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  1. Wezzy said that you and one of your faction member attacked him and killed him, which gave us a kill reason on you.
  2. When i tell you to leave don't fucking stop and loot gear.
  3. I had a kill reason on all of you, but I didn't realize you guys were at war so it was my fault and I apologize. If an admin could transfer the 25k that would be great.
  4. go and make your shitty bannerlord videos you cunt!
  5. I am pretty sure I told him to leave but instead of leaving he was following me and proton. You can see that he was still near me instead of leaving.
  6. ye about that, I felt depressed playing on this map.
  7. could you use a brighter skybox? its a little bit too dark for my liking.
  8. They didn't want to convert to islam, so it's their fault. I still remember that poor commoner, who wanted to convert, but we still killed him lol.