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  1. @Alfonsoo Hello yes this is Ellis' personal messenger, he is requesting that you speak to him immediately. Science and Maths are not as important as this complaint, so please respond.
  2. is this illegal, ive never done this before
  3. Why aren't you just complying to a simple request which I'm asking of you? Would you rather it be a punishment instead of an apology?
  4. @Plop knock knock, still waiting.
  5. No because it wasn't in the PEEL form that I asked for and it was obviously not by Plop. I don't understand why you're silent @Plop you made a mistake and you won't comply to the reasonable refund I'm offering to you. Just settle this in a civilized manner and write the paragraph please.
  6. Yes I'm waiting for the apology
  7. better call thatcher to privatise clean him up
  8. I clearly do, otherwise I wouldn't have gone through the effort of making this complaint. You're wasting more time by not writing the paragraph, if you have a legitimate reason for not being able to then I'll take it into account, but I think a paragraph is beyond reasonable.
  9. I think you've missed the point, I didn't ask for a separation of each clause I expect it to be in a full paragraph. I'm sure you done English language and literature right? No need for any exaggeration of things or sarcastic comments and I'd like a paragraph explaining your mistake not that of Orc's, he can do that separately if he wants.
  10. @Plop remember I don't want gold I want a PEEL paragraph.
  11. looks whos the communist now bitch
  12. May I ask which clan you're in? @Sir Krein