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  1. Made for flans as he is forum banned. Your in-game name when you were banned: Flans_the_Noobslayer Your GUID (not required): Not known Why you think you were banned: Not sure, insults etc. Why you should be unbanned: Flans has been banned for long enough. There is no immediate expectation that anyone will have changed considerably in any length of time, but flans probably has. The main issue is that the reasons that flans remains banned is ambiguous. His toxicity is almost entirely limited to ingame only flaming, which is an integral aspect of online video games. Has flans ever gone out of his way to make someone miserable? No. Has flans ever used personal information of a player to harras them? No. Has flans ever used contacts in the mod to spread hurtful information about a player's real life? No. How is it fair that he remains banned when a number of notable players who have done all of the above continue to play? Numerous boys and girls who lead or play important roles in clans have not only been found to have spread information about players against their will, but have encouraged others to do so and openly take pride in their behaviour. The only example of a player who was finally punished for this that comes to mind is Bawo. Either the server ought to ban the others players they know do this, or end their double standards and unban flans. Flans has been banned for a very very long time, and the circumstances of the mod have changed. It makes sense in my opinion to give him a shot at playing PK and allow him and his friends to play together on the server once again.
  2. What? Why did you add the halt to this? You halted me I thought as a joke and then you said "wait, nevermind". I mean ye lol I have no defense in the actual real part of the complaint. I had put on tags as a joke when I joined the faction, hence I said "hello fellow Jerus and made a point to be like "lets go lads" with tags. You then sliced me twice, but with a long pause inbetween strikes after telling me to remove tags and glopaxi did so (the latter seeing the joke). Ye I logged to change tags, because I had absolutely no idea it was serious. I've known and played with you for a very long time, and although I'm not using the "oh man i thought we were buds" defence, there is some truth to it lol. I impersonated as a joke for 30 seconds and logged to change tags because I thought you were jokingly attacking me as a friend. My only defence is asking - why on earth would someone who in 5 of years of PW has never ever combat logged once, suddenly clog now?
  3. kloney taps out
  4. I should mention - I killed him when I saw my fac had declared war on the pleb fac. (the other one)
  5. It was a total mistake - hence I typed "Oh shit" in global. I typed the war reason - "war on plebs reason poo". I was at merc as were you and he declared... on the wrong pleb faction (there were two). The global message shows the colour of my fac, not the one we were declaring on. I saw you (in the 20 man pleb fac we were meant to declare on) and immediately killed you when i saw the reason. I am sorry for killing you, and even though you said no, will offer a 10k refund for the leather armour you had. Logs will prove my story 100% and that we immediately peaced the incorrect pleb fac and declared on the right one.
  7. N/A

    valley of swamps and footman outlaw
  8. N/A

    valley of swamps, losers
  9. g2g to rag garden party sry wont be responding
  10. Not sure what the defense is at this point. Nobod kicked maxxio, nobody punched him - maliciously randomed me and kicked me from the fac making me lose class out of spite while I had fought and lost gear defending his castle. Lied about it on the game, lied about it on the forums and insulted me and my personality. No longer want to hear what he has to say, not a fan of people being nasty in video games like this.
  11. Henricus knows the exact time so if unsure he'll know.
  12. Think so, ye. I did, which is a fair given you randomed me and have before. Calling you spiteful and toxic is completey fair given the circumstances of what you did lmao. Again, you're proving my point by going after some out-of-nowwhere meme that my head is up my own arse. I'm not going to be convinced IN THIS VERY CASE BY YOU that your rdm was accidental because it is plainly clear to all that it was not. Don't try to create false meta that nobody will back you up on man.