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  1. You guys made Techno HA so you may as well accept Natty as Forum Staff.
  2. You insulted me by accusing me of rule breaking!!!!!
  3. Mass RDMing the amerifags is the sworn duty of any true European.
  4. interesting
  5. I like how you conveniently neglected to mention your months of ban evading under various names only to get caught after a couple of days/weeks each time. I’d have been rather annoyed at it if smoking you out each time wasn’t so fun.
  6. the very existence of this map is a bug
  7. :)
  8. why do something yourself when somebody else can do it!!!!!
  9. gaggle of glue sniffers
  10. As if 25 autists actually voted for VoS
  11. accept this man
  12. Essentially both. Rust servers are very hands-off and so the 'admin' team will probably just consist of Avenger and I. The general Community rules will apply, along with a smaller set of server rules. Obviously breaking the community rules (Personal Harassment/Personal Info spreading) will land you a ban on everything else as usual. Personally I'm up for giving them a chance, although those perm banned will be on very thin ice. That said, the decision on this one will be up to William and Henricus. To me harassment should only be punished if it is truly that, harassment. Two people opening going at each other constantly is for them to settle, unless someone is clearly taking it further than the other. As for poltical stuff I'll probably have to draw the line somewhere and remove some if people complain, but I doubt anyone will get punished for it unless they are breaking the Community Rules as said above.
  13. 20:09 - Sir John Michael: rust server 20:09 - Sir John Michael: the people have spoken and they demand it 20:09 - Avenger: afk sorry guys its a no on this one
  14. yes bring back the rust islamic state
  15. sadly not