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  1. It's very easy to just rdm someone and then give a refund when you have 9 trillion in your bank though.
  2. Hi, can we stop with the 250 player slots as its laggy as fuck, thanks.
  3. What if my castle is on the other side of the map? Will I have to walk all the way over? Or take a sumpter horse and ride past numerous enemy clans just to not lose 5k? And can I just log off when I see a robbery has started then log in again after it's over? This is just retarded and will become a chore after the 4th robbery for everyone to ride to the fucking bank to stop 3 outlaws in shitty gear from robbing the bank. And if it's 200 players, do they get 5k from each? Which would mean they would get 1 million from each robbery. That's just stupid.
  4. fuck off im not gonna lose my 5k money that I have to jew hard to earn to some fucking plebs robbing a bank. if u can't jew like the rest of us then git gud
  5. I dont want to lose my hard earned (lol) money to random bank robbings all the time
  6. ahh no please, I can just see people with 50061 agility running around already, or 3502141 agility archers that are impossible to kill. Please keep the old system.