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  1. So you have screenshots of more than 70% of starks in the castle whats your point lmao yes literally every stark was in the castle your point ? So lets get this clear - you admit to being halted and moving and admit to being at war with us...
  2. So, u moved when halted and then got hit, then asked for 15k refund when you were naked nd didnt die u were like being level 10 autism so i couldnt resist headshoting u also you were told to leave and stood there, i have a screen and u said u walked back after u were halted (so video not even needed..., nd war wasnt peaceful so basically we didnt have to halt u and u said u moved anyway
  3. rip starks the norf remembers
  4. Whyyyy whyyyy whyyyyyy why do you make shit posts
  5. Oh I know its not the maps fault, It's 100% my absolute shit laptop just when I made that post any siege in Jerusalem was well shit for me because I could do fuck all.
  6. I think the pen is too small, happens with boars I think on Whiteforge on the North it was like this I may be wrong tho
  7. That statement isn't relevant to what I said.
  8. So because Tommy knows who you are you are suddenly actually relevant nice logic.
  9. I'm sorry who are you again?
  10. Hi -I'ma gay faggot
  11. obviously
  12. thank u