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  1. The chest in the tavern (outer courtyard) in Solitude belongs to the wrong faction/castle (Osvirkliffe I think) so can't be opened by the faction that owns Solitude, fix pls.
  2. But this is exactly what ISN'T happening here, William was asking for a refund not a ban and is being vilified for it.
  3. Well I am involved since I was one of the people who actually told William that you're not allowed to tell someone to not speak. Also because I am part of England leadership so when a complaint we put up gets closed because it's "not recent enough" I get messaged about it. In regards to "weaponizing" the system, he is reporting someone for breaking a rule. Just because it's a few days late - because he didn't know it was a rulebreak - doesn't mean it's automatically invalid. Having evidence of other rulebreaks that happened and not posting them because you can't be bothered or it's not worth it doesn't mean he's "saving them up" to use later, it just means we're tired of people pushing for bans on our members for the most inane shit and instead of trying to keep the server population up we might start doing the same. That's not weaponizing, that's just getting tired of everyone else's shit.
  4. You're accusing William of weaponising the report system because he's NOT reporting people and choosing to let stuff slide instead of pushing for bans on every England member like the Starks are because they got annoyed over a backstab half of us weren't even part of. Logic.
  5. He reported a rule break and expects it to not be closed for no reason other than "it was days ago", how is he missing the point of the admin team? He didn't know it was a rulebreak until we told him, so he reports it when he confirms it as such. Not sure what point you're trying to make here Techno.
  6. With one hand he types about encouraging refunds whilst with the other he's beating off so hard there's flaps of skin being sheared off to the multiple Stark v England complaints where they're pushing for bans. Sort it out.