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  1. I'm busy with revision at the moment for exams, but I am tempted to look at adding a statistics system into the scripts to improve on Bridge Troll's previous work. Not sure whether it will affect performance, but I'll do some testing after my exams.
  2. Phoenix suggestion, moved.
  3. Phoenix suggestion, moved. As Dekkers said though, as maps are converted they will be added into our rotation.
  4. This is a Phoenix suggestion, not a mod suggestion, but this can be easily abused. We might be working on a new backend system for Phoenix, so this could potentially be a feature in that, but we'll see.
  5. This is a server suggestion, not a mod suggestion. Moved to Phoenix's suggestion board.
  6. This is not a mod suggestion. Moved to the Phoenix suggestion board.
  7. Would require more information to be store on what you are rather than a percentage, but in theory would be possible.
  8. Yeh, but they all require the same resources, so after a while it makes no difference. Standard arrows are currently the only ones that do not cost iron.
  9. The whole point is to stop you going through 120 arrow stocks by making them hard to get. It stops the spam and makes it more enjoyable. I do, however, think they are slight too hard to make though I wouldn't change the recipe, but make it so you get 2 added to the stock for each crafted. Would also be nice for @Dekkers to edit the map to give high tier arrows and then standard arrows. Then you can have a weaker alternative if getting iron is too much effort.
  10. Banner point in Jelk is floating too.
  11. Which makes training rooms even more cluttered and messy and will decrease performance. I think we'll pass on that.
  12. I think it's a Warband limitation that only one person can use and item at once, so this would be impossible without drastically changing the way you switch class.
  13. Hello, Having had some negative feedback regarding the new banking system user interface implemented on Phoenix, I decided that it would be a good idea to describe our reasoning behind implementing it in order to create better understanding of why we added this slightly controversial feature. As many of you will know, Phoenix has put a lot of effort into resolving duping glitches during the life time of our server in order to ensure that players compete in a fair and honest environment. A month ago a Persistent Worlds scripter made public on the Taleworlds forum's a glitch that was apparently being exploited on various servers to allow players to duplicate money. However, it seems that this glitch could only be resolved reliably by preventing people from dropping money bags near banks, which some of you may have noticed has been implemented in our scripts. As it is very common for people to drop money bags around banks in order to enable them to withdraw and deposit accurate amounts of money we decided that creating a user interface to allow players to do this would be beneficial and we therefor have implemented the user interface into the PK module in order to enable us and other server owners to use it in our scripts / servers. We understand that this implementation has been annoying for some players as it makes using banks slower, however, I hope that you understand why we felt it was needed. A review of this feature will be completed soon in the hope that we can find a way of improving it ready for the next update. - Tommy
  14. Nah that's only for PK Devs.
  15. Yep. Logic levels are too high from TW.