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  1. The fact that he has not commented to defend himself against everything that has been said and the fact he doesn't seen remotely interested in this application just proves the point of everything that has been said against him
  2. Good Evening, I can tell you now that Anthony is a very incompetent person, let alone an Admin, in PF he was unable to comprehend the basics of administrating and always left difficult problems to others. I personally wont be putting my vote in, he is most likely doing this for his own benefit, he was known for going invisible and trolling members of the playerbase, at one point he even killed some of them 'As a joke' whilst wearing tags and bringing the server reputation down, I believe by giving him a 'Chance' on this server of which I play with the Clan I am apart of, will end with him trolling myself and others and causing disturbances amongst the server, and when you need him active he will not be, 'Busy' shall be his reply