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  1. Old GD is not cancer. Just built for everyone, instead of total rape of praven's market/screwing commoners over and Monti is still sizeable cause of it's sidegate.. Have it up if you guys want the file links.
  2. That would be 4 and there isn't a counter to cav beyond spamming pikes in tight areas and praying that it works, that would be why vorne cut their HP down. To the extent of just don't give them the ability to use any ridiculously fast horses..
  3. It was very early got removed by the end of year 1. It's been 4 years and the cav issue remains broken because there is no counter.
  4. They got removed, if you call your memory, my friend. Horse Archers aren't cancerous, letting them use bloody coursers, on a mod with double the health, made them cancerous. as for throwing weapons, they also got removed cept for a Nerfed tiny dart that we all love to pepper each other with. There's still throwing skill in pw, just no javelins and could just make them only useable on foot. Would even shit out instead of mass cav always winning, and this won't be PW since Vorne wont make it XD.
  5. So more restricting half the game and OP lancer bullshit again? Just dont give the goddamn horse archers freaking uber fast horses like coursers and they are'nt that op..No Outlaw faction...great so what are we gaining here? As for throwing weapons...They were part of the damn warfare you can nerf em a bit if needed.
  6. Simple solution, have it in a spot where they can't pull that off.
  7. No they are going to essentially be recreating the clusterfack of Feudal Worlds, IE no stocks, no real banks, hard as hell to get a war going because it takes IRL days to outfit an army and then no one wants to war because even weapons are expensive and hard to make.. This mod created by Avenger's guys would be a improved version of Persistent World, hopefully much more gamer friendly.
  8. This looks awesome. Cant wait to siege that mountain castle don't nerf it please!
  9. Lol NA's that haven't...they've heard of it, fair number play it. SAs as well.
  10. Having one server might not work well given we have over 800 players weekly on the mod, if you did a headcount on the other servers, though thats a fraction of what it used to be....Unless they put up a server that can do a couple hundred (300-400?) people at once and handle all the crazy things we do in pw, just saying, multi servers means less stress. If you wanna avoid server wars just don't have them IE, be civil and don't be another Peasant, DDOSing and hacking. Also PW survived this long because its an open mod and another server can always take over, if one group runs it and they fail or fall into infighting, it could kill the mod for everyone. Also having mutiple servers means the HCRPers can have their own spot for that kinda crap.
  11. Agreed. ^^^^
  12. Note to self freedom of speech non existant on here don't post...anywhere.

  13. Oh Ruffian is naturally good at lockpicking.
  14. No one adds those except for ruffian sadly. Trying to get them back into the game.
  15. Nah man please dont. Just let em fall....also aerial attacks are fun ):>