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  1. Do you have it recorded by any chance?
  2. 4 months? Why not go now, not like you'll be missed anyway tbh
  3. You can't log off only to log back in moments later to gain an advantage and in doing so abuse a loophole. I suggest you offer a refund as your childish arguments will fool nobody.
  4. I'm also wiping your bank for wasting our time
  5. fuck off you lefty turd
  6. Enough shit posting, only Bawo, Benji and Rob may reply. I'll be back on Friday and deal with it then if another admin hasn't done so by then.
  7. jk I love my money too much ur not getting any of it give it to the krauts I'll wipe them tomorrow
  8. lol 4mil fuck off german faggots
  9. I am the rules now
  10. 2.5 u can't beat me I'll just spawn more
  11. lol 2mil try me faggots
  12. Go get him tiger
  13. Yeah I agree Lab, ever since Vala left the team we haven't been filling our minority quota, Rowan needs some friends.
  14. the time is right I shall remove the anti Semite Bridge troll and take his rank say goodbye to your freedoms
  15. You have the audacity to claim common sense should be employed when you're littering the server with drivel? The only thing that isn't common here is your intellect. It doesn't take a genius to work out that spamming is prohibited. Invalid.