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  1. A Map of spain instead of europe would be better... But its not bad, jst think that we can represent the world war here, the nazis, i mean HRE, the polaks (templars), baratheons would b Italy, Beauforts UK and CI Spain ofc, but actually uncle adolf (Sednan) doesnt like us :c For the rest it could be like the world war
  2. You are abusing map "mechanics", you only have to use ur brain as Dekkers said to know that getting inside our castle in that way its glitching lel
  3. Are u involved in this complaint? I dnt think so, and an admin should answer it, not a pleb
  4. Following your logic, when the ppl was duping money or armors was legal, they are only using an advantage that wasnt fixed by the admins? Idk if the word was dupping, but you know, when you multiplie ur armor or the money you have.
  5. As i know there is a time of 30 seconds when the war is peaced to finish your hostilities, if im wrong i can offer you 5k
  6. If some1 halts you and then you loot a weapon from the ground, you are KOS, because YOU WERE HALTED, and HALT means to STOP DOING ANYTHING ELSE, JST STOP and do what your halter demands you to do
  7. We took like 40 seconds untill i attacked you because as i said, my mates were asking me if dropping the money bag while u are halted, when u werent demanded to drop it, was a KR, when i understood the question i attacked you, simple as that. When you are halted you are supposed to do literally nothing, you can show pouch ye, it doesnt change anything, but nothing relationed to weps, moving, dropping shits, etc.
  8. It was already refunded if im not wrong: Stop banmongering
  9. Polak castle will be the shittiest one, simulating the reality
  10. I think they still think that saying no loot gibs them a KR, idk, i iddnt talk with them, but i can offer you 20k each for the inconveniences
  11. You cant rly know if the rest of clans use them since you log on at 5 pm, when some wars already happened ^^
  12. The price isnt a problem.for me
  13. When im back at home i will link a report here