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  1. always one retarded history lover that gotta get triggered over a game
  2. masha allah
  3. you are being good in this holy month inshallah dekkers you will be granted the highest place in jannah
  4. Music name: Explore Music and Silt Sunrise Link: Morrowind and Oblivion have the best vibes for adventuring, love to see that in PK
  5. Clan Name: KINGDOM of Wakanda Banner Description&Details: black panther ini Banner Image (Optional):
  6. yes, let everyone start with nothing so we can truly build a meritocratic society and create equality of opportunity
  7. How were you born? yes Why were you born? جهنم‎ What's your in real life name? jason bourne i join please?
  8. if this true @Kozubki ur absolute trash for fronting like that lmao
  9. Oh no my friend... Bohemia's a lot older than you think.
  10. Oh you mean like the vanilla textures??
  11. Half you man shouldn't be talking smack about websites when most of you aren't actually running any clans lmao
  12. Your spelling is truly embarrassing
  13. I'm just mad because I can no longer see the naked serfs twerking