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  1. That would be something Avenger would have to fix. The issue is at his end.
  2. It returns a maximum of 20(?) results. If it's not in there then you need to continue to type their name.
  3. Oasis doesn't do PK hosting anyway to my knowledge. Either way, Proton is right. If Oasis is your only option then give up on hosting a server. They're just a scam, to be honest, and I know that from talking to many server owners that have used them in the past.
  4. Intolerant comment from Tav inbound.
  5. When the donator server access was being developed the server was often full, which would made it a much better incentive. Though when it was introduced a few weeks later and since then the server population has been much lower, so there is no reason to donate that much to get the perk when it comes in use very little. Obviously, it is still a donation to support the server, however, the "incentive" is so pointless for it's price that it's hardly an incentive and therefore we're still relying on people's good will. This is the exact reason I advised that it should have been added at around 5-8 euros a month as people would be more likely to buy the perk if it had a decent value for money. I think that a larger amount of "customers" over larger individual sales would have been a far better approach.
  6. Vouch
  7. There's not many to look at, but just look at his previous posts. He's not admin material in my eyes. He's also been banned rather recently.
  8. What the FUCK are you on about? You can insult people, but if you do then it gives them a valid reason to kill you...
  9. Other than that, all of Bridge Troll's points are spot on and that's coming from the person that probably contributed the most to that ruleset. The whole point of that ruleset is to explain how rules should be interpreted, guidance on how to deal with specific complaints and clarify rules and the intent of them. If that ruleset was added to by other admins as much as I imagined then every single precedent or complaint with an interesting outcome would have been listed there to ensure consistency when solving hard complaints and generally just making them easier to solve as you don't need to chase after a HA for a second opinion, you just have to find a similar complaint in the extended rules to give you guidance or a precedent to follow. If that ruleset was leaked to the public then a lot of a players would use it to walk the line between what is allowed and what isn't. This would result in a lot of cancerous complaints that take weeks to solve as no one is willing to make the decision that could results in banning someone who will then come and deafen you in Teamspeak, like Bawo. If players follow the standard ruleset without trying to intentionally walk that line then they have nothing to worry about in regards to breaking a "hidden rule".
  10. Sorry, I can't help you there. Try on the TaleWorlds forums.
  11. It's the same as hosting any other modules. Follow that guide, but use the PK module on the server. There will be no scripts, so no saving of gear, but for training purposes that's not required. The server configuration that you linked should be used instead / in addition to what the guide says.
  12. I thought players usually cried when clan leaders were treated with a pinch of invulnerability in regards to them breaking the rules. Yet now you're all asking for someone who has broken the rules many times to be unbanned because he claims he can start a clan of ~20 people like he has done the last half dozen times he's been banned... With this logic then we might as well welcome Bawo back to the community.
  13. It's a PW bug, nothing specific to PK. I think it has to do with Mount and Blade's ray casting.
  14. Then that's a different matter then...
  15. What servers are you on about? This cannot be done in PW server side...