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  1. Jesus christ this thread has turned into an instant cesspool. Stop posting your useless shit or I'll start whacking people with forum bans.
  2. Tempted to log in just to ghetto couch it. Also thread has served its purpose, locked.
  3. I like this guy
  4. fixed it for you. lefties don't deserve rights.
  5. Please stop leaking information from the admin section of the forums thank you
  6. June 3rd last year, actually. In any case, it has been long enough. Unbanned.
  7. What a wonderful idea, would certainly make forum complaints easier!
  8. Shut up you fucking kanker faggot
  9. Lol no
  10. As a gift from me all Saturn/Narnia staff get a permanent ban. Merry Christmas
  11. People like you belong on EU_Saturn. Denied, and Merry Christmas.
  12. Roses are red you Yorkie prick
  13. Don't get too upset, I have enough pink triangles to go around