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  1. ur gunna end up getting mugged and raped by some ooga
  2. the one time I agree with labour poo here
  3. doesn't beat a good old east enders im getting old
  4. can you take your autistic lorraine dribble match to another thread please THANK YOU
  5. like your attendance lmao
  6. That's what all you brownies say BEGONE WITH YOU VILE INVADER
  7. Am I wrong???
  8. he's not dutch he's a rapefugee
  9. It still doesn't negate the fact that you play as a girl I bet your father is proud
  10. why didn't you EDIT: here you go helem I have taken the liberty of writing it for you I (Helem) and a large portion of the community play as female characters to escape the harsh reality that we are infact obese sweaty men who can't find their willies, as such we hope to achieve sexual gratification by pretending we have a vagina and scoffing pies to continue down the dark abyss of DEGENERACY you are most welcome
  11. Why did you neglect to add a section that an unhealthy amount of the community have an obsession with pretending they are females? degenerates
  12. You are an autistic glue sniffer
  13. That is true though, but only if you actually play xox
  14. western decay
  15. Can we disallow NAs from attending the event they've already ruined enough