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  1. Fixed missing stocks at outlaw camp Fixed cage doors in Praven Changed calf import price to <900 Fixed the gatehouse ladder in Jelkala Changed starting stock of resources to 30 Changed starting stock of food to 10 Added a backladder at Monti Boats should be fixed Fixed trees at Nordheim Changed wheat sack price to 450 Fixed the lord room ladder at Nordheim Added more casual cloths to Richfield Added more barriers in jelkala to prevent people from glitching It was intentional
  2. why would i remove those invisible walls, theres a reason why they were put there
  3. i felt like paying 3k or even more for a dagger and 1h is too much and decided to remove it, but there is still a poisoned dagger in the cave no idea which invisible walls youre talking about
  4. ill leave the first ladder as it it theres already a 2nd outer ladder at the far left added more quivers to the castles
  5. updated everything also older version of map is on test server!!!
  6. ill think about increasing hp of ores
  7. theres always a chance someones gonna steal your gold theres a reason most of the people mine while theres not much people on server
  8. uhh the new one that had no name
  9. added barrier on stairs replaced the praven maces with flanged and spiked maces added splinted graves in jelkala fixed the factions castle name cant make any forward spawn but added a ladder point to NH and made spawn smaller to make it less op* and im not going to change the place of gold
  10. couldnt add a gate anywhere but added some siege walls and deleted back ladder to make it easier to defend placed a plank to prevent archers from crossfiring, still theres one angle to shoot at the other door so the gate wouldnt be useless added a ladder to bannerpoint ^couldnt remove it
  11. i have fixed it already
  12. ok i have finished the map***
  13. update reee ill add gold btw