivialising the fact that 6 million Jews were murdered in the holocaust, you are a disgusting human being, truly, abhorrent. Can an admin please remove this vagrant from the server?
  10. Do you deny being on the other side of the gate?
  11. See I didn't call you a swine, this is libel and I demand that Flavius is punished at once.
  12. I never called you a swine, but I suppose it is applicable, thanks! I stand by my decision rude is insulting as it calls into question my very polite and supportive persona, I wasn't about to let this scallywag get away with it!
  13. He's still denying forging them though so your argument falls flat on its face.
  14. Enough with the semantics wait for an admin plz ty
  15. Okay that's fine. All I'd like is for an admin, preferably an SA or above to clarify if the above situation constituted a breach of the rules or not and if it did an assurance from the Starks that it won't happen again. @Hagaron @Tommy