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  1. Sanguine will be the most admin backed, and inactive clan PK has ever seen.
  2. He has 2 hours, trust me.
  3. I believe techno is related to the sanguine clan as he is Canadian and as we all know Canadians are under British rule therefore he is biased in this complaint and i would like to ask for another admin.
  4. LUL Real evidence has been found, the corruption goes deeper than we thought.
  5. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Sanguine_Kloney The person(s) you are reporting: Novice_Adamek321_of_Ice The time and date of the incident: 17:00 - 26/06/2018 What you are reporting them for: RDM (Random Death Match) The full story: RDM and Interfering in war. We killed an ice which was in the enemy faction in the war, all of the ices in our faction attacked us as soon as we killed him without any reason or words. Even though it was obvious i wasn't attacking anyone they intentionally followed me in order to RDM. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJesAYm51_Y Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: Yes, 120000 Gold
  6. You better put footman and archer into Richfield/Glunmar/shittyvillage ok otherwise i'm revoking my offer of friendship
  7. Lel alright i'm done responding to your shit all the time, feel free to keep the river flowing but i'm just going to ignore you from now on, you're clearly to upset to put forward any real argument. I wish you good luck in your ventures, we will prevent you from being anywhere near us at all times, so i recommend you just stay away, rather than running back to richfield every time you get told to leave robbed etc.
  8. So i'm littering the complaint by responding to your arguments against me? Makes a lot of sense. What are you doing then? I admitted i don't know you very well, but you clearly haven't done the same as you have no idea how long I've played for at all. so if you could stop "connecting some imaginary dots" that'd be great. Hypocrisy is a very unlikable trait.
  9. ????????????? Also saying that i'm littering complaints when this is unsurprisingly the only complaint i'm involved in and commented on, unlike you, is pretty funny.
  10. No that's incorrect, i've never claimed that i broke the rules. I've said that i'll let the admins decide and take any punishments that i'm due.
  11. What i'm talking about is the fact that you were told several times to leave the shop, you were hanging around standing on roofs aiming at people, doing completely random stuff just annoying everyone in Richfield waiting for a reaction, several plebs in the faction mentioned you and i told them to ignore you, it only changed after the third time that one of you two entered the shop again for absolutely no reason other than annoy us. You were ban baiting 100% and it's funny you even claim you weren't. After we told you to leave the castle area you both decided to stand right on the edge of the gate for quite a long period of time just trying to bait us into killing you so that you could report us, unless that's just been wiped from your memory. I can't know exactly what you've been doing over your PK time but after being in the Richfield faction several plebs which weren't completely new and actually knew the rules were prewarning us in chat of both of you, several times, saying that you were waiting for reasons to kill them rob them etc. Whether that was your intended rub off on the new players or not that's what's happened, you are essentially a menace, which isn't a bad thing in my opinion until you start doing what you did then, which was mill about with nothing to actually do apart from try and create aggressive situations with new players. Which you can disagree on, but i completely believe is what you were doing. I mentioned most of this above but i'm not really trying to spin the complaint, i'm just putting my opinion of you guys, if you read my message above i said i'll take any punishments i'm due, i don't care. I just think it's pathetic you're reporting just because you lost a fight for once. :)
  12. Quite frankly you guys are pathetic. I used to think you were a victim of the aids around Richfield of plebs just fighting all the time but now I've been made painfully aware, after only 10 minutes of playing in Richfield, that you actively create those situations and only fight around Richfield as the new players are easy targets. After you got absolutely smashed by people which for once have an idea of what they're doing you got upset and decided to use the ruleset to get your way, petty is honestly an understatement for it, it's laughable. The fact that after all of this happened you decided to try and banbait / killbait even further shows just how malicious you guys are, and an absolutely toxic influence on the new players which usually centralize around Richfield. I will continue to sit in Richfield and prevent you from doing so for as long as i can. I'll dump my shadowplay here, whether i broke rules or not the admins can decide. I won't give a refund even if you asked for one, you don't deserve anything, i'll take any punishments i'm due.
  13. I can help you with that if you want, just hit me up on steam.
  14. I don't mind honestly more the better, it's not like i did anything difficult, just replaced some files :)