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  1. 13:03:19 - *LOCAL* [Templar_Initiate_Wizzard] halt wolfer 13:03:22 - *LOCAL* [Templar_Initiate_Wizzard] show pouch 13:03:27 - *LOCAL* [Codros_Wolfer] Mate you cant do it in spawn, im recording 13:03:35 - *LOCAL* [Templar_Initiate_Wizzard] you went back 13:03:37 - *LOCAL* [Templar_Initiate_Wizzard] its illegal 13:03:41 - *LOCAL* [Codros_Wolfer] To get a admin for my horse 13:03:49 - *LOCAL* [Codros_Wolfer] Its illegal to rob here too 13:03:51 - *LOCAL* [Templar_Initiate_Wizzard] No 13:03:52 - Player Codros_Wolfer (GUID: 3525020) has left the server. 13:03:52 - <img=ico_headshot> Codros_Wolfer 13:06:54 - *LOCAL* [Templar_Initiate_Wizzard] halt codras 13:06:56 - *LOCAL* [Codros_Wolfer] You sit, Im looking f.. 13:06:59 - *LOCAL* [Codros_Wolfer] Kill yourself 13:07:01 - Player Codros_Wolfer (GUID: 3525020) has left the server. 13:07:01 - <img=ico_headshot> Codros_Wolfer 13:22:32 - Templar_Initiate_Jesse attacked Codros_Wolfer dealing 16 damage 13:22:33 - Player Codros_Wolfer (GUID: 3525020) has left the server. 13:22:33 - <img=ico_headshot> Codros_Wolfer Banned till appeal. -Tommy
  2. @Rowan RIP good spelling.
  3. It's a pretty obvious rule break. I will give him some time to defend himself. -Tommy
  4. There is no evidence to prove he was inside the castle. I will ask another admin though for their opinion. -Tommy
  5. Do you have any evidence that he was near you / in the castle when he disconnected? From the logs he could have been the other side of the map and not near and fighting. -Tommy
  6. Ok, there's not much I can do then. Sorry. -Tommy
  7. Do you have any evidence of him closing the door? The logs don't display that. -Tommy
  8. Ah ok. I will solve this shortly. -Tommy
  9. What made him in a hostile situation? I don't quite understand the story. -Tommy
  10. Shame he can't do it in a mature manner. -Tommy
  11. As you evidently can't make a report maturely you will now have to have all your posts moderated before they can be viewed. Any more and the report will be closed. -Tommy