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  1. If anyone else feels personally targetted by this thread, please join me in my new movement to prevent marginally overweight abuse by using the hashtag... #metoofat
  2. The Persistent Kingdoms Steam group is comprised of a wide range of people that play the mod. Many of the people in the group don't play Phoenix so we will not be using it as a platform to try and populate just one of the many servers than run PK unless there is some exceptional circumstance like an interesting event. Furthermore, many of the developers of PK that are the moderators of the group don't play PK anymore so wouldn't be around to make announcements when the server is busy. You may say why not make Phoenix admins moderators in the group... well as I said, the group is not just for Phoenix players so we don't want it ruled in any way by Phoenix, especially given how poor the current admins have displayed themselves to be. Phoenix itself has its own Steam group with just under 500 members it can use if it wishes. However. if anything doing this would just kill off the Steam group used to make the announcements.
  3. What was your name when you were last an admin here? I don't remember you and I have been around here for a long long time.
  4. Snowflakes and social justice warriors have become present in everyday life. Now they are becoming present in video games. Time to go live alone in some remote location to escape from this disaster.
  5. To the admins running the event, don't forget I added the following commands to the event scripts to admin chat: /heal <all / player name> /givegold <all / player name> <amount>
  6. Firstly, the logic behind this ruling is completely retarded. Given this "precedent" set that "You are the only person responsible for your actions", does that mean that I cannot trust any people calling help, anyone that looks to be attacking someone or any skirmishes? Because all of them could have been started as a result of RDM and therefore my actions could potentially get me banned? If this is the case then you have effectively stopped most fights from happening without someone having to be playing the risk of getting banned. I do not understand how anyone who apparently is intelligent enough to be an admin can see how this is a good idea. @Techno argues that this was a previous ruling based on people saying in TS that they are responsible and would take the blame if the KOS is wrong. This is half a story. The reason people say this is because often people in clans don't write KOS in chat and instead announce them over TS where there is no evidence for the admins to confirm this. Hence, if it is invalid the person needs to provide evidence of the KOS announcement in TS to shift the blame that is projected onto them by the evidence available to the admin solving the complaint. I know that often clans would make the members they trust less put it in chat too to help ensure that if the KOS is invalid they don't get blamed. Seeing this from a PK developer standpoint, we often get pubs in Discord complaining about the rules or clans. Since this, I have been trying to emphasise with them considering if this mod is to ever become more popular again we are going to have to rely on these new players rather than the old ones that have completely played it to boredom. As a pub you often have no one you can trust in the faction, so you cannot trust that any KOS announced are valid. This means that be this "precedent" they would effectively not be able to act on these announcements unless they saw the actual kill reason or they are happy to risk getting banned. This is hardly a pub friendly "precedent" in my eyes. Furthermore, this goes against many previous complaints and rulings. I am sure that someone with more time and effort can go through and link many more, but here's at least some: Lastly, I find it disappointing that the current admins are dismissing feedback from previous very experienced admins when something is clearly wrong. Let me be clear, I in no way think that admins that have left have any power or privilege, in fact, I detest any admin that has tried to imply that. However, when several well-experienced admins (and players in fact) like @William , @Hagaron , I and I am sure many others, oppose such a decision I do not think that they should be dismissed in order to quickly close a report. Doing this is simply wasting the experience, knowledge and good practice that Phoenix has developed over the many years it has been running. I think it's just childish and unfortunate that the current admins, such as @MrOtto, think it's a good idea to waste the feedback from previous admins. I know that PK is almost dead anyway, but if silly decisions like this are continued to be made then I will stop maintaining Phoenix's scripts altogether and release my own scripts to encourage others to start their own PK servers, which many people seem to be willing to do.
  7. Very true.
  8. Never mind.
  9. Just adding to your joke... :(
  10. Yeah Cheese!!! And no doubt you're using Tommy's event scripts on your own ?
  11. You fail to mention that fact that admins, like yourself, seem to be closing reports before 24 hours have passed anyway when you could easily wait for the "defence period" to pass... So by that logic admins should be kicked from the team to ensure that there is a backlog of complaints and this doesn't happen. That's just stupid logic and certainly not enough reason to deny someone. Furthermore, it would be no surprise that in a few weeks time a handful of admins become completely inactive due to them losing interest in this dying mod and then the admin team begging for new applications again.
  12. I planted some apples trees the other day and given that this is an RP server I demand that a mapper updates the map to comply with the RP scenario!!!
  13. I've never heard of you before, but I think you're actually quite wrong. There have been many admin applications that have been gone either way purely because of people vouching / devouching and more importantly expressing reasons why. I know it is a joke in the admin team that vouches don't matter, but had you more experience in the processes of accepting/denying admins you would realise it plays a bigger part than what most people think. Besides, Orc is right. Players should get more of a say simply because they know the player better than the admins. They know their temper, how they react to things, how they can sometimes act bias, what they will be like dealing with clan disputes, etc. There are many people I've dealt with in the 3 or 4 years I've been involved with Phoenix who I know could definitely write an application that would get accepted, but who would be complete idiots when it comes to being an admin.
  14. Why have the links in that complaint been suppressed? We've never deleted or hidden solved complaints, please don't make this the case now. If anything just put a comment on them saying this precedent is no longer relevant.
  15. Pretty sure it was initially ruled that it was allowed, then changed after incidents happened and was added to the extended ruleset. Then it just didn't happen for a long time.