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  2. can no english good so can no admin good bye bye glue sniffer
  3. hehe xD
  4. have u tried turning it off and on again
  5. you're polish right??? devouch
  6. not ra cist just don’t like em
  7. solution: ban everyone ur welcome
  8. If he’s the person I remember from Nexus he’s an extremely friendly and reliable individual, two traits that will help him admin reliably. Worth a shot. shutup fatty
  9. Are you the Croatian Filip?
  10. same :(
  11. they grow up so quick
  12. You’re not going to win many favors by attempting to change a fundamental rule that has been in place for a long time. The alternative you have suggested was used previously and change in favor of the current one. Might want to take a look in the mirror, a quick look at your own posts displays several basic errors for someone who is if I understand correctly in their late 20’s? Knobhead.