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  1. As i sais before, he didnt know it was considered as glitching, just as a bug of the map that the mapper didnt know.
  2. Im answering for Beggar, he says that he didnt know that he could actually join the shop in that way, that one faction member told him that he could, so he tryed. He didnt know it was considered as glitching, just like a bug that some maps have and that it was a problem of the mapper. He dont see the sense of refusing a refund when he didnt know it was illegal, so he offers 10k as refund for the things u lost and his apologies. And my opinion, i think that its ok that you report ppl that rly know thats illegal and you refuse a refund, but with this ppl... idk, give him a chance men
  3. Not crying, i was only saying that if i got hitted with the shots this complaint would b kinda valid for demanding me to go to a warzone
  4. I made some SS: If someone sees something like that, i think that is common sense: And when it happends having your faction mates near you... Idk, it has no sense, people can abuse that looting rule. But as i said, if its valid take the refund from my bank.
  5. The story: 2 HRE joins the castle, i was KOS for them, one couchs me and the other one loots, they were together, in the same group, same tags, and we only have KR on the guy who couched me? As i knew, when some1 is dead, the loot is claimed by the killer and the faction members that are near me, and we were inside jeru with a lot of ppl 5 meters away from me. It has no sense that only the guy who couches me its KOS and the guy who loots it inside our castle and that is obviusly his mate is not. He also say in the complaint: Same as here, the intentions ingame were clear, and its common sense that 2 guys, going together, in the same faction with the same tags are in the same group. If the complaint is valid, i will refund it.
  6. It was pretty clear i owned it, when i was alone at oasis with that commoner, you and your mate, and both of you were mounted. And since when i have to face WHOLE the way to Montsombre to go there? And ye, you can say whatever you want but Montsombre was actually a warzone, also logs can show when i said: If i get shot u will see what happends (or smth like that) and you answered: i hope you get shooted, or i hope it, smth like that, knowing it was a warzone lel, also i got shooted 3 times from the wall by a xbowmen, but he didnt hit me luckily for u
  7. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: UnknownsWife The person(s) you are reporting: DefendParis The time and date of the incident: 13:20 - 17/08/2018 What you are reporting them for: RDM (Random Death Match) The full story: I was mining gold, so he came, killed my horse, he said it wasnt my own, when a commoner that was near me (Charles_Azanavour) even said that is common sense when i was there alone and the horse was on my side while i was mining. Then while i was mining he tried to put his horse on the mine, so i could hit his horse and he could have a KR on me (it was actually before he killed my horse). I complied with his demands, and he told me to leave towards Montsombre, that was actually a warzone, but in the middle of the way he said i wasnt heading towards montsombre and that he had a KR; here he is saying thats not the way to Montsombre... . So after we passed Montsombre, entering to the village he decided to kill me Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: War: Ppl fighting and some xbow shoots, jst evidences for the warzone he demanded me to go: Before he killed me: Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: No
  8. As i said, tell me which ones, you need to specify
  9. Then tell me which casses, so i can give you my kill reasons. Also, you have to offer a refund related to the value of the armor u lost, not the money you want to earn by the face
  10. This report has no sense, the guy you killed said help, and when he died i attacked you because i had KOS on you. Please, for you and your agatha mates, read the rules one more time, two, three or the times you consider necessary to understand them
  11. Just leave the complaint, take the 20k from my bank and DONE.
  12. I will do what the admin decides, but i think that i dont deserve a ban when the clog obviously wasnt intentionally
  13. As you can see in the SS i had internet lel, u are lucky that i play in window mode so you can see everything there