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  1. Can I get my Merc 27/9 Build for the upcoming Thrower class in PK? Thx.
  2. omg... I just rewatched the vid and saw that i mistook one of my guys for you. Im really sorry man. You didnt loot and I shot you. Well I already gave your friend the 20k that is for you. 7k more than you wanted. I hope this will solve the misjudgment of mine.
  3. I said "dont loot" and I saw you looting from your horse. But It was kinda a dick move so I gave your friend 20k to give it to you and a little for him (he then told me that you already logged off). It wasnt random but it wasnt nice. So yeah, 20k for u and your friend.
  4. Says the right person I looked at all your post. All your posts are bullshit. You lie all the time, try to turn the reality to suit you and make up your own rules. Going on about "everytime I play all these kids are complaining". Mate, everytime I play everything is normal. Everytime you play everyone is a kid? Maybe its you? Maybe you are the problem. You are trying to turn and twist things all the time.
  5. Thanks! He actually made me really annoyed and normally I dont upload report vids cause i cant be fucked, but OH BOI! that guy reached next level! @ATT3"Defending our village like no one else before" Bitch, you fucking stole my warbow when we were nearly overrun and i had to shoot with a damn khergit bow after i got killed once and told in anncouncement to save my warbow. I had 35/5 and you had only 10/whatever. I would have done way more kills with a warbow cause i am only used to play warbow (Archer-Mains will understand my point) but OH LOOK AT THE GENIUS seeing an opportunity to be an annoying piece of ***** and intentionally steal it and later die somewhere pointlessly. People like you pisses me off the most, because not only are you guys thinking you are above anyone else (lets bump a random archer cause I judge him a noob and he will probably, eventually, idk but anyway, kill a teammate. Boi, look at my Youtube channel and say that again....-.-) but when shit is about to go down you guys are in the little-kiddy-butthurt group. Going on and on and keep annyoing the people. You even got a weapon and followed me around and kept kicking me while i was trying to save one of us and kept spaming "go on, rmd me!" so you could start attacking me. Later on you actually attacked me. But i ignored all that cause our village was about to get overrun. (Admins can check the logs, i didnt press shadowplay sadly, I SHOULD HAVE to get this cooky idiot banned). You broke several rules in a row, acted like a total idiot in front of everyone and now you are making yourself look like a fool with this forum post.... just stop, okay? step down and change your damn annyoing attitude! grow up.
  6. did you even watch the vid? Its all there. You start bumping me and now you say "oh ma guud, i know that archers are always hitting teammates so self justice applies and i am allowed to bump them and interfere as much as i like" wtf is wrong with you? like srsly? Just let Archers play like they want and all is good. You can start complaining about them IF they start teamhitting or teamkilling by accident! Noob is a valid kill reason. Well you didnt really show your honey side of you after our little incident you randomly shot a teammate and later got killed by him. I dont tell admins what to do. I just give my opinion. Why would I think I would be entitled to command another individuel who sadly has to look at this little childish display of yours? You are mad? Well I am the one who should be mad in the first place! You started that all by thinking you got the right to interfere in my fight.
  7. This Report is the most laziest report ive ever seen. You didnt even specific what time zoneit was so the admins can look it up easily (GMT+1 for example). Then you just say this one liner sentence that is totally a lie. And you expect the admins to clean up after you? I wasnt pissed at a little kid in the game for a long time but that guy.... that guy made me log into this account and upload a Report Proof video because he is lying to the admins to get it his way and not even putting effort into it. Too bad that I shadowplayed your sad display in the game. Just watch what really happened and you all will see things differently Btw @ Admin Team: This kid kept attacking teammates in the war and kept annyoing his own fac member after the footage. Timestamp in the Files is 09.06.2018 23:07 GMT+1 if you wanna check for further investigations on that guys other cases. After you checked the logs you will see that this kid is a real toxic player that should learn that its not okay to open up a ticket and try to lie to admins and later disrupting the normal flow in the game by annoying teammates and keep teamhitting others (all seen in the logs). He should get banned for a few days to think about his actions so he can evaluate how to behave normally.