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  1. After over one and a quarter years as the Head Admin of Phoenix I have come to the decision that now would be a suitable occasion to step down from the role and leave the staff team until development of M&B 'Kingdoms' begins. As many have noted over the past months I no longer have the time to dedicate the role, and have become rather worn out. Although my original intention was to stay until the launch of Bannerlord, this is no longer possible with no release in sight. Therefore it is in the best interests of the server that a fresh face sees the server through the Bannerlord, where I will hopefully return refreshed and be able to return to administration. Hagaron, current Senior Admin, has been selected to take my place to serve as Head Admin alongside Bridge Troll. I will remain as Technical Staff for the time being to oversee the transition and deal with any issues which arise which require my attention, although as I said I will no longer be a member of the staff team and should not be contacted regarding any administration matters. It has been an honour serving as Head Admin for such a long period, and I would like to thank all of those who have remained dedicated to the server over the years. Regards, Michael
  2. can you make a refugee ghetto community please
  3. What a wonderful idea.
  4. Following the success of the last purge event over a year ago it was decided then to hold a similar event every few months, but alas we appear to have all forgotten. I now think it is time to have another event along a similar vein as the last, with a 1 hour slot sometime in the future wherein the majority of the server's rules are relaxed to create a true deathmatch where people can random in peace without disturbing our illustrious admin team with complaints. Obviously, I value the opinions of you, the community, very highly indeed and so am asking for your input into whether this should go ahead and under what terms. For reference, the event would follow a format roughly as follows: Those who partook last time will remember some unfortunate players getting kicked from factions/losing their class etc so one faction slot will probably be admin controlled. Hiding in training rooms (cough cough starks or whatever you were called back then) will probably be disallowed as well. This would be purely for the EU √úbermensch, on the one true server.
  5. I think you are confusing me with our illustrious Senior Admin Tommy
  6. Less rules not more ty
  7. this
  8. hi can i be a white rose
  9. Ok
  10. Denied
  11. It does :)
  12. How about you retards stop breaking rules instead???