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  1. we have found ggikecs cousin
  2. What’s with all the randomers vouching, are you that desperate for support that you had to spam your friends list? :((
  3. Cant be trusted to enforce the rules if he doesn't even know them himself!!! Also as Oneil kindly points out in all the times I've seen Monsnic he's rarely controlled himself in global.
  4. Ya but it was easy to see they didn’t get the gold medal in the window licking olympics this chap on the other hand NOT SO EASY
  5. spawnkill them
  6. That’s incredibly ironic Since when does correcting pubbie fanatics on their ill informed opinions constitute returning?
  7. reminisce about the past all you like it’s never coming back LOL
  8. Phoneix survived for years without pub factions you nitwit yes pubs have their place but don't overstate their relevance and importance, clans for the past few years have always been more important and that is never going to change!!!!!!!
  10. If anything he has remainded calm and tried to meet the open hostility dished out by members of the community with humour at times, which is admirable. He has displayed good character especially considering the amount of no names who have flooded the thread with the sole intent of shit posting. @Bohl You can’t call anyone a boy when you’re like 12 lol
  11. vlades was nearby, leave him off
  12. @Sednan why didnt you euthanise it
  13. Obviously he was banned for more then just shit talking in global.