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  1. forgot to add sses of 2 castles also what do you think about this give me rep
  2. its an indestructible door
  3. he was going to swing with his weapon ????????
  4. video basically shows you trying to attack so what's the problem
  5. you can't make an interesting map without using tons of props
  6. for me your comment looks nice but i feel like it has nothing interesting to work with
  7. helo update give me rep
  8. helo updated yes give me reputation pls ty
  9. i took terrain code from normandy and edited it in pk editor
  10. i mean its much bigger than icewrack and ye i will fix these roads!!!!!!!
  11. ill be placing more stables with horse stocks on map
  12. maps hecking huge :)
  13. smh
  14. helo 2nd map bye made in 10hours ty nordheim pordisett montibeil iron abbey laszloburg osvirklif vornneston glunmar village spawn merc camp island with silver outlaw camp
  15. theyre too big