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  1. Stop making bad post.
  2. Woop, Another game of thrones clan. Someone please hand over the bleach
  3. [b]Picture of myself =): [/b] [b]Hobbies/Interests: [/b] [b]School/Studies! =D: [/b] Picture of myself: Hobbies&Interests: Exterminating Lannisters School&Studies: Studying why lannisters halt everyone.
  4. Irrelevant af, I dont understand the point you are making
  5. Introduction to ragnosos channel
  6. m9 you don't know what you are talking about
  7. Im konungr Longaser, Articaz, Caz, 5 other names I dont remember
  8. xd

    How fucking dare you
  9. xd

    You are just jealous of my memes!
  10. xd

    There are plenty of things to be discussed. Memes And Why Lannisters halt everyone
  11. xd