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  1. Well I have found one for sale, but only the Lord Avenger can actually access it and give it to me.
  2. To be honest, with the new script forcing you to join as soon as it is possible I see no reason for allowing people to kick spectators (dead people is a different matter). If @Bridge Troll thinks it's ok then I suggest we implement this. -Tommy
  3. Anyone got the older version? My concern is that Madman put a lot of work in fixing shit and resolving the Jelk issues and it would be quite disappointing to lose those fixes.
  4. I may have a look, but that's probably better for Dekker, Proton or Ted to do as they have far more experience than me. -Tommy
  5. Dead memes.
  6. Added: Item Chest to Vald Fixed: Shop Glitch (should be fixed now, but we'll see). Changed: Moved a ladder point marginally in Vald as it seemed a tad "op". Update will be live tomorrow. Screenshot pls. What specifically do you want changing?
  7. You don't need to halt someone to demand them to do something, but all the other rules still apply (10 second rule and other demanding rules) and you cannot kill them for moving. If rules listed all things that weren't allowed then they would be too long.
  8. To the point, does anyone have a plated charger they are looking to sell? -Tommy
  9. to....
  10. They're only mocks. Done all the real ones this summer already. -Tommy
  11. Yeh. I'll have a look next week when exams are done. -Tommy
  12. Lol. Michael will likely help with the development but so far we're not starting anything yet as we are finishing other more personal projects. We do have a team of Devs lined up though and we have a developer steam group you can find.
  13. As it was brought up internally I though I would clarify it in the rules. Second forum accounts are allowed, but providing they are used only to access the player portal of another GUID. They should not be used for any other activity, including but not limited to posting, liking content and voting in polls. -Tommy
  14. Yeh, Hagaron is just gonna be running across the roofs chasing after people he has contracts on.
  15. Could you try again now please. I believe it was a cock up from me failing to completely update my code when I removed the functionality to select between the EU and NA server. -Tommy