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  1. You attacked Jelk and all of you died. You then peaced and you all logged before the rest of us did. Mass log only happened after you peaced so what are you complaining about?
  2. You broke NRR at least once, should all be in the logs for the admins to check.
  3. Not smiths at least, you'll just be encouraging ninja capping as one guy can build a back ladder and cap all by himself
  4. He was a CS on RCC, https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,232700.0.html I think you're being pretty dramatic, having experience on any of the previous large servers helps.
  5. You don't come off as mature and serious with your avatar and signature, people have devouched you because of that so perhaps take the hint instead of saying "I can change if needed". Also, if you are in a clan, you can't not be bias regardless of what anyone says.
  6. Despite most of his time being in clans, I think he'd make a decent admin, should definitely be given a shot if he's willing.
  7. Go here, you may have better luck: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/board,164.0.html
  8. A lot of big words, trying to overcompensate something?
  9. I doubt there would ever be a server war between an NA and a EU server. Name rings a bell, I never really followed the NA Nexus admins, but he should be given a chance here.
  10. In that case why not scrap all rules because in medieval times there were no server rules right?
  11. I don't remember you being a CS on RCC, could just me be forgetting but I'm positive you weren't an admin/SA - at least when it was the main server. Regardless, think you're worth a shot here.
  12. PW doesn't have that long left as it is, might as well give him a shot, although that time left will probably be shortened when he mass bans everyone.