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  1. You're literally trying to roast a clan which has been on for like a day when your clans been around for a solid 6 months, who are you trying to impress?
  2. lmao shut the fuck up you guys are as rare as a white person in london
  3. I don't know why you're talking big when your annual turnout is like 3
  4. chill he's been roasted like 3 times already. get off the bandwagon
  5. No
  6. ay bro you spelt your name wrong
  7. @Joshu4 fuck outta here with that dumb shit
  8. Config files have already been deleted :P
  9. So I finally managed to begin playing Warband again, but only by manually having to go onto the file and playing it. To add to that, I can only play Warband through the mb_warband_vanilla not the steam version. Something must be wrong with my steam then, any suggestions on how I can play the steam version?
  10. Considering both are on horses I believe it's justified for an attack to proceed before just in case of a quick get away. Either way the halt wasn't justified and @Dekkers whilst I understand your point of view, shame on Osney for not knowing the rules and as such he should be punished accordingly.
  11. Got the latest direct X, installed it manually and still to no avail... I've also removed the rgl_config.txt prior to the installation. I'll probably have to wait for the steam update for the time being maybe at that point it'll work, but thanks for being on the lookout
  12. I don't even care that you're applying, but why has no one questioned the fact that your name is Jon_Snow_Stark. Why isn't your name Jon Stark???? choose your answer wisely otherwise i'll devouch
  13. I'll try some of those, cheers Burgundy.