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  1. Quite likely as I'm sub 60kg now, so... I am assuming you are referring to the children?
  2. To be honest, I doubt Avenger would even be bothered to change it back. I suggested a fix to the exploit in the past and although very simply he didn't look into it, so I don't expect him to go to the effort of removing it (which is fair enough in all honesty).
  3. Nah, you're just shit at melee.
  4. Not sure what gog is as I've never used it, but are you sure you weren't buying a resold key on G2A? People can sell CD keys on there that others have access to as they are not one use keys. By all means buy from G2A, but you should be careful and only buy keys that others can't use, like Steam keys.
  5. Where did you buy the game? I know there is a glitch where you can lose player items randomly, but it never usually affects your bank balance. It sounds more like someone is using your game key.
  6. That's actually a good suggestion. I know you can change the weapons people spawn with (on other servers players often spawn with rusty swords, etc.) so it may be possible to change their armour too? Then you can just make people naked when they spawn so they have nothing to drop.
  7. Not picking sides here, but to be fair Bridge you have been out the loop a little while you were away. William is not / no longer the person you can simply approach to resolve an issue. On numerous occasions, in the period you were away, when issues, especially ones that relate to admins making poor / incorrect decision, have been brought to him he has ignored then or refused to discuss them all together. So it would be very hard to get some sort of resolution for this issue as William would most likely ignore it. I mean that is even what the complaint is about - him failing to react appropriately to criticism. I'm not one to chat shit about the admin team as there are still some good admins in the team and generally it is a hard job to do, however, I do have to make the point that the majority of the admin team has become hard to communicate with due to either immaturity or generally them not being happy with been corrected by someone else, despite them having more experience and forming what Phoenix is today.
  8. Got me there.
  9. At least someone admits they are shit at this game!!!11!1!
  10. How mature of a HA... If you really think that is bait then please show how the points I made are wrong and are just fabricated.
  11. Hmmm... I would why pubs don't feel welcome here. You don't have to cater for pubs considering there aren't many of them, but to leave something in to annoy pubs like that is immature in my opinion. Especially when you are going around saying this to people, "... as soon as the internal stability and prosperity of the server and its people is not at stake ..." . Not to mention that admins are on the server the minority of the time so they can't easily be TPed out and consider it as some "great banter".
  12. Could very easily be done, but what it's worth I doubt Lord Lord Lord Lord Avenger would bother doing it... Miss read the suggestion, sorry. I thought you were asking for a general personal kill counter, rather than a per faction during wars. That could still be done in theory, but it would be a lot harder. Logs aren't always accurate in telling what faction people are in and it would be harder to code something to use logs to track who is in each faction and when wars are happening to get the data. As I mentioned before it could be done, however, for what it's worth I doubt Lord Lord Avenger would be bothered to code it.
  13. Fantasy shit, yuck. Fantasy if for weebs like @KarisokuroO*.
  14. I do not quite understand how someone can associate lag with the topic title "Player Complaint Feedback / Bug Reports". Maybe look further than the first thread in the board before spreading your irrelevant shit... Can some admin delete this and the post above please.