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  1. Bailan good idea, let me bump mines too. (This thread is going to be deleted by an admin. :P )
  2. Your in-game name when you were banned: Wasn't in-game Your GUID (not required): Why you think you were banned: Posting Tav's pictures Talking shit about Glopaxi somehow.......................... Then, just being one FUCKING toxic cunt to everybody Why you should be unbanned: I'm very sorry for those things, I did. I know I can be a toxic cunt and utter annoyance sometimes, but I'm really a nice person all around. Also, it's been almost four months since I was banned from the server because I was cancer in Pheonix and I had to be removed, and I changed my ways from being a toxic cunt to.... Being less toxic, and maybe even exterminate the toxicity out of my body because I'm not constantly being called a ''nigger'' 24/7 in those past four months I been gone. Any other information that might be useful: I'm very sorry to Tav for posting his pictures, and it was a bit immature of me to do. Since I never really hated Tav nor did I dislike him one bit, I don't even remember why I did those things to him. I can't change the past, but I can change the future. So, @Chris Christie if you want me to post the ugliest picture of me on the forums to just make up for my actions and or want me to do anything just ask because I don't want hatred between us or anyone else if I get unbanned on the server. So, I'm dearly sorry. To everyone including glo- I'm dearly sorry for my ways, and I hope we can all become friends. Even if you do still hate me, then so be it. I can't change the ways you look at me, but I can always smile and move on. Also, even if I do get unbanned I won't be returning officially to the Pheonix until the 1st of January since I never broke my promise. I said ''I'll return on the 1st of January'', that didn't mean I broke my promise with these unban appeals. These appeals are so I can try and get unbanned, and hopefully can get back into the server on the 1st. Have a good day everyone and Happy Holidays. Also, Huge Thanks for those who was supporting me throughout me getting banned. Huge Thanks to Jacko and HENRICUS(YE THE ADMIN WHO RISK HIS RANK TO TRY AND GET UNBAN!!!for trying his hardest to try and get me unbanned from the server. <3 Thank you to Alan, my son Proton, GreayGuy, Jacko, Maxxxio, Deathwing, Wazzy, Montgomery, and etc who always been there, and talked to me even if I wasn't in PW or not. Also, still talked to me when my PC got broken. They totally didn't say ''Kill yourself'' every day, but even if they did I love them. <3 And thanks to everyone else who been there for me, I can't type a full list of names or the admins will be like ''2 WORDY! DENIED!'', but you'll all be in my hearts. <3 ALSO, THE BIGGEST THANKS TO THE BEST ADMIN I KNOW HENRICUS YE THE ADMIN WHO RISK HIS RANK TO TRY AND GET UNBAN FROM THE FORUMS TO JUST MAKE THIS BAN APPEAL! Also, didn't tell me till afterward so this is an edit! I love you Henricus, and I will always love you. Thanks for all the support and struggle you tried to get me unbanned. <3333 :***** Marry me. <3
  3. Anguy couldn't hurt a pillow, and he's a chill guy. He just fucked around with the wrong people and got a bad influence off of them aka me, so I think he deserve a second chance and learned his lesson to follow the rules.
  4. Just unban him, he's suicidal without PW in his life and acting extra fucking weird. Just this morning, when I was talking to him he was singing the "My little pony friendship in magic's theme song" in a depressing Gothic way, he's a complete utter Brony now. I need him to come back as Proton the memester not Proton the depressing brony. So, pls unban him.
  5. My future wife 10 out of 10, marry me already.
  6. I'm women unfriendly? Cool, now I can be gay. Well, everyone lied before and I lied alot of times IRL. So, ye sure I'm a liar. Lol I'm a hard OG? My life is based behind a computer? Well, guess it's time to tell my mom I'm a 46 year old gangster, and tell all my IRL friends that my life is behind my computer and they're all a figment of my imagination. I'll agree with you on that one, Mikey. Personal harassing people isn't cool one bit, and I already apologize to those I personal harassed aka Bawo. It's your choice not mines to have me back.
  7. Got too much IRL shit to stay on the forums 24/7 and shitpost. Only insult those who insult me, but I'll try and chill on the insults. And I'm trying to change for the better, so I guess you can see less toxic posts on the forums then usually. May I ask what messages? Since, I'm a bit confused. Also, that quote wasn't even for her nor everyone else. If she just came straight up to me and ask me, then we wouldn't be in this situation.
  8. I thank you for your two cents, Tywin. I'm really glad you gave feedback, since you was the person I wanted to hear the most. :)
  9. Lmfao Saying the person who been going around the forums saying toxic shit after lannisters disband. Who more attention whoring tywin me or you? Also, the admins never really told me why I was banned. All Michael said was "previous track record", so I bring up my track record in which I can remember. Also, don't bring your little dirty toxicity here, Tywin. But, thank you for your response. :)
  10. Yobii, we talked about this over Teamspeak. Add me to friendly, plox.
  11.  Miss me faggots? :*

  12. Your in-game name when you were banned: Wasn't in-game Your GUID (not required): Why you think you were banned:Now, I don't know when or how I became the King of Toxicity in Pheonix, but these are my records that happen in the past couple of months before I was banned. Alright, let's start from the beginning then, shall we. :) Late June, while I was still in House Reyne, I cursed out an admin over global chat for saying the war we declared was ''illegal''. Which it wasn't, but whatever. Only got a warning for it, but fuck that really triggered me. @Glopaxi - In mid to late July, I made a comment saying ''I'll make them bend their knees, then shove a hot dog in their mouth, and they'll swallow all of it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)'' on the Normandy/Tyrell forums. Someone snitched and told Glopaxi that I was talking about her on the forums, which wasn't true one fucking bit. I already found out who snitched, but I can care less since that person snitching over the internet and let's be for real ''Who cares what you say over the internet because it's the internet. Words can not fucking hurt you.'' But, for some reason Glopaxi took it serious, and tried to get me banned. When, there's literally videos of people talking shit about her, and then people say sexually things behind her back all the damn time. Like, Glopaxi you a fucking only girl in PW, you acting like no one sexually harass you behind your back. And watch her respond to this like ''You was caught.'' Bitch I had nothing to hide. Since, it was nothing about you. Also, I caught something in my last ban appeal, she said ''You talk about me like this all the time.'' Really? Glopaxi, your name is hardly in my mouth and the only girls I actually tried to hit on and or made fun of was Cake and Ditto. Two girls who is usually on Reyne's TS and I can get a lot of people to confirm this also, if I wanted. So, please Glopaxi stop playing the victim card over something I said which was nothing about you, and I actually respected you and thought you was cool before this little trantrum you had. But, it's whatever the past in the past, but that was a real shitty thing to do. Maybe, next time you call me a ''nigger'', I'll just play the victim card and try to get you ban. But, sorry I don't play the victim card. @Bawo - Early August, I was almost perm banned from the server for personal harassment. Okay, so here's the story, I was on with my faction Normandy and an ex-Normandy named Mitchtyy decided to talk shit about Normandy. So, we went back and forth in global chat literally just saying anything. Then, I said ''BurgerGuard_Mitchyy'', which Abborren decided to take screenshots and get me banned. What I said wasn't for Bawo, but he took it that way and I ain't going to trash talk him because me and Bawo if you guys didn't know were close friends once We send nudes to each other lel. And what I said probably hurt him as a friend and or getting backstabbed, so i did apologize to him and etc, but after that we didn't talk as much... And someone refunded him 100k in my place... @Chris Christie Few days after that... GunZo, Reginald, Mikey, and Plop raided my house with their memes in the search for Tywin's pictures. Like, they was some fucking SWAT team but they was just spraying memes all around my house and beating the fuck out of my cat ''Charlie'' FUCKING ANIMAL ABUSERS!! TRIGGERRRRRED!!. But, my computer had a massive orgasm and fucking broke. So, GunZo's and his meme team found jack shit and then decided to just RDM my cat and walk out saying ''Victory to House Lannister!'' Too bad it disbanded. lmao So, Phoenix's admin team went on a huge search and whatever, probably still on that search. But, who knows if I had it or not, my PC broke so I don't even know if I had it. Also, somehow I was involved in also showing Tywin's name, which really.. I'm not going to lie, but I didn't even know that was his name until someone told me. Like, we was just playing ''Town of Salem'', and we all had random names. How the fuck am I suppose to know if one of use actually got tywin's name? @Bawo @Magicman @Sednan Mid August or late August, I decided to join the Lorraines because this server war was going to shit. Literally, our server Cocknard was more Stark's bias then Pheonix was to Lannisters. How is that even possible LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO??? But, I didn't want to go under Sparky or I get auto denied, so I went in as a new name ''Donald Trump'', and I said a lot of rude shiiiiiiiit on that application and personal harass Bawo once again. Which was a real shitty thing to do, and I apologize for that application. Well, that my track record that I can remember, before I was banned for toxicity. If anyone else, got anything else on me then fuck it reply to this thread and tell everyone what I done. Why you should be unbanned: I'm not going to lie, all the shit I just listed does mean I'm one toxic motherfucker from people's eyes who haven't even talked to me nor met me before. I'm a real nice guy once you get to know me, and I'm hardly toxic. Yes, those are the things I did and I probably plenty more of it. But, every fucking time I get harass and get called a ''Nigger'' 24/7 on PW I don't fucking play that stupid victim card and cry like a little bitch.But, everytime I do something, everyone like ''OMG HE JUST SEXUAL HARASS ME!! FUCKING BAN THIS NIGGER!'' Like fuck off and quit being a hypocrite, you allow to harass me but I'm not allow to talk shit back?That's some bullshit. And I'm a real nice guy too if you actually spoke to me and had a real conversation, I'm not that King of Toxicity everyone keep calling me. I even wrote a huge ass thread about it, but it got deleted by the admins. For what because it was telling facts? I don't need no victim card for the internet, it's called ''chat shit back'' because there's no reason for words to hurt you. Like the saying goes ''Sticks and Stones may hurt my bones, but words will never hurt me.'' So, please judge me as you like a Nigger, King of Toxicity, and or a very cool person because I know what I am. I'M SPARKY! THE REAL NIGGA OF PW AND THE PERSON WHO STAND IN THE FACE OF PERSONAL HARASSMENT! And I want to be unbanned because all the harassment I went through and didn't cry about it once to an admin, I'm literally the most personal harassed person on this server and I'm also a nice kindhearted person if you actually get to know me. Any other information that might be useful: Let me ask everyone a question. Am I really toxic or am I the nice person I say I am. Please, reply and explain to me how toxic I am and or if I'm a nice person. Since, I really don't know if I'm nice or not because I would like to hear the community responses. And that means everyone admins, people I know, and even people that don't even know who I am. I wanna hear you guys and see if I'm really toxic as I seem or I'm a really cool guy. Thanks for reading. Also, if I get unbanned I'll leak my nudes.
  13. I think Sednan should just wait out his ban like everyone who was banned or got warning points on the forums. Since he doesn't deserve special treatment because he knew what he was doing, and it was his own mistake.
  14. Why am I in the credits? I already copyrighted your mom for stealing my heart. But now I gotta copyright this video for putting my name in there without my permission, and you didn't even link my twitch stream which I stream anime games. Fuck you.