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  1. Well I've not been at home for the last 3 days as I have a real life (Shocking I know) And I open my messages this morning to find you saying you hate me for ignoring you. Cool, now I'd like an apology for your terrible attitude and maybe I will consider un-banning you.
  2. Trump says a lot of things. However at least he hasn't deliberately destabilised countries like previous American administrations. My argument for Hillary vs Trump is that, Trump says stupid stuff, Hillary has DONE stupid stuff.
  3. Yes, I am fully aware of the way different cultures work Zaira, I study history after all. My point being was that, the way religious man put it, was that he seemed to be trying to paint Muslim countries in a light where there is the Western style of freedom. I admit I did let my political beliefs get in the way, hence the very poorly written statement (As a historian I hate myself for doing that- objectivity is key after all). Yes you are correct in assuming I am British, however, my point being is that if I, as a practising Catholic, was to go over to a Islamic country and practice my faith openly, I would, in certain ones, be arrested for thus. However, I am aware of the fact that yes indeed there are laws in these countries that they abide by, another example of a British tourist who got arrested in Morocco for being Gay and having Gay sexual intercourse whilst in the country. Therefore, they do indeed have their different cultures and their laws are certainly almost alien to us, thus the seemingly anti-Islamic statements from Trump (That is what I believe anyway). Anyway I digress.
  5. Well lets take a look at some Muslim countries and their religious freedom shall we?
  6. Invalid complaint then Solved and locked.
  7. This is the second complaint I've dealt with and Harry has not responded in time. This time I'm not going to be so lenient. Harry banned for 1 day for RDM Solved and locked.
  8. I am going to force a refund then. Transferring 25k from GrumbleDuke to you then 25k from Harry to you. Solved and locked.
  9. Alright well without evidence I'm going to have to mark this invalid. Solved and locked.
  10. Alright then I'm going to force a refund here. 5k will be transferred into your account Jovus. Solved and locked.
  11. Considering you are not very sincere in this unban request and you called me brainless.... Denied.
  12. Do you have screenshots/ video proof of him doing so?
  13. 14:48:15 - Smith_cejsmith_Lannister attacked Herardus_ dealing 26 damage 14:48:23 - Herardus_ used pouch containing 900 gold. 14:48:27 - *LOCAL* [Herardus_] wait 14:48:28 - *LOCAL* [Herardus_] sz 14:48:40 - *LOCAL* [Herardus_] sorry i refund 14:48:44 - Herardus_ attacked Smith_cejsmith_Lannister dealing 80 damage 14:48:45 - Herardus_ attacked Smith_cejsmith_Lannister dealing 59 damage 14:48:45 - Herardus_ <img=ico_swordtwo> Smith_cejsmith_Lannister 14:48:45 - Herardus_ killed a member of a friendly faction! Logs show that you attacked him first- unless this was healing? If not then the complaint will be marked invalid.
  14. I'm afraid 50k is too much for a refund of this particular case. I would suggest a 5k refund. If not accepted I will check the logs and decided a punishment if he has no kill reason on you.
  15. Will you accept the suggested refund of 25k?