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  1. you out here tryna offer 100k refunds but when it comes to you, you say no? lol the audacity
  2. Then show the evidence of you having not dealt with all of them. You say kill anybody that tried to join, again I wasn't trying to join but again it doesn't even matter lol
  3. Which is exactly why it couldn't have been a warzone, because they're fighting now meaning whilst I was there no CI were present. I'm being chased by HRE because I'm a tincan lol come on you really want me to believe I'd be chased if I was naked?
  4. Yeah, if only I witnessed a warzone and rode into it ://
  5. Just to deliver the final blow, here's some more evidence to show why Crusher's a damn randomer. Quote by Tommy - " Just because you're raiding a castle / village you do not has KOS on everyone there, especially if they only just spawned and clearly pose no threat. "
  6. Also, hasn't Crusher had enough time to provide evidence for his RDM? It's been more than 24 hours since the complaint went up
  7. Hahhahahhahahaha, so after both you and Crusher have berated me for apparently being in the wrong you're now admitting defeat? Nah, Crusher's obviously salty by his last reply which I'm pretty sure isn't even allowed. I'll take the ban, keep your refund.
  8. Nope sorry those are dead bodies, the reason why you see no fighting is because they're all HRE. Secondly, the only visible CI are the ones coming out of the gate which means there was no way it could've been a warzone whilst I was present. So, I guess the evidence you were talking about before is my own screenshots?