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  1. then why did you apply for squire twice you halfwit????????????????????? dont contradict yourself too much ok
  2. No. Being a snotty little twat who thinks he doesn't have to do what he's told is the reason you were kicked. I understand your Squire app was denied and you were upset by this, no need to act like a child, you've already illustrated your predisposition to engaging in infantile behaviour.
  3. what u want us to sit on this thread all day???? no thanks captain
  4. ur just upset because ur a slav and ur monthly wage is what us normal people earn in a week go clean a toilet Balkan nougat.ger
  5. ur one of the "toxic gaggle of glue sniffers" who got caught stealing peoples armour and when afforded the chance to make amends threw a hissy fit and left because you weren't comfortable giving him compensation CANCEROUS POO also ur texture packs are dog shit
  6. intentional???? variety???
  7. just let clan leaders use spectator the plebs are irrelevant
  8. If you write down a rule for every possible scenario, which is what you are proposing the rule set will be far too extensive, complaints involving grey zones are quite rare and there is no need to create an over burdensome rule set. Which, ironically enough would cause more confusion, take for example the Oasis rule set which had a far more extensive and overreaching set of rules, which resulted in more people getting banned for petty and ridiculous things. Perhaps you should use your brain before making suggestions that would only server to worsen a situation which is currently tolerable.
  9. global warming is a myth anyway so who cares
  10. First I’ve heard of it, probably take ages for them to be released knowing our regulations.
  11. hahahahaha theres loads of arab/sand n.igger armours because africa begins at the pyrenees
  12. they take too long to charge and u look like a hippy f a g
  13. Not all of them, stop talking shit.
  14. Then take it for a day and I will come siege you??