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  1. So basicly u said it? You looked into the cart to rob what we had inside, there isnt a need to say no loot since it was OUR cart lel. If im wrong i can offer you 20k refund for the things you had and for an admin heal and my apologies, but lets ask for the admin answer.
  2. Your in-game name when you were banned: Ragnar Your GUID (not required): 3631608 Why you think you were banned: Ban Evading Why you should be unbanned: CI reformed and my friends play in there, also i love the mod, and Phoenix its the only one that never closes, and i ban evaded bcoz i cant ressist to dnt play the mod. I wont do it again since now im concerned about it and i would like to have a last chance. Any other information that might be useful:
  3. Your in-game name when you were banned: Probs Neandertal (im making this for him) Your GUID (not required): Why you think you were banned: RDM Why you should be unbanned: Because he has changed in this time and he has a lot of free time, and he wanna play this mod again seriously since his clan its going to reform and he has a lot of friends in the clan. He already read the rules again (also gave him them in spanish to make sure he understand them xD) and he needs another chance to show u it. Any other information that might be useful: Not rly, but we will see.
  4. This complaint is taking ages, take the refund he asked gor from my bank.
  5. Im not lying lel, and 50k for a NAKED with a SCALPEL? Wtf is going on here, i can offer u 15k, but 50? Thats...
  6. I find this report a bit without sense, if everyone who gets tked in a war while ur fighting and reports it, a lot of ppl would be banned, as i said, im offering u 10k .-.
  7. As i told u ingame wasnt on purpose, a naked Swann was cming from behind and when i tried to attack him i killed you. If u think i wanna kill a doctor in mid of a war ur a bit autist. I can offer u 10k refund for ur scalpel and an admin heal. Also i said sry ingame, idk why u dnt like me, rerporting me and refusing a refund for killing u when i tried to defend u lel
  8. I wanna feel as an admin so... @Cheese
  9. Im honest, maybe my english isnt perfect enough to make you understand what i mean, but anyways thats not relevant here. As i said, when i took the boat since i was trying to leave without the outlaws i was being shooted by an outlaw archer and i died on the boat in the middle of the lake. An admin can check perfectly that na, that i didnt talk with them as i remember, and i hope that warning points will be issued due to you insulting, none has insulted here.
  10. Na, i said that i arrived to the island and i halted you, then the outlaws arrived halted you too, never said they arrived to the island after me, that they arrived to the place where you were at after me, since i landed off the boat the first one. 1. I took one cart, looked into it, saw it was a half cart of silver so i detached it and i looked for another cart, i found it, looked into it and i saw it was full, then i moved to the boat and i started driving it without the other outlaws on it (basicly i was stealing the silver for myself), so they killed me since they had a legit KR for stealing the cart horse previusly. 2. Read Isaac post: " You clearly were communicating with the outlaws as u came together and then mounted the horse after he told us to dismount." Idk how is comunicating with them saying: "shhh louiz, this one for you and me" bcoz he saw me trying to run with the cart, so stop saying shits without sense rly, Tyvm
  11. I see they dont teach you whats the irony in the school, i dont know but i see it quite obviusly there XD: And about communicating with outlaws XD, i got on the boat and since i was friendly with louiz he told the rest of outlaws to dont halt me, and since you were mounted on cart horses without carts and without ores on the island.,.. its quite obviusly you had them hidden, so ofc i mounted/stole the cart horse once the outlaws demanded you to dismount and i went to find the carts, then when i took 1 and tried to leave with it the outlaws killed me, yea, nice communication we had there, all friends, thats why they killed me yep, we were all in the same TS whole day, thats why we were writting too, yep...
  12. And about the halts, i dnt rly know Louiz, but the demands werent "contradictorius" (idk how to say it tbh), and it wouldnt have changed anything. And about the dismount demand, if i didnt ROB the horse another outlaw could take it so it doesnt change anything, i see this complaint absurd, just tryng to get me banned.
  13. Again saying lying, we went on one boat, i halted you and then the outlaws went off the boat and halted you too, when i robbed the cart horse i took one silver cart from the wall and louiz saw me doing it so i said: shhh this for u and me, but then the others outlaws realised i took it and killed me, didnt lie in any complaint this year 110% sure.
  14. Then everyone has a KR on you since you didnt say a name? And if you said his name he still had KR on you?
  15. No lel, i came to the church, saw them, asked them if they wanted to rob you, then you were coming and i said good luck, then they aproached that i was halting you to rob you on his own benefit, when we finished i called him a rat and asked him how much he got from it, thats all lel. As i said before, if Hulk halted you before i did, i would hav done the same, i could take the bars out of the cart and sell them myself for my own benefit lel
  16. if u think im lying take the 150k and lets stop all this bullshit of the complaint, but it annoys me to being called a liar when nothing of the said things werent false.
  17. So Hulk was waiting me to halt you, and i was waiting Hulk to halt you, but i halted you instead of him, nice. What could happend if they halted you and not me? Exactly the same, i didnt halt you i would go and i would have taken the bars out of your cart as Hulk did and nothing could happend, it would be assisting an outlaw too? Basicly we are looking for our own benefit as everyone would have done. And as i said, i knew the outlaws were there ofc, just read my post.
  18. Wtf, i jst waked up and i find this, tbh i find this retarded as fuck. Ofc i know they are near for fucksake, i can see their names and read their names, but if i didnt halt them, im sure he would hav halted him and i would have taken the bars from the cart instead of Hulk, so your first sentence doesnt have any fcking sense, and sry for being rude but i dont like ppl calling me a liar when its not the case. About the second sentence, I halted them to be able to take any silver, we were 3 guys of my faction able to fight them, silver that was robbed from one of them, Aragorn of Hispania or something like that, thats why i logged on, because he called me to help him with the silver. And about LYING in a complaint? As i know everything that i said was true, if not, tell me WHICH PART you think isnt true. And about the logs, yea, i arrived the church with my friends, because i wanted to rob them, and i found hulk, my intention was him joining my faction to declare on them, but they were already cming to the selling point, and i told him: good luck, bcoz they are 2 outlaws, and they were like 5 Swanns, when i saw hulk and his friend didnt halt them, i halted them myself, since if they are inside the church they would fck me and i couldnt hav done any chance. And ye thats the true, what i had on ma head at that time. If u think that im lying ur a bit... ehm jst a bit... He even game me 30k when everything finished ye, so im sure it can make you think we were together but na, if you check my faction chat you can see my friend and me talking in spanish, i dont remember exactly about what but im sure that if you post the logs and ask some1 to translate it for you probs it will make it more clear for you.
  19. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Filip0TheSpaniard The person(s) you are reporting: LordCom_Alice_Swann, Ftm_Satan_Swann The time and date of the incident: 00:20 - 23/12/2018 What you are reporting them for: NRR (No Revenge Rule(only Alice)) + Glitching (Satan) The full story: I couched him since he attacked my horse some time before, and i looted the MIGHTY "ROYALGUARD SWORD", i runned to the shop and this good ppl helped me letting me inside. About 10 Swann came as animals to kill me, and one of those Swanns was Alice, and he attacked me again when he was killed by me 5 mins ago. After this, Satan mounted a cart horse and started glitching ppl inside the shop to kill me, only Alice was glitched in, but then i guess they remembered it was illegal and killed da cart horse. If the refund its so high tell me so i can change it to a "No". Prawnatron decided to not accept a refund for one misse hit so lets change it to a no. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: Logs + this SS about Satan glitching: Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: No
  20. Get a new wheelchair for Dekkers and you will have it done
  21. Alice messaged me and tried to talk so i accept half of the refund from his part (35k), but for Satan idk, he doesnt seem to hav any interest on it!!! xd
  22. We killed Fincher, then the others outlaws joined the fight and it turned to a skirmish
  23. Btw can ppl not involved in the complaint stop posting shit? Bcoz when i think about a refund this nerd starts talking shit without knowing anything and makes me think it again
  24. Are you kidding me? Dont you see the fcking irony there? xDDD