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  1. Why have the links in that complaint been suppressed? We've never deleted or hidden solved complaints, please don't make this the case now. If anything just put a comment on them saying this precedent is no longer relevant.
  2. Pretty sure it was initially ruled that it was allowed, then changed after incidents happened and was added to the extended ruleset. Then it just didn't happen for a long time.
  3. Someone remove Dekkers' tag, he no longer deserves it...
  4. Has Avenger already got you one with the donation money?
  5. Excuse me, but I'm accepting money for work. @William does not pay me enough.
  6. Be careful as someone might take you seriously.
  7. I'm sorry if my ignorance upset you and your Warhammer figure.
  8. Is that your Warhammer nerd?
  9. You can host a server without scripts, you just won't have gear saving. If you want scripts, either write your own or get someone to write some for you or buy some that are available from the TW forums, however, none of these are maintained by PK developers so how good they are may vary significantly. PK developers only maintain the scripts used in Phoenix, Infinity and Pax, but these are not for public use.
  10. You need to use the Persistent Kingdoms module, so any scripts would need to be converted to PK.
  11. Evidently, a spoon feeding is required.,357520.msg9026978.html#msg9026978 Other than that there are no other script sets available to the public. I maintain Phoenix's on behalf of Avenger and Saptor maintains a set for RP servers.
  12. Maybe put more effort in and check more than one website...
  13. 1) This is the wrong forum section. 2) Have you put in any effort to look for some rather than just making a forum post expecting others to look for you...
  14. I looked into this a while back when I updated all of Phoenix's scripts to make them compatible with PK and generally just a bit better. I believe the issue is actually on Avenger's end (the database management) as oppose to the server's actual scripts. If this is still a common occurrence I can look into it again / chase Avenger to have a look perhaps.
  15. Though the person could still contest whether the offence is valid and thus it still remains a player complaint... Refund requests take no time because the only thing required is to check they lost what they claimed they had providing they have a valid reason for the request. That would not be the case if you began arguing about whether it was RDM, etc. or not.