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  1. There's a narrow line which you can cross before PW politics becomes a massive conundrum of "new clan get fucked". In my honest opinion, whilst I do understand that VF gained a lot of attention due to the rapid numbers it got on the first day, that by no means however meant that two of the major clans could go ahead and fuck our shit up on the first day. I won't dig deeper into the whole thing, but this form of Machiavellian politics is the very reason why clans are discouraged from wanting to play. We're attacked fair enough, but not all clans regardless of numbers are as powerful as say the Lannisters or the Starks, I'm not trying to spoon feed the Valyrians, but it was quite simply an attempt at destroying an easy target. Things are changing I'll admit and I'm not attempting to resurface anything which had occurred in the past, but I'm sure you yourself and many others know that PW politics is a weird thing, and I dare say that on Phoenix PW politics has taken a greater shift than it had on Nexus and other servers prior.
  2. or or OR more and more people are just playing other games?
  3. does your breath kill people after that?
  4. When you say accepting does that that include Syrians which are just going through Saudi Arabia and the other states in the GCC? I'm not trying to come across as hostile, but I think both the Western media and Eastern media will be slightly biased as they each support their line of argument. I know that as you said Jordan, Lebanon etc are accepting loads of refugees even to the extent that Lebanon now has 1/4 of its populations being refugees. But geographically and economically, which would be more beneficial for the refugee? Jordan or Saudi Arabia? From what I've heard, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain etc has talked about economical assistance and welfare for the fleeing Syrians, yet has that actually occurred? With that being said I will not criticize the Middle East as I'm sure Arabs (and perhaps Iranians?) are doing what's best for them (refugees), in the end it comes down to a political perspective I think and as you said the whole "MUSLAMICS betray their brothers!!!!!!!11" or "WESTERN SCUM hate us even when we do good!!!!" is also just as influential. It is very difficult to find a balanced argument but it's nonethless beneficial to get both sides of the argument. @Aybak
  5. Are wealthy Arab states (and Turkey) accepting as many refugees as Lebanon,Germany and Hungary has thus far?
  6. Unless you have evidence of silver nuggets being dropped I cannot issue your silver nugget refund, I'll refund you 10k for the inconvenience. If you wish to carry this on and show me proof of the silver nuggets I'll happily reply via messaging. Refund given.
  7. The logs don't appear to show that you dropped any gold nuggets and I don't recall there being any Bishop Crosier's on the map I imagine you were on (Rhadoran). Therefore I will ask you again, what did you lose and if you fail to provide a suitable answer I will give you a reasonable sum of 10k or slightly more.
  8. How would everyone run their state? Please tell I'm curious I'll drop mine when I've thought of it as well with an economic background too
  9. Senegal sent troops into Gambia to force Yahyah Jammeh to resign his presidency and have the democratically elected Adama Barrow to come into power.
  10. Anywho, it's good to see that Africa is finally having its countries have democracy than autocracy!
  11. yeah I'm not sure about that either, but history is being made now so there's a 50/50 chance Brexit will do good or bad
  12. With a hard Brexit being advocated by May we'll more likely be seeing greater difficulty in the UK than the EU...
  13. You lost gold nuggets when you specifically said you were looking for gold (I imagine resources) to restock? Are you sure about that?
  14. I am reopening this complaint due to several reasons which I'd like verified. @Becca you stated you were given 20k and you have declined it. Did/have you given back the 20k? You were also I believe naked prior to when this occurred which I did not know before. @Loyal had naught to do with this incident and as such the punishment will be issued towards whomever insinuated this all and that is if I believe a punishment is needed and not a forced refund.
  15. What did you lose?