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  1. sunspear castamere
  2. listen here u low testosterone cow how is changing animations nerfing archery
  3. If you do this give the bows more range before the arrow drops off pls Especially on Long/War bow
  4. In all honestly no. The novelty of it will be gone within a week of playing smith and it will just be annoying Who would benefit from it: Pubs Who wouldn't like it: Literally everyone else
  5. To those wondering - the fps hit is max 1-2 frames if any at all due to it just being a texture file being edited
  6. Look tbh, If piotes said "I pirated the game" I do not believe he should hav been banned at all - just warned (verbally with his post hidden) Ted you know many people are unaware of that rule and weren't aware saying shit like "torrent it" would warrant being banned. If you just reminded people of the rule and warned them instead of straight up banning this would not have happened but in the end of the day I think we all need to respect avengers rules. @Ted I mean saying "I pirated it" isn't really promoting piracy its a simple statement. I think we should all just look past this and affected people should be unbanned now that we all understand and relating to piracy is against rules - perhaps make it more obvious by updating the ruleset. not that my opinion matters xd but theres my 2 cents
  7. up gold and silver prices gold is 56k with like one rock @ggikec @ggikec @ggikec @ggikec @ggikec @ggikec @ggikec @ggikec @ggikec @ggikec @ggikec @ggikec
  8. As the best mastersmith on PW I have to say that looks wank. Complete pain in the arse. Imagine 80 man cancer fac full of polaks and german wanna be's rushing a 30 man fac and you have 3 smiths tryna restock the armory quickly in a orderly man. Now imagine it with the system in the video. Bear in mind the size of armories btw. Don't get me wrong I'm all for improvements, I just don't think this would work. Also imagine trying to do this on a full server. accidently voted yes btw
  9. Your name: Pierre Steam: [NSE] Pierre Do you have any modding experience?: I have made skins for napoleonic wars using photoshop / paint.net. (and i can copy paste from other mods :) ) With what task(s) do you want to help? (choose numbers from the tasks below): 2
  10. omg camels horsearchery throwing weapons
  11. As I said on the other post I think if this actually happens it would need to heavily advertised as a separate mod on Taleworlds forums, Steam group, Moddb etc because otherwise there would be 0 plebs and new players only clans. Also I would be willing to help with re texturing things - although my experience is limited to NW (which is obviously much easier to do than armour) I could pick it up along the way if we are actually going to redo some textures. If we reskinned everything from armours and weapons to the props on castles we could make the mod look so much better without really affecting performance.
  12. i thoroughly enjoy the "big siege war" and "castle defense battle" videos... creative marketing or google translate error?
  13. Oh I missed that this can be closed lol
  14. We can no longer donate for a increase in bank limit so could we get like a higher cap?
  15. any other rlly good ideas gamelin
  16. house greyjoy haven't yet mastered the way of the pickaxe, how can they expect to make good maps with shitty wooden tools, to be a accomplished mapper like myself you need the finest diamond tools in pw. respect your tool and your tool respects you
  17. Yes I agree, your grace I could not have said it better myself. Yes, fuck you gamelin please use your brain before making such autistic suggestons you absolute glue sniffer http://www.thesaurus.com/
  18. your texture pack is shit
  19. oh my god my arse
  20. are you on the right mod