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  1. sounds like your problem
  2. Clan shoots at other clan for 5 minutes without kill reason --> Calls people ban monger when reported
  3. "ha"
  4. bumlick Florance more pls
  5. wow clogger clogged to go TRAIN ON LUDUS
  7. Hmm I got a idea that will fix all problems!!
  8. yes every pub fears the words "Halt, Show pouch"
  9. Yes good idea actually I agree..then nobody can complaining about people loopholing when people in the same clan rob people who spawn in their castle of their armour by waiting outside when they are told by their faction member in teamspeak to leave.
  10. Can I be Aenar
  11. I could not have said it better myself, my lord. - pierre
  12. Oh god SoloTov why the worst part is he is being serious - Pierre
  13. lern 2 siege
  14. Why do we leave commie fags in our community
  15. This guy is a prime example of the individuals who are good with money trying to stop us from knowing
  16. gas all nosey individual and fuck rdmer
  17. Acts like a troll in game App looks disgusting and is really hard to read /DEVOUCH
  18. /devouch stick to delivering kebab pascal :(
  19. I'd like to point out you can't see if somethings like gold are fully mined or not on some maps without spec..that can be soooo annoying.
  20. Literally nobody said anything about it even though it happened alot before..you said that iit happens often yourself
  21. Happened more than once - no one said anything but now you are because you lost and it is unacceptable for the mighty house lannister to lose a siege so they must find any excuse possible. What if you want to cap with a different colour banner and dont want to buy a new one. Or is that abusing a flawed feature too.
  22. Yes the banner thing that made us tk and hmm our perfectley normal spawn that we broke way before the banner changed because no lannies went to it only like 5 whiteruns..
  23. Nice job contradicting yourself..It happened alot more than once but this time the Lannisters lost...