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  1. Also what OS are you using? Linux has an issue with the shaders for some textures unless @William fixed it / changed the shaders.
  2. Commoners are brown too and black is not the normal colour if that is even such a thing. The only reason you think that is because the standard coat of plates is black and that is one of the only armours with a very similar heraldic equivalent.
  3. Define normal? Brown, white, black?
  4. Could you describe this in more detail? Are you suggesting that you can just turn it off so it shows a solid colour instead?
  5. It only changes what they are wearing. Name tags will remain the same. We can add a lot more I believe. Not sure whether there is a limit though.
  6. That's not my decision / in my control, so I couldn't really comment. With a little bit of effort, an SQL query could be written to avoid this completely.
  7. Yes, they will be wiped with every new update that adds items. PK 1.1 Maps are compatible with PK 1.2 so it shouldn't matter. Pouch Gold (as in what shows in the top of your screen) will remain on your person. Classes haven't been changed so won't be wiped.
  8. I believe Saptor made it so that it overrides your faction banner by default, but of course, this could be changed via server scripts.
  9. As is always my opinion, add it not replace it.
  10. Possibly. As I said, you'd just have to wait a few weeks before it begins to even out.
  11. Which is why a long cooldown would solve that for people who believe it's an issue. Just have to wait a week for it to even out as people will obviously buy loads at the start.
  12. Keep in mind you could impose a cooldown on the item in the shop. Then people aren't paying stupid unreasonable amounts for them, but they won't be "common" if that's what you fear.
  13. We could adjust the stats for them in the mod to make them less controversial if people really wanted. Just putting it out there.
  14. That would be something Avenger would have to fix. The issue is at his end.
  15. It returns a maximum of 20(?) results. If it's not in there then you need to continue to type their name.