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  1. hes polish, can’t be trusted d e n y
  2. why it’s not like anyone on the server would even be a challenge anyway
  3. which is why it’s poo
  4. poo event
  5. cowabunga dude
  6. Oh wow so original and funny hahahaha man LOL
  7. i voted no because i hate all of you
  8. don’t diss rowan!!!!! ya wet lettuce
  9. don’t think the beard suited me tbf
  10. dont u dare diss rowan or we will take the battery out of your mobility scooter
  11. why would I bother putting in effort
  12. fair point
  13. more chance of lannies reforming then you ever getting admin, unless Henricus has stopped taking his pills there’s not a hope in hell someone so naive and obliviously stupid could ever get admin but hey ho I might be wrong
  14. Server is nearly a turd sandwich in terms of the admin team, all it needs is the turd, Pharis is that stinky turd