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  1. Completely agree. 1v1 Cav the Ludus. -Tommy
  2. Well considering I wasn't reported there's not much I can do, but at least this thread gives people an insight and clearer view of what certain players are aiming to do to make them more aware and be more careful. -Tommy
  3. I'm less concerned about what the mod has turned into, but more about how people compete within the current conditions in the mods. Whether it's 10 minute wars like currently or as it was before with nice long wars, people aren't very fairly competing and are using things like reports to get on top of other clans unfairly. -Tommy
  4. I have to agree. Money in PW now is worth so little due to how easy it is to get. I have a 3.5 million bank limit and rarely serf, but I can afford to buy plate and a plated charger each time I die. So for players that complain about loosing even the most basic of tincan are so silly in my opinion. Just enjoy what you do with the tin, like succeed in battles, etc. -Tommy
  5. Hello, Today I had a bit of a play on PW, this has been the first time I have played properly in a while purely due to being busy and loosing interest in the mod all together. However, my experience wasn't very joyful, as sadly I experienced something that from my perspective has become all too common. I just want to put my thoughts out there and get other people's opinions and hopefully through meaningful discussion we might be able to limit it from happening in the future. Today, I logged on as usual with Plated Charger and Full Plate in the hope I might have some fun or get into some interesting fights. Shortly after logging in I followed a group of Stark infantry out towards Vorn bank and an announcement was made for me to rush their to help one of their members kill @Benji who was attempting to steal a cart. Once I got there I was of little use due to the cart and horse being in the way an Benji hiding on the river bank, so I circled around in the field ready to help. This is when a player, that I will keep anonymous, rushed towards me on a Charger and began clearly aiming and swinging at me. They never hit me, so no harm was done though I didn't want to let them get away so easily, so I circled around Vorn bank and attempted to couch them but failed for some reason. This is shown in my video that I blurred to attempt keep the player anonymous, while keeping enough to prove my story. Shortly afterwards I was set KOS for the attempted couch, fair enough. I was then asked in global whether I had a screenshot to prove him aiming at me to make my attempted couch valid. I had not said a single thing about the incident in global, so I never said he did or didn't aim at me. 13:50:36 - *FACTION* **** [****] tommy kos 13:50:44 - *FACTION* **** [****] plated charger plate 13:50:47 - *FACTION* **** [****] stark 13:51:12 - [****] tommy u better have a screenshot for that 5 to 10 minutes later I tabbed back into the game and could see the familiar dressed player outside Vorn by a group of Starks. I pronounced him KOS for the incident earlier and the Starks began lighting him up. Again shortly after he said this in global. 13:56:02 - *FACTION* House Stark [Tommy] **** IS KOS 13:56:05 - *FACTION* House Stark [Tommy] KILL HIM 13:56:09 - *FACTION* House Stark [Tommy] FROM ON VORN? **FRONT OF VORN** 13:56:19 - CringeGuard_Gwane_Stark attacked **** dealing 24 damage 13:56:24 - *LOCAL* [****] tf 13:56:26 - Levy_Bao-Dur_Stark attacked **** dealing 22 damage 13:56:29 - *LOCAL* [****] wtf 13:56:30 - Ranger_Rodrik_Mormont attacked **** dealing 31 damage 13:56:45 - *LOCAL* [Tommy] run 13:57:54 - [****] Starks what was that all for? 13:58:03 - [Tommy] Stop banmongering dude 13:58:06 - [Tommy] You aimed at me 13:58:13 - [****] i dont banmonger 13:58:19 - [****] i just want to see that ss 13:58:23 - [****] is that cool with you? 13:58:26 - [Tommy] Why? 13:58:30 - [Tommy] You know you aimed at me 13:58:37 - [Tommy] So why do you need an ss 13:58:38 - [****] I WANT THAT SCREENSHOT! 13:58:53 - [Tommy] There's no need to prove something that you aren't denying and that we both know is true. 13:59:09 - [****] Hmmmmm yea sure The rules do indeed state I need evidence to prove my kill reason, which I did, however this is only to insure yourself for the rare occasion that someone lies or mistakenly doesn't realize that he gave the person a kill reason not identifiable in the logs. Evidently this player knew that he had given me a kill reason as you could not easily forget an incident like this and why else would he demand a "screenshot for that" if he didn't know that I attacked him for aiming at me, so why would he demand proof? Simply in an attempt to get someone punished or banned obviously. This behavior is what annoys the fuck out of me. I'm very fortunate that I have 1.25TB of PC storage, a 3TB RAID Storage Server and a 1TB External Hard drive, which I can use to store and archive my Shadowplay footage which is 20 minute clips, at maxed out recording settings. I have no issue in storing this kind of footage for months on end without the need to delete it, however others don't have the ability to store, let alone record evidence footage on their lower end gaming rigs. Sadly, lack of evidence will lead to a ban as otherwise it will be use to get away with RDM, however this is being abused by idiotic players who think it's funny to get someone banned as they lack evidence for something both players know was a valid kill reason. I would not be surprised that if I was wearing faction tags and was not clearly an admin I would have actually been reported for this and banned if I didn't provide the footage. I wonder if they have evidence of me attempting to couch them, that would be ironic if they didn't. It makes me sad that the competitiveness of PW has been removed from the game, but is now happening on the forums in the form of competitive reporting simply because factions that can't win / be better in game need to find a way to get better, because they are too lazy to train and improve their own skill and organisation. What's your thoughts? -Tommy I won't release the name of the player and will delete posts saying who it is. My point still stands whether it's player x or player y.
  6. Why did you remove what you posted? You do realize we can see edit history. -Tommy
  7. @slayer could you tell me how much your gear roughly cost and any proof if you have it. -Tommy
  8. Thanks, but there's no need to point it out. I already know I'm great... -Tommy
  9. Can you please stay out of a complaint, as you are not related to and clearly haven't even read the topic. Crazzer already admitted he was glitched and was invisible (whether partially or fully), so you cannot deny the fact that Crazzer was in someway invisible / glitched. As the glitched was seen by multiple players, Crazzer and slayer, it was clearly not client side so again you cannot blame slayer for it. I will decide on what to do about the refund later. As this issue originates from a server issue rather than Crazzer, but Crazzer did indeed deal with it in an incorrect manner which resulted in him being given an unfair advantage it will likely involve Crazzer providing some of the refund and the rest being spawned in. Before anyone argues that Crazzer did not actually kill slayer, it did contribute to his death immediately afterwards. If you are not Crazzer or slayer then please do not post here as it will simply make me less inclined to let Crazzer off so easily, especially if you are going to make stupid posts like Lina's. -Tommy
  10. I cannot easily retrieve the logs as the complaint is too old, however it was indeed valid when I looked at them before. Banned for 2 days for Illegal War. -Tommy
  11. rdm

    Locked. -Tommy
  12. Yeh I need a good looking admin friend. It seems I'm the only one at the moment... -Tommy
  13. Locked. -Tommy