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  1. Answering for Antonio: Well, im still thinking someone from Richfield said help after Alexander, try to check it again and if there is nothing for sure it was a missunderstanding, since i was sure that some1 else asked hor help. If im wrong my apologies and feel free to take the needed refund from my bank (Antonios bank).
  2. Also you should be able to follow the template or maybe this admin team will invalidate it, they look for silly excuses like those ones, so fix the name of the application, Staff Application - Azrael
  3. Arent you that guy? You said you arent a member of a clan but i see you playing with the tags of one.
  4. We already have some acuatic animals, like the jellyfishes (characterized for not having a brain), you can find them daily in this community, even in the special places in which u dont expect them to be.
  5. Posting on behalf of Ikki since he isnt at home: I put Hagaron KOS because he killed like 5 or 6 guys (in my opinion he rdmed them, but im not sure, you may check those logs too). And in the SS you can also see Himura asking "Hagaron i would like to know why you attacked me" + you can also see Hagaron saying that he demanded a faction member to leave, proofed by the screenshot too, thats another reason for the KOS. This is a complaint that really shows the banmongering of some persons that are veterans in this community.
  6. Good to know a person that thinks like me i guess
  7. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Advisor_Filipo_of_Ibelin The person(s) you are reporting: King_Jacko_Swann The time and date of the incident: 18:45 - 12/03/2019 What you are reporting them for: RDM (Random Death Match) The full story: Foxy missed this RDM, i was at the merc camp riding around them and he attacked and killed me. Ethan offered me a refund but at the end he didnt refund me it. As he loves me as the rest of the Swann and he doesnt care about getting reported it has no sense to accept a refund. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: Logs Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: No
  8. I already got him banned 4 days. If you dont know what was the situation dont post, and now go to study, you shouldnt insult or ur parents (admins) will punish you
  9. Your in-game name when you were banned: Advisor_Filipo_of_Ibelin Your GUID (not required): Why you think you were banned: Varus lying in a complaint, an admin friend of the guys reporting me and a hit on one of the 10 nakeds that were around me while i was trying to hit VGS Skymore. Why you should be unbanned: My last ban was the last year in January, i only got one warning for RDM, and its from a Minor Rdm from May of the last year, + it was 1 hit, didnt even killed him, when i was surrounded by 9 Swanns and i was fighting VGS Skymore and Jazz while all of them moved into the way to block me, it was a mistake and is more than obviusly. Any other information that might be useful: How some ppl is treated better than others jst for being in one clan or another, here we can see one case that doesnt seem an accident since he kills a tincan: He gets banned, then he makes this: And he gets unbanned and 30k are forced, while i was banned untill appeal and then the ban was reduced to 7 days even when it was accidental and it can be checked with the logs and what we all said in the complaint.
  10. Why ,bcoz 3 of the 25-30 of u killed m bfore??? Lel
  11. Ty i guess, and no, i didnt, i jst cant b asked to write ur names oneby one to avoid to halt the guys that killed me. I think its common sense
  12. 3 members is not 30 of you as i have said before.
  13. If im not wrong only Robby and Aemon participated killing me, there is guy more in the vid but i dnt know who is it. It means that because 3 guys killed me before i cant halt the rest of ur 30 guys faction?
  14. Ye, at 0:10 Robby kils me, then i halt all of you and i demand you to leave our lands, as i know it would b NRR if i halted Robby and the guys that helped in killing me, not the ones that were fightting other ppl and the guys that were still inside in the castle. I cant be asked to post ur names 1 by 1 to avoid halting Robby. I find this complaint out of sense.
  15. It wouldnt change anything when ur bosses tell u to refuse the refund tbh, jst stop posting shits and lets turin solve it.
  16. Ye, and im carefull but when a person is lying in a complaint, admits it, and what we said above its proofed with the logs you posted, i cant do so much.
  17. Dnt expect me to kneel when u lie and you even admit it, then you say im lying and trying to find excuses. The logs are quite obvius. All i can do is to say sry and offr 5k, thats all
  18. Ye you were next to our walls so i said: Swann faction halt - Leave our lands Great words, and that u or 1 or 2 guys else killed me doesnt mean that the rest of ur 25 guys were involved and that i cant halt them/demand them to leave, jst i cba to say name by name so i cant say the ones that killed me, i think its common sense
  19. Thought u were talking about me killing Jazz, about Varus you can just read what i wrote before and also you can see him admitting it. If you look at ur post again you can see me bumping Jazz, Skymore, Runcop and at the end one accidental hit on Varus. The logs are more than enough to proof what i said before about lots of nakeds around Jazz avoiding me to hit Jazz and Skymore, and with the answer of Varus "I knew you were going to say something like that" it makes it even more obvius and that he knew the obviusly reason. I can offer you 5k for an admin heal for the accidental hit of u even when u moved in front of skymore avoiding me to hit him and i cant say anything else.
  20. Okei so again, post the full logs not only mines and Varus one: Tyvm
  21. Can you please check the logs before i killed his horse? Thats the evidence i mentioned and the ones you should post. Also i would like to have an unbiased admin dealing with this, jst a different one.