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  1. I hope this is a joke
  2. good na
  3. Combat loggers are, in my opinion, the lowest form of rule breaking scum on the server. A repeat offender being unbanned after less than a week because of some sop story in his ban appeal is way off what should be expected, and makes a mockery of the years long precedent on this server that combat loggers are dealt with severely.
  4. shut up fashion conscious individuals. get a room
  5. I remember when I turned on down voting for a day just for laughs. Oh the tears.
  6. You should
  7. Don't worry my friends, I intend to spawnkill him until the end of his days to ensure no more children fall into his horrific faggoty pedophile ring. Issac shall be liberated. @Ted I hope you enjoy commoner spawn auschwitz. The Grand Mufti is making a comeback.
  8. As soon as the auto-spawn was added (to avoid the problem the rule was originally added to combat) the rule could of been removed. There is literally zero use for it anymore other than causing autismos like florance to get their small brains in a twist.
  9. no. the engine treats everyone as being on the same 'team' and therefore just being able to spectate your own faction like in native isn't possible
  10. Ahaha yes
  11. This argument is totally irrelevant. Obviously running through an active fight to the use the fact people are 'aiming' at you as a kill reason is illegal. Nobody is arguing that it isn't. The facts here is that there is no fight, and Frog decided to aim his lance at Gunzo's horse quite clearly.
  12. There is obviously a limit of common sense, as with everything else. In this case Frog is clearly pointing his lance directly at people in quite a confined place. What he intended to do is irrelevant, the lance is clearly pointed at Gunzo's horse and not at the commoner being halted.
  13. It is clearly stated in the rules that aiming a weapon at someone grants a kill reason. In this rule there is no caveat about the rule not applying during a halt or whatever other point you want to argue, simply that if someone elses weapon ends up pointing at you it grants you a kill reason on them. Simple. No need to argue about if Frog 'intended' to aim at Gunzo, such things do not matter. Those not wanting to get kill reasons against themselves should avoid randomly pointing their lance around in a crowded place during a halt, or just not halt people in general. This is a mistake on Frog's part, and Footman Jack KNIGHT Gunzo should not have been punished for simply following the rules.
  14. What is a Spanish
  15. Implementation of Voice Chat is something for the base game to add, adding it though the mod could be theoretically possible but would be so much work it would be technically infeasible.