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  1. I'll look into it, but as I'm no longer an admin it will take longer to check. Apologies.
  2. Tickets purchased tomorrow (16th) or later will be submitted to next week's draw. Don't buy tickets today or you will not be entered.
  3. Lannisters bias!!!!111!!1
  4. If anyone rigs this it would most likely be me...
  5. Maybe we can get Avenger to add scripts that allow us to bank wood...
  6. You can still get kicked before you load in I believe. It's obviously harder to do, but still possible.
  7. Yeh, however if the winning ticket is has also been chosen by someone else then you will share the jackpot with them... It happened to Madman previously so his profit was tiny. Edit - As I said last time, I suggest you don't pick common numbers like "69". It won't improve your chance of winning, but will decrease the chance you win a large amount.
  8. As you wish, but in future shoot them a PM first. Situations like this can be easily solved if you see the full picture, which you would have been able to see if you talked to the admin.
  9. This is a prime example of why you should talk to an admin before making an admin complaint on them...
  10. Not to mention an SA that claims he was in LulzSec: Mikey = Merlinz.
  11. I use Grammarly and it's shit. Does not work well on the forums and falsely flags stuff a lot.
  12. Do you know where the shift key is? You need it for capital "I".
  13. Considering no clans go out with armor (and this wouldn't change that) I only see this harming pubs.