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  1. So you have screenshots of more than 70% of starks in the castle whats your point lmao yes literally every stark was in the castle your point ? So lets get this clear - you admit to being halted and moving and admit to being at war with us...
  2. So, u moved when halted and then got hit, then asked for 15k refund when you were naked nd didnt die u were like being level 10 autism so i couldnt resist headshoting u also you were told to leave and stood there, i have a screen and u said u walked back after u were halted (so video not even needed..., nd war wasnt peaceful so basically we didnt have to halt u and u said u moved anyway
  3. Oh I know its not the maps fault, It's 100% my absolute shit laptop just when I made that post any siege in Jerusalem was well shit for me because I could do fuck all.
  4. I think the pen is too small, happens with boars I think on Whiteforge on the North it was like this I may be wrong tho
  5. That statement isn't relevant to what I said.
  6. So because Tommy knows who you are you are suddenly actually relevant nice logic.
  7. I'm sorry who are you again?
  8. Hi -I'ma gay faggot
  9. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Ranger_Pierre_Stark The person(s) you are reporting: Wew_Lad The time stamp; date of the incident (in GMT+1, anything else will be ignored completely): 21:13 What you are reporting them for: rdm The full story: He rdmed me outside no reason Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation (any and all screenshots or video footage for example): Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: 60k no less
  10. I never saw it lol okay you can lock this
  11. Can you explain further what you mean by totally Rp is it not RP to say "I am mass murdererer i have disabiltiy kk I kill you"
  12. why
  13. Can I roleplay as a mass rmder?
  14. halt show pouch drop all
  15. vouch
  16. the screens dont work btw
  17. Mi'Lord Mi'Lord??
  18. I believe it is called a raid
  19. How many daily battles for power and land have you had so far? Genuine question.
  20. Trust me in packi land if it rains the ground goes all muddy like a swamp so we could have a swamp in a part of the map to simulate static dynamic weather!!
  21. Semke how about you go make a map lol
  22. Your clan is irrelevant. You do not and never will have 30 members. I see you always use that lie as a way to try get yourself unbanned or even as a blackmail in complaints..Once you said if this complaint is denied or something 30 members will be gone from phoenix... you know phoenix does NOT need people like you in this server..Yes we all get angry sometimes and I can see why you changed the name to that but people like you only harm the phoenix community and contribute absolutely nothing to it. Furthermore - Hagaron said clearly you were on your last chance and you do this? Lol.
  23. Ignore Semke just add more hills and swamps etc as proton says