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  1. any other rlly good ideas gamelin
  2. oh my god my arse
  3. so anabolika was banned because PW is being taken over by eastern europeans rip @Anabolika
  4. house greyjoy haven't yet mastered the way of the pickaxe, how can they expect to make good maps with shitty wooden tools, to be a accomplished mapper like myself you need the finest diamond tools in pw. respect your tool and your tool respects you
  5. Not worth the issues tbh, bring it back.
  6. Yes I agree, your grace I could not have said it better myself. Yes, fuck you gamelin please use your brain before making such autistic suggestons you absolute glue sniffer http://www.thesaurus.com/
  7. your texture pack is shit
  8. oh my god my arse
  9. are you on the right mod
  10. haha retired staff not HA getting angry
  11. It's quite likely that people were following norse paganism during the reformation ( 1500's) in remote areas of Scandinavia and Iceland, seeing as up until the 13th century many feudal rulers in Scandinavia followed pagan god's themselves, Tribal people and peasants obviously kept the faith to some degree....I'm sure you have no evidence to prove otherwise anyway, so do stop talking :) On the map, I think it looks quite nice however the salt mine on the river looks very hard to get to. Also I don't really see why you have both Tavern and the village as they are both kinda the same, I'd turn one into a city or remove it altogether
  12. You talk like you are in anyway a decent mapper, wait no you are a lord of house lannister! Lest we forget New guy tryna make a map and you insult him because he dosen't know about the map test server, you're a big man aren't you.
  13. lol no, bad suggestion. just lern to melee
  14. remember ted, all that matters is that you keep clan leaders happy!!
  15. it'd be fine if there was limit..5 up and 5 down per day and can only rep the same person once
  16. so ur saying you lose a war, then have to wait another 15 minutes before you can log off? nah im good thx
  17. EDIT: Cheers for unhiding the posts.
  18. Empire of France, released after weeks of work. https://mega.nz/#!V49RUa5Y!o1zyESe1AKvBSvEcLRKw1tJVAEeN82fqnZR_LiFP3Ik If @Aurion could add it to this thread it would be really appreciated (To install extract and put the PW4.5 into Modules folder)
  19. Empire of France texture pack, coming soon
  20. but who will he fight?????
  21. nah none of the things you listed should be added. (Armour, Horses and weapons)..its just autistic. what we have now is fine. one good melee wep, and ridiculously over priced plate + archer gear. having too much shit like that in their would make being a mastersmith really shit because why would a fac wait for a castle to restock instead of relogging and buying the gear in the shop.. however I think yes it would be nice if we could get clothing items through the shop and it wouldn't do any harm and it would make it easier to put dresses on male chars etc etc
  22. thanks flavius all of us here appreciate it!
  23. i never said it was easy i said the creators worked long and hard..stop twisting the words