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  1. Read the chat messages, I made them bold in my original post. Sultan was announcing time until we push and Mike was announcing the time until the boat arrives. That's two different things to keep time of.
  2. I'm not sure what you're on... 19:57:29 - *ANNOUNCEMENT* [Mike_of_Bohemia] Rescue ship arrives in 10 minutes. 19:57:43 - *FACTION* Ayyubid Sultanate [Sultan_Salah_al_Din] In 7 minutes we will push to the dock 19:59:13 - *FACTION* Ayyubid Sultanate [Sultan_Salah_al_Din] 5 minutes and then we push to the port. Don't push yet! 20:00:53 - *FACTION* Ayyubid Sultanate [Sultan_Salah_al_Din] Right,~4 minutes before we push. Some hold the gate, others mount up. Do not push yet! 20:01:46 - *FACTION* Ayyubid Sultanate [Sultan_Salah_al_Din] 3 minutes 20:02:30 - *FACTION* Ayyubid Sultanate [Sultan_Salah_al_Din] 2 minutes before we push. 20:02:37 - *ANNOUNCEMENT* [Mike_of_Bohemia] 5 minutes left 20:03:30 - *FACTION* Ayyubid Sultanate [Sultan_Salah_al_Din] 1 minute before we push. Get ready on horses in the courtyard! 20:04:26 - *ANNOUNCEMENT* [Mike_of_Bohemia] 3 minutes until rescue ship arrives
  3. Well a 1v1 or a 1v4 is not a skirmish, so you need several people to act on a KOS and then several to defend the person the KOS is on to then start the skirmish. But as Benji and others said, it's worked for 2 years why change it now? If you want to improve the war, give it more detail as currently it's quite ambiguous, especially when NRR expires.
  4. It's harder to start a skirmish than you think...
  5. Well it's pretty easy to stall in a fight. Once a side is down to the last man they could simply run around or delay long enough for someone who has just been killed to get back. Then they rejoin the fight giving the person returning a kill reason and thus the fight continues...
  6. Errmm... so this basically means that the server would be in war 24/7? Fights don't usually fully end by the time the person that died returns, though most often the skirmish does. This would basically mean that people can continue fights indefinitely.
  7. Well done, you managed to copy the template. But you didn't care to read the bit in large bold text saying that these kind of suggestions aren't meant to be posted in this forum section...
  8. Actually... I played PW quite a bit before I applied, I had just had a break. I was GrandMaester in the Starks I'll have you know.
  9. Accepted. Please come to TS for an interview.
  10. Calling my mod shit? That's it no more sulphur for you
  11. The fact this thread was made two years ago sums up Bannerlord - never going to happen.
  12. I don't really think you're getting my point. The mod is not based solely around wars, but around making skirmish, raids, fights, and defending from the previously mentioned, etc. during peace times. As a result everything you do has some risk factor to it, including serfing. If you're annoyed by people stealing from you then get guard and potentially pay people to protect you. That would add more to the mod rather than taking away from it, like you're suggesting. Saying that this shouldn't bother us as we're not serfs is silly. Firstly, a lot of people play serf just you aren't aware of it. You'll most likely see me jumping from roof to roof at the moment shooting people with my crossbow, but it doesn't mean that I don't go on a serfing spree from time to time. Secondly, It's a big part of the mod. Removing the ability to steal from serfs is not only going to effect serfs, but also those that are involved in protecting them, stealing from them and those involved in the skirmishes that occur as a consequence to serfs being stolen from. To address your original points properly: As One said, it would be better from some negative effect to it rather than removing it all together. Maybe they lose x amount of health, but gain y amount of food bar, so it's a decision that people have to make to decide whether it's worth it. I do not understand what you mean by this. Cows don't get hungry and you can't breed them manually? Everything is done automatically and it's obvious if a cow is a baby or a grow adult cow. I will look into how long it is a possibly adjust it. In Phoenix's ruleset this is considered griefing. Either way, it's not really relevant to the mod. Again, this a ruleset issue so it's not relevant to the mod.
  13. This isn't farming simulator... It's a combat based game...
  14. England faction members also gave demands, sorry I should have said earlier. But if you look for them it's further proof I was complying as I dropped all when they demanded me to.
  15. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Tommy The person(s) you are reporting: Jannisary The time and date of the incident: 13:20 - 25/06/2018 What you are reporting them for: RDM (Random Death Match) The full story: He halted me and I complied with all demands. Then he randomly shot me. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: Logs and video if need be. Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: Yes, 10000 Gold