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  1. the people is gonna loophoole that rule af Retarded rule tho.
  2. @Foxy take the refund out my bank.
  3. @MrOtto take a look at this. If u can
  4. Mate , this complain is retarded. If u die in this case with a cart , its not yours anymore.It doesnt matter if u did it or not.
  5. If the admin consider it was RDM,take the refund from my bank
  6. U can only ask for what u lost , not a random amount. I offer u 35k from my bank if the admin consider it was RDM
  7. is in a place where u dont want to know
  8. im gonna put this here and leave
  9. if he died ,its not griefing
  10. clan leader? of who? if i may ask? Saying shit about people is a kill reason . Bye
  11. i really cba with this kind of complains . they are a lose of time in all matters. We halted u when there was no fighting between you and the faction with no one.
  12. i Smell an op / impossible to siege castle
  13. u were fighting with me , u killed me they come to killed u and u started to run away , we peaced but they were already figthing with you so they can finish the fight for a naked guy on a sumpter