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  1. Rules are Rules, i did told you its peace, and the other guy from your faction told you that aswell, i wasn't fighting, even tho your brain didn't get it that its peace.
  2. Both of them are involved in this complaint, since i told Parampam that its peace and he kept attacking me with the other guy.
  3. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: LockDog The person(s) you are reporting: Rekrut_Parampam_z_Polski The time and date of the incident: 17:35 - 10/08/2018 What you are reporting them for: RDM (Random Death Match) The full story: I was in the HRE faction and they were in war with Polski faction but then they peaced the war. After 10min i was walking next to praven and two guys attacked me, one of them was Parampam, and the other guy i don't really remember his name since it was really complicated, but the logs should show his name because he attacked me too for no reason at all. @Chubbs was there when that happend and he saw everything, if you please could say how did they attacked me while we were in peace. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: https://imgur.com/a/4novCgG Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: No
  4. Sednan is great guy, experienced player and decent, /Vouch
  5. Zaira is really nice guy and friendly , ive spoke with him many times , his conversion was interesting and he look very mature, /vouch.
  6. Well, Julia one of the most old admins that i know and she have done really good job since the day i saw her admin, doing it with respectful , i believe she will handle this again. I still remember my first day in PW , first person i saw was Julia and she was helping of what to do , that moment i had no clue about PW mod. /VOUCH
  7. Ok. This was since 3-4 months, i am wondering , do you take a screenshot of everything that i do..? Anyways pal, ok i respect that and i was mad atm when i said that because people were insulting me thats all...
  8. I'm not going to talk about those topics with anyone anymore, as its makes me feel bad and i just want to forget it , i promise you guys no more rage or something like that, i will improve myself as its also makes people think i am bad or somethings so ill just avoid it.... No more hates, love and peace only ..
  9. I agree with what you say, the way the admins in this game get treated by leadership and such is not right, however I feel like I can work on improving my reaction to events that would trigger me. I used to get more triggered by it and I'm already getting better so given the time and opportunity I feel like I can solve this issue. I think your points are really good though and they've made me think about the role I have asked for.
  10. Uhmm, yea but i have only some points which triggering me, but i dont get triggered from anything , actually i have some weaknesses about some topics, but i am trying to avoid this, avoid anything against me... As long as i am avoiding this if i got admin i think everything will be fine , even thought most of the things which have been also mentioned above has nothing to do about my admin work, all of us , or lets say the admins when they play as normal player has other behavior but still with some respect , and when you are an admin you do your job respectfully and that what i mean by those topics has nothing to do about my admin job because when i or someone is admin he should do it respectfully. Maybe i am a a bit bad but that dosn't mean i will destroy my reputation just to abuse the admin , i have good reputation in native and i won't just break it for something really silly.
  11. Well, yea true, i have said more bad things then this and yea i admit it , that time i had problems with many admins, the Ex one , and i got mad that time because they were giving non sense reasons to devouch me and more things happend then this but i really dont remember , well i was not recognizing what i was saying and i do apologize about it, i think the guy who know about it and i did had problems with him is Rowan and he knew what happend , but i hope he did forgive me about it....
  12. I fully respect that, thank you.
  13. What you have said above is true , i do rage when its needed, but its actually has nothing to do with my administrating behavior or work. As it is my country will be mentioned in the comments and get insulted for no reason i will not remain silent, everyone here knew nothing , in the past 2 weeks i've lost more then 7 of my friends and family , you dont know that feeling , you dont know what kind of rage you will get, how could you expect me to be silent while someone insulting my country and being racist , well as i said , all of that has nothing to do with my admin work or behavior if i got it... I bet if you insulted now any peaceful country every guy from this country will start flaming at you more then i do , but you know what, this feeling you will know it when the things that happning to me will happen to you and then you know what dose i feel about it. And about power abuse i am not immature guy going to be admin for the first time, as i said above i am admin in IG Battleground which is the most popular server in native, mountandsiege aswell and if i really want abuse i will do that there and won't be admin for that much 3 years on record.
  14. Phoenix Staff Application Your in-game name: LockDog Age: 23 Are you currently a member of a clan? Yes, Kingdom of Lorraine. What position are you applying for? In game admin Have you ever been banned from from the server? If so, why? Unfortunately yes, i was banned i am not sure but 3 or 4 times, most of them wasn't on purpose like for example i hit him by fault and he didn't accept refund so i got banned, i have no combat log history and no glitching or such, only some mistakes happened during the wars and i got banned cause of it. Why do you think you should be an admin and would be suitable for such a position? (100-300 words) Well, first of all, I've made two applications here in this community for an administration role in the the community and i got denied, sadly I've made mistakes during my time here i did apologise to some of them and they knew who they are i don't need to say names, but many people racist here i got insulted and harassment by them so sometimes i do like to replay to them and i do get mad from lies especially, i do hate when someone give lies about myself and my country, anyways that is not our topic but i just wanted to explain. Well, I've decided to make an application again during my long time in server and my activity I've learned and got many experiences as i am here since really long time , for my opinion the opportunity is much more for me then anyone else , as i have knowledge about administrating and so on, cause i'm already an admin since 3 years in MountAndSiege server, 6 months in IG_Battleground and Troll game community servers, even though i am not administrating all servers because i'm retired staff in many server's atm expect IG Battleground and MountAndSiege, so i knew that Native are completely different types of administrating but still it can learn you how and when you can deal with players it's give you an idea about admin work and such, still its part of PW.. Further more I believe some of the reasons that could give me the opportunity to become a part of the admin team,I've taken and passed my certification in German school , not the high one though, but ive learn the basic German language and for now i have free time for 4-5 months more until i could find other high school. For now i know 4 languages, my native one is Arabic, High English kinda and Basic German and Russian, i might be bad at English grammars yes because i really got confused after learning German because its hard language and i am doing many mistakes in English but still doesn't matter as long as i can deal with people and complaints. Thanks everyone who read my application and i will provide some screenshots for my account in MountAndSiege website and IG Battleground. Link to your steam profile:
  15. Well good idea actually it will bring more fun and challenging system to the Doctors as people talking above it will be more complicated, for my opinion it won't because nobody know what feeling of being Doctor stabbing 40 member's in faction for 1 hour or so, well boring af and that why sometime's we have lack of doctors, if more effort will be in doctor class it will be more fun and nice then the old one of course and i think we should develop it, anyways we will see the result if it really complicated it will easily get removed.