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  1. From where he was supposed to know who were fighting with? He felt threatend and saw that you were aiming at him , so he had the right to kil you
  2. Gloves? shield? What gloves and shield , show me this item's on video and heal i lose heal too, also i play according to the rule all the time just like in trhis situation an i still have to pay for it . i love this. you know what? take this fcking 40k and wipe them. I hope that none of the players who play according to the rule, will have such situations in the future.
  3. I have done everything in accordance with the serwer rule, so i should not pay a refund like for normal RDM.
  4. 1.I lost hp too,2 you did not have shield when i killed you, 15k horse+ 17k armor MAX ( NO HANDS, bcs he sold them), and wep 3k(-shield) = 35k , 5k for heal - 5k for my hp then 35k - 5k BCS this was not my fault :* , for me 30k is fair offer for you and me.
  5. anyway why i have to refund Walt when this was not my fault ?
  6. 40k for charger corazzine and helmet for 6k ?, 25k, 30k max
  7. Distance was sufficient , in my opinion it was 'chat bug"
  8. This is was your fail, bcs you are blind, i say "beast halt" and you all time moving, This is my reason Proof: