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  1. This is more of a map suggestion that mod suggestion.
  2. It's not really easy to format these menus with bullet points, etc. Furthermore, it would involve making some system to get the rules from the web server as they would obviously vary from server to server and overtime so we can't hardcode them into the module.
  3. It's not FPS too much, though I do notice it. It seems to be more with everything being lower quality, including textures and models.
  4. I haven't tested them all yet either and there were some nice ones I screenshotted that didn't make it to the blog. Also note the screenshots are lower quality as for some reason my game goes shit when I'm in edit mode.
  5. That one is a CWE one that @Dekkers wanted adding. Unfortunately, they have not included the file in their OSP Module System release, so I cannot get the correct lighting easily. I'll probably revisit adjust it soonish, but I have a few other things I started and haven't quite finished that @William is nagging me to complete. Plus, I don't really have an eye for that kind of thing.
  6. He got you there Pharis.
  7. There should be no need for it to be changed considering all existing items will remain in the mod, however, I am not guaranteeing that and I would not be surprised if issues occur due to item IDs changing.
  8. No, there shouldn't be any noticeable change from this.
  9. Well if you find any OSP armour packs send them this way, but I think the ones that have been added look good.
  10. We're not developing an admin panel currently. Server Owners will have to do this themselves.
  11. That's more of an admin panel feature, rather than a module feature.
  12. Can you be specific with what props?
  13. There's literally no point or no way of adding these properly. Hitting veins, etc. has literally no use. When has that ever been needed in a complaint. Lockpicking is going to be added. We are considering adding toggling of armour. Attaching carts is already done. Moving is a crap idea. People move almost constantly so the logs would be extremely long and made up of 90% movement logs.
  14. Sorry what about football practice eh?
  15. "we"? *cough* *cough*