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  1. thank you my progressive arab friend
  2. wait shit really?
  3. Don't worry guys when we switch to blank scene 3 there will be no classes to train and everyone can live happily every after bashing people's faces in with hatchets.
  4. fuck you racist bigot fuck
  5. EU_Phoenix 1 : PW_Wesand 0
  6. Can't archer spam on blank scene 3 tbh
  7. I in no way endorsed or support this
  8. 10% bank wipe for insulting an admon
  9. new players are a myth!!!!!!!
  10. one of the few starks i actually like
  11. No. So much work to manage, and then the other side complains every fucking time when the losing side gets refunds. Correction. Everyone complains. Fucking everyone. All the time.
  12. Congrats Ellis !
  13. ew
  14. some anime dweeb faggot who should have been put down at birth 0/10