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  1. You were banned from all Phoenix platforms (hence why someone else has had to post this for you) for quite valid reasons. This ban carried over the NA server, however you were able to play for a while as you have switched GUIDs in the time since your original ban (or were you just trying to ban evade?). That being said, I will consider for a while whether or not to unban you from (just) the NA server and will get back to you in a few days.
  2. I'd rather my line went extinct.
  3. PLEASE NOTE: The shop is NOT currently available for the NA server. If donating for the NA server, please make this clear on the donation message and the bank limit increase will be applied on that server. All other donations are assumed to be for the EU server, and benefits will be applied as such.
  4. From: Flaming or insulting other players is not tolerated in global chats. To: Excessive flaming or insulting of other players is not tolerated in global chats.
  5. triggered
  6. I find the fact that you refuse to accept that buying a new key and logging onto Phoenix is ban evading. I don't care if you never even spawned in and were only connected for a second. You intentionally avoided your ban, and therefore you are staying banned. I would also like to refer you to the post Tommy made above. The fact that you continue to lie after being given multiple chances, have duped yourself in the past, and then continue to advertise duping on third party websites make it so I have decided that you will be banned from all Phoenix assets permanently with no chance of appeal. Time after time you have shown that you add nothing to the server, and instead exist to cause problems and take advantage of the trust and second chances members of the admin team have given you for some reason. People like you have no place in this community, and as such you are no longer welcome. If I am feeling nice I might let you have a fresh chance for Bannerlord, but until then you know the way out.
  7. Unfortunately I find myself agreeing with danPW and Tav on this one. The only thing I would add from what they have already said is that he has 5 previous bans, not 4, with one being as recent as around 2 weeks ago. Based on that fact, it has been decided to deny your appeal at this time. That being said, we would like to say that your application itself was considered good, and we invite you to reapply in future if you do not get banned again.
  8. wait did I actually put that rule in there? shit
  9. Oh dear it looks like you were ban evading (notably on the 21st February) in the run up to your ban appeal. So much for not having ban evaded in months. Enjoy being placed on the IP ban list again.
  10. Whoopsiedaisy it appears I forgot to make that post about Florance. I have now clarified it in the announcement of the new rules, and it will now be enforced. As it had not been done, this complaint is invalid.
  11. The following ruleset applies to all Phoenix Platforms (Gameservers, forums, Teamspeaks, etc.) and related platforms. Users on clan Teamspeaks, Forums, etc. that breach the following rules may still be subject to punishment. The topic has been broken down into three sub sections (general, Teamspeak, Gameservers and Forum), rule that are listed in "general" apply to allow our platforms and those listed under "Teamspeak", "Gameservers" or "Forum" apply to the relevant platform. General Do not spread another user's personal information of any sort (i.e name, age, address, email, phone number, images, private messages etc.) to anyone unless they have given you explicit permission to do so. This does not include information or images you yourself have released to the community publicly. Using personal information from any source to personally harass a user is prohibited and will result in removal from all our platforms. Users who reference pre-existing insults based on personal information, will face the same punishment. Repeated harassment or bullying of another user in any form, including through private messages, is prohibited. Attempting to impersonate another user or membership of an official clan is prohibited. Do not share anything of the following nature: Pornography, graphic violence or other gross content. Anything that insights or promotes crime of any form. Threats of violence, harassment or DDoSing Anything that promotes piracy or leaked content, unless you are informing the admin team or scene development team of potential unauthorized use of our work. Advertisement of businesses, services and/or their websites, unless you are recommending it to someone seeking relevant help. (Steam, TaleWorlds, Humble Bundle, etc. are exempt from this rule). Game exploits, hacks or cheats. Teamspeak Do not use this to circumnavigate the complaint system. This means that you should not come to Teamspeak to resolve a complaint unless invited to do so by the admin dealing with the complaint. Do not mass channel switch or otherwise spam the server. Use appropriate names, preferably matching your name in the rest of the community. Gameservers Excessive flaming or insulting of other players is not tolerated in global chats. Spamming Global chat by individual players or clans is not tolerated. Comply with the specific rulesets for each server, found in their forum sections. Forums The following rules are enforced in addition to Complaint Rules found in the Player Complaint, Ban Appeal and Admin Complaint section of the forums. Please keep the following things into account when creating a forum account: Do not make accounts with random names, such as "Dave353234". Using a simple name, such as "Tommy" will not only make the forums look better, but will make it easier for another user or an admin to tag you into important topics that require your attention. Do not create accounts with offensive names, offensive profile pictures or any other offensive material. Do not use trashmail/fakemail services to create an account. Do not make multiple forum account for yourself or share accounts with others. One account per person. Do not add large signatures that are have poor dimensions. Doing so will result in your signature being removed and possible warning points given. Do not derail topics or forums sections by post anything unrelated to the topic / section, keep them to what they were created for. When creating topics, ensure you post them the correct forum section (if in doubt as an admin). Do not openly argue with other users unless its directly related to the topic. We do not care about your arguments, so take it to private messages. Do not bump your topics. In the complaint section this will simply mean that your complaints, suggestions, etc, will be left longer until they are solved. Do not post on behalf of a muted or banned user, or you will share in their punishment. If somebody is banned from this forum, it is for a good reason, and "channeling" the muted/banned person undermines the work of the moderators. The only exceptions are the complaints and appeals sections. Use your common sense. If you think what you are doing is wrong, then don't do it. Users found to break the rules will be given punishment on the relevant platform(s). If the user continues to break the rules they will be punished on / removed from all other Phoenix Platforms.
  12. #NotAllStarks
  13. Denied. I see no benefit in letting you back on the server, considering your refusal to recognise what you have done wrong.
  14. How about taxation is theft and fuck you.