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  1. William, and the rest of Phoenix Team you asking for too much. This community was made by toxicity and it will stay that way even w/ influx of new players. Soon, enough the new players will lose their innocence and become toxic just like the rest of the PW/PK community.
  3. @Sofo Nah, your ass isn't staying inside all day playing fortnite, so bring your marginally overweight ass outside and help me pick this cotton.
  4. It's funny how you say "Don't wanna write BS". What don't gotta any facts about yourself to back up this application except for the few words you wrote? Pathetic.
  5.  Miss me faggots? :*

  6. In that comment you quoted, it wasn't toward Tywin but mainly toward Querion for what he said. And I do agree, Natty should defend himself which he is already doing.
  7. Don't bring me into an argument you can't win. You and Ellis we're arguing, please don't try to argue with me now. Finish the one with Ellis then come back to me. Since, I'm sick at the moment, and really don't feel like bothering with you.
  8. Holy shit, what did I just read? Age have nothing to do with people respecting, it's all about how you act and how someone sees you. So, pls stop embarssing yourself, Querion. Also, if people feel that age will get you respect, well you an idiot. Age don't mean shit, age is a number. How that person acts is the real question, since age is complete bullshit. Also, sorry if I derail a bit off the thread, @Natty. But, I didn't like how they was treating you and trying to get you denied over your age. It's my duty to help a friend if I deem my friend is being picked on over something stupid aka age and etc.
  9. I'll state facts then. Fact: Tywin is trying to get this app denied because of Natty's age, and is literally blabbing complete shit about Natty. Natty is acting very mature, and is just ignoring tywin. Opinion: Tywin you being extremely rude and acting a bit immature in this thread. Saying Natty isn't "mature", but tywin you the one acting immature at the moment. P.S. Me and Tywin isn't arguing, we're just discussing how we love each other.
  10. My little baby, Tywin. Do you need a diaper change? Because, on this entire thread you been chatting shit about Natty's age and how he isn't mature. Yeah, we get it he's 14 and etc, but come on. I know he's young, but young people can act mature too. @Natty Can't vouch for you because I'm permbanned and my words don't matter. But, keep up the good work and I hope you get accepted into the admin/staff team.
  11. Keeping tabs on the rules and clans every now and then. Also, I love it when drama unfold, so I like to read salty comments.
  12. I'm glad someone put random guy in his place. Nice job, @Tommy.
  13. Currently permbanned for Toxic behaviour

    See you whenever I feel like coming back to PW. ╭∩╮( ͡° ل͟ ͡° )╭∩╮

  14. Vala, I was always in love with you and still in love with you. But, I'm too afraid to ask you out. You just 2 cool 4 me.