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  1. I am reopening this complaint due to several reasons which I'd like verified. @Becca you stated you were given 20k and you have declined it. Did/have you given back the 20k? You were also I believe naked prior to when this occurred which I did not know before. @Loyal had naught to do with this incident and as such the punishment will be issued towards whomever insinuated this all and that is if I believe a punishment is needed and not a forced refund.
  2. Clear NRR as Krea killed him a while ago. He has 24 hours to defend himself.
  3. Can't see anyone in the logs called Deathclaw Stark, are you sure that was his name @Felix?
  4. Hello, I see no reasoning behind him attacking you. He has 24 hours to defend himself.
  5. Mistakes happen, you will not @Bohl be taking the ban for anyone. Loyal had done wrong in this case as he insinuated all of this as such he will be given a warning for first offence. Locked and solved. If you wish to speak to me about this feel free. i wont reply
  6. Would you like a refund?
  7. If nothing else is to be said then I will soon be coming to a verdict.
  8. Hello, You also attacked as well, but I imagine with reason considering they attacked you first. I hope what you did to them wasn't RDM. However they nonetheless have 24 hours to defend themselves.
  9. The time at which this occurred would be lovely!
  10. After looking through the logs I can't see any reason as to why he'd attack you. As a fellow Serf I understand your pain. He has 24 hours to explain his barbaric behaviour!!!!!
  11. Hello, it appears as though you did indeed halt Bohl, and Bohl did not shout help, therefore I am assuming that the attacks conducted by the Saxony's were invalid. However, I will not be issuing punishment upon every Saxony which had been involved in attacking you as I imagine only one of them insinuated the whole thing. (but please do correct me if I'm wrong) Also, Maxxxio wasn't in this, it was Mario. @Loyal was the first person to begin attacking you, thus I will give him some time to respond. @Strand@VIking and @Mario_The_Macedonian can also defend themselves if need be, but anyone else please do not intervene.
  12. Unbanned, don't do silly things again.
  13. I'll come to a verdict tomorrow.