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  1. Hello? I appealed and you closed the case three days ago?
  2. Aaaaaaaaaaand I still haven't been unbanned. Can the HA attend to this already?
  3. 11:57:59 - Horse (Gennaro_Il_Camorrista) attacked Kobold dealing 0 damage 11:58:06 - Horse (Ranger_RedPanda_Reyne) attacked Gnoll dealing 0 damage 11:58:06 - Ranger_RedPanda_Reyne attacked Gnoll dealing 18 damage I found the reason: his faction (Gennaro's) attacked me
  4. I fully agree on this. In my unban post Sofia proceeded to ignore the fact that Kobold did nothing wrong and banned us 3 together. He/she then proceeded to lock the post when we found that were contradictory arguments over his/her ban on me and more specifically on Kobold's.