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  1. Half you man shouldn't be talking smack about websites when most of you aren't actually running any clans lmao
  2. why did you go onto the internet to even type that in?
  3. lmao
  4. Your spelling is truly embarrassing
  5. I'm just mad because I can no longer see the naked serfs twerking
  6. just redistribute the means of complaints
  7. anyone else feeling a bit chilly here?
  8. the biggest bitch fight I ever seen
  9. @Crotte Most people have already said it, but it's the internet brother and people throwing about nazism and whatnot will occur. Just let it slide, there's no point angering yourself over a bunch of panzies. Even though a large portion of this community never made it past primary school, they're not stupid enough to genuinely advocate for Nazism or anything of the sort. Best thing to do is ignore it, you reacting will only encourage them anyway and these kinda things are pretty much embedded into PW at this point lol.
  10. You're literally trying to roast a clan which has been on for like a day when your clans been around for a solid 6 months, who are you trying to impress?
  11. lmao shut the fuck up you guys are as rare as a white person in london
  12. I don't know why you're talking big when your annual turnout is like 3
  13. Out of mere curiosity. Admin's and co. How many times did you accept clans and clan leaders back onto our server after halfheartedly apologising and abandoning Phoenix for another community? @Bridge Troll@Hagaron etc. And to you, @cejsmith whilst I fully accept what you're saying it goes without saying that what you've done is a very REPUGNANT ACT. I would also like to say that you being 15 and drunk was a fault of your own (I don't get how you white people can drink so young), but the fact that you were able to get Admin at 15 is something which I believe the Admins should take into account a second time as it's quite an impressive feat. "Second chance" is a null and void argument. If your cronies are going to be throwing that around then tell them to justify their reasoning as @Rowan has so kindly done, because right now I can safely say a large majority of us are stirring towards his opinion rather than yours. With that being said you seem alright, save for getting drunk at 12.