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  1. Hello friend.
  2. 30k forced. As the complaint was so old when Lerris was bought into it I can't fairly expect him to respond with who he killed that you looted, etc. -Tommy
  3. This is probably the most glue sniffer thing I've seen since becoming an admin here. You halt him, then run away and hide waiting until he moved. This is clearly illegal as to the person it's obvious that you don't want him to halt any longer, like how long do you expect him to stay there for!? This is your 13th offence making you worse than people like Yelm, who is actually perm banned. I guess you will be able to join him as you'll be banned with no appeal. -Tommy
  4. Banned for 1 day for RDM. -Tommy
  5. Ser_Lamora_Stark banned for 2 days for horse blocking. Thanks for coming forward and being honest, I have made the punishment less harsh for this. Could you also PM me your video to see if it helps with the related Lannister complaint. -Tommy
  6. You're all autistic to be honest. Now shhhh and get along.
  7. Though admins should be ignoring the older history anyway. Instead of wiping then I think we need to look at ways to improve how we extend punishments on history. Like automatically putting history in a defaultly closed section (like the thing to hide sections of the shop) in your profile in the admin panel when it's x months old so that admins ignore it but have our accessible if needed. Then we extend bans depending on the history displayed in the defaultly open history tab.
  8. Bridge, Avenger and I are working on a new system for creating reports in the relevant forum sections. It should also (hopefully) help automate things getting the correct timezone and player names. In case anyone is worried, this is not a full blown complaint system, just changing the way one goes about posting a report. -Tommy
  9. The map is on NA currently. Do you wanna send me the newer when you're ready and I'll upload it. -Tommy
  10. If he miss understood it then have you PMed him trying to explain what you meant? -Tommy
  11. What are you actually complaining about? Him denying your appeal? -Tommy
  12. Don't make reports for other people unless you are posting it on their behalf. -Tommy
  13. This is obvious horse blocking of the exit to the spawn, I don't understand why people always try to argue against blatant offences or try to find stupid ways to excuse their actions. With PW dying, yadda yadda, I don't wish to ban ~20 guys for horse blocking when it was clearly ordered by a member of Stark leadership (Yes, Lannisters blocked too, but from the screenshots I've seen it is obviously the Starks that initiated this with some Lannisters joining in). Instead, it would be appropriate for the member of Stark leadership who ordered this to bring themselves forward and admit it. Those who post here without bringing evidence, without being Stark or Lorraine leadership will have their banks wiped. There is no need for arguing when this is so blatant. -Tommy
  14. You should be privileged that Avenger has commented on your app. Now go and give God a burnt offering of 3 gay sheep.
  15. Did you move after they halted you? -Tommy